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Magic? No. Worth getting? Yes.

Liberator position aids are made for getting you into position and keeping you there. When using them, I found that they did well at both- with caveats.
Firm foam holds up against plus-sized bodies
Encourages creativity
Stays in place well
Can be difficult to maneuver
Does not turn you into Batman
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If you're looking at buying this, you need to be realistic. The wedge and ramp can be combined in many different ways, but none of those ways will give you a new body. If you are inflexible now, you will still be inflexible using the Liberator.

The brilliant part about this combo, though, is that it can enhance the positions that you are capable of getting into. I'm never going to be able to have my ankles around my ears, but with the Liberator combo I can focus on the sex in the positions that I can get into, instead of on my trembling muscles. It takes a lot of the discomfort out of sex, and I'd recommend it for that alone.
    • Couples

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

Craftsmanship is where Liberator excels. The pillows are covered in a well-fitted microfiber that feels like a mixture between velvet and felt, and even with hyper-sensory issues I had no trouble splaying out on these. The tags stitched into the side are out of the way, and I've had no issues with zippers digging in uncomfortably.

Underneath the microfiber is a layer of nylon, which repels water(!) and makes it easy to keep the foam protected while laundering the microfiber cover. I had no issue unzipping these, and I also didn't have problems getting them back on.

The foam is light but very firm, and I was impressed by how well it held up to a plus-sized user.

There were a few issues with loose stitching when it arrived, but after clipping the trailing ends I haven't had difficulty with it becoming more unraveled. If I do, I'll mention it on my followup review.
    • Plush
    • Well made / sturdy


When I ordered the combo, I knew it'd be next to impossible for it to live up to my expectations. The love that people have for Liberator seems to be near universal, and it had been built up to the point where if I'd come the second I lay down on the ramp, I still wouldn't have felt the hype had been lived up to.

After spending some time with the combo, though, it's a purchase that I'm glad I made.

For me, the Liberator didn't really allow for new positions. This probably has more to do with my body (plus-sized, inflexible, prone to discomfort) and my partner's body (half a foot taller and lean) than it had to do with the Liberator innately being unsuited to wild new positions. I also think that our having a memory foam mattress might have made it harder for us to really get the full effect.

Where it did shine, though, was enhancing the positions that were already a part of our love life. The angle on missionary changed, making it both more interesting and more intimate. Doggy-style went from the sexual equivalent of sushi (really great but if you have it every day you'll be dead broke and probably very hungry) to something that we could partake in comfortably. Oral sex was easier to position for both of us.

The foam didn't sink, and the pillows didn't budge. I can plop the Wedge on the Ramp at any angle and settle in with no worries that it'll go anywhere. I don't slide across the bed no matter how firmly he thrusts.

In my experience, these work best together. I tried the Wedge alone, and I know that many couples prefer it over the Ramp, but for me, it was just uncomfortable. If I put it under my hips while on my belly, it made it hard to breathe. If I positioned wrong, I felt I was falling off it. It seemed like nothing I could do with the Wedge alone worked.

The Ramp, on the other hand, I found a lot more flexible. If I had to pick one, I'd point at the Ramp as the foundation of the combo.
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use


The cardboard box that these things come in is huge and it will inspire curiosity, in part because it's so light. For me, I shrugged it off with the explanation of 'pillows' and left it at that.

Inside the box, the wedge and ramp are well-wedged together. Each is packaged inside a plastic wrapper with a Liberator sticker on it, and a Liberator booklet comes with it. Nothing fancy.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Care and Maintenance

Lint roller, lint roller, lint roller. These microfiber positioning aides will stick to each other, which means everything else will stick to them. You can take the covers off to launder, though, so it's better than it could be. Remember that the inside cover is water-resistant, which is amazing for something as messy as sex.

Storage is the big issue. They are pretty large. For other people, this could be an issue. We live alone and don't care what our bedroom looks like, so I just keep them handy by the bed.
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