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FYI? This FYN Case Rules!

Originally designed to help Hitachi lovers haul their clunky but trusted favorite around, FYN's Flogger Case performs fantastically as a case for just about any lengthy sex accessories. Break-down spreader bars and pack them up, or fill your case with extra long ankle cuffs, sets of rope and floggers. A surprising quantity of once cumbersome gear will fit conveniently in this storage unit!
Light weight, sleek and discreet, holds a lot, shoulder strap for easy carrying
Cheap lock and zipper pulls
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Prior to the FYN Flogger Case, I haven't owned anything from this company or had the desire to. A few of their designs were cute, but after hearing some horror stories about the dyes in the interior lining of some FYN bags bleeding onto toys? I was pretty hesitant to purchase from them, even after they reported that had changed out the leaky liners for something a less inky.

However, this Flogger Case has remained kind of in the corner of my periphery for quite some time. No reports of leaky liners had ever gotten onto my radar, and all reviews seemed to tout this storage unit as a simple, practical and highly useful product. Finally, an awesome 50% off sale on this item here at Edenfantasys finally led me to take the plunge. $20 for a $40 case? Pretty hard to turn down!

The verdict? Lo and behold: this is one of the best purchases I have made in months. The FYN Flogger Case may look pretty basic - and it is - but it really is a miracle when it comes to making the most out of your storage space. But both lovers of honkin' big electric massagers and BDSM will find this case fills a niche that most other storage on the market doesn't. The vast majority of toy storage is designed to keep toys and accessories of average length and size - dildos under 10" in length, pint sized clitoral vibes and G-spot vibes that rarely exceed 7" in length. Companies like Devine Toys have made organizing lots of my gear a breeze, and yet my toy chest seemed eternally plagued by a few rogue items that crashed about, threatening to either break other toys or get banged up themselves.

Currently my Flogger Case is now keeping these things nice and safe. At 22" in length - nearly two whole feet - you'll need to be sure you have a place for this to go. Mine is inside of my toy chest, but it will slide under a bed easily as it's only 3.5" in width and height. Upon first glance, it almost looks like a gun or instrument case. It could easily be passed off either since there's nothing on the case itself that distinguishes it as toy storage. Actually, because of its length it might actually be harder to convince someone that sex toys were inside of it instead of, say a flute or something. Right now mine is holding all of the following comfortably and discreetly:

- Kinklab Spreader Bar
- ASLAN Luxe White Ankle Cuffs
- Sportsheets Slapper
- Leatherbeaten's Black Tingle Whip

This case is absolutely perfect for me. I desperately needed a place to put my spreaders in particular because the piece breaks down into three metal pipes. Since I keep this item in the same large toy trunk as my glass toys, I run the risk of breaking those when the metal is out and about. My ankle cuffs are a prized love of mine and are made from pure white leather which I am loathe to leave out with lubes and toys for fear it may get stained in some way. Now all these items (with the two implements listed above) are snug as bugs inside this case.

FYN's Flogger case is made from slick, black faux-leather on the outside which can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth if needed. The interior is lined with smooth, waterproof nylon (I believe, it's not listed) and does not bleed dye like some other FYN cases have. This is a huge relief because I was VERY reluctant about putting my white cuffs in this case; the case won my trust though after they've been hanging in there for some time now without the slightest smudge. Under the underside of the lid, there are two elastic straps sewn in that run width-ways. They're about three inches across and can hold a flogger or paddle - I use mine to hold my whip. It's a nice little way to maximize storage!
I have one reservation about calling this the perfect storage unit, unfortunately. It's very close to being a 10/10 but there's one little hitch: it has the crappiest lock and zipper pull system ever. Granted, I can't think of any storage company besides ToiBocks (whose stuff costs a pretty penny, too!) with decent locks and the like, but this case is especially crappy in this department. The zippers themselves (there are two for some reason) work just fine - they run around three sides of the lid and do not snag or shred. The pulls on the zippers themselves are what happen to be a huge pain for me.

For one thing, these pulls are tragically ugly; they are white, glow-in-the-dark rubber charms with the purple FYN insignia embossed on them. The case itself is so sleek and simple and has a kind of sophistication about it, but these pulls remind me of something that would ornament a fourth grader's bag pack. Even worse, the loops that attach these unattractive charms to the zipper itself are not sturdy or tightly fastened. My pulls came off right away. I considered reattaching them and tightening with some pliers but decided against it - I hated them to begin with and was sort of glad they were gone. I slipped an extra large safety pin through the loop on each zipper and used that as the pull instead, which has been working fine. Not the cutest look in the world, but it works and I hate it less than the little rubber charms.

The other thing I didn't like was the lock. I didn't need the lock on mine, but if you need yours? You'll have to invest in a better one. This is a very cheap lock with an incredibly rudimentary key (it comes with a set of two keys.) I was easily able to pick this lock with a bobbypin, so if you are looking for protection against nosy roommates I would make a trip to the hardware store a pick up a small diary lock from there.

Other than these two things? I love my case. These were not dealbreakers for me, and not even worth docking a star in my personal opinion. This does a great job of holding all my oddly shaped gear and is fantastically space efficient and inconspicuous in its appearance. One of the best investments I've made in ages!
Follow-up commentary
Not much to tell with this one, because I can't say that it gets roughed up too much so I have little to report regarding durability. However, it continues to house my spreaders, cuffs and a whip and paddle, and continues to help keep my cluttered toy chest orderly. I haven't figured out a perfect way of addressing the shitty zipper pull on this, which is my only real issue. I wish there were better pulls, but it's a minor issue. I still love this case and still recommend it highly to anyone that wants to organize those longer, more awkward vibrators (Hitachi, Acuvibe) or BDSM gear.
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    Thanks everyone! And liilii080, you're very right! This is on sale until the end of March so if ya like it, now is the best time to get it. I doubt any business in their right mind would do anything below a 50% off discount!
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