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Vibe station

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Not The Station For Me

This positioning pillow is great in design, but lacks in performance; but only if you're plus sized. The variety of uses is great, it's lightweight, and the cover can be removed. It seems like a smart choice for someone looking for a hands-free experience. However, the cover isn't waterproof, is difficult to remove, and the inner foam is a little bit lower quality. Great concept, mediocre outcome.
- Hand-Free Play
- Multiple Uses
- Removable Cover
- Lightweight
- Not For Plus Sized People
- Lower Quality Foam
- Cover Isn't Waterproof
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Vibe Station from Perfect Position is a positioning pillow that allows you to enjoy some of your favorite toys in a whole new way; completely hands-free! This great accessory enhances play time by taking the toy out of your hands and allowing your hips to do the work. Insert your favorite wand style vibrator into the hole in the center of the pillow, and you're ready to rock and ride!

Put down the heavy wand, and grind your way to an intense orgasm! This pillow holds your wand in place, leaving your hands to explore other parts of your body, or your partner's! Once your toy is in place, you can straddle the pillow while it's laying on a flat surface, or you can turn the pillow upside down or sideways and hold it in place with your knees while you're on your back or side.

Though this toy seems marketed more for women, men can also get use out of this pillow. Unfortunately, the hole in the center is too narrow to hold certain masturbators securely in place, but will hold any that are approximately 8" in circumference or smaller. Fleshlight Flight, and the original style Fleshlights fit inside of it, but the Sex In A Can line is too large. Make sure you measure around your masturbator before purchasing this item.

This pillow is wonderful for solo time, but doesn't stop there! This is a great addition to your love making!! It can help make certain positions easier and can help provide stimulation to the clitoris and other external areas of the body during vaginal or anal penetration. This will all depend on the positions used, the toy inserted into the pillow, and your anatomy.

This pillow works best on a flat surface; the bed or floor are great options. It's not a huge pillow, but having it out in the open might make anyone who sees it question what it's used for. It would not easily be mistaken for a regular pillow you'd have on your bed. It's also a little bulky for travel, but is very lightweight should you decide to take it with you on the go.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This positioning pillow is made up of two different materials; a foam interior and a micro-suede cover that surrounds it.

The exterior black fabric is nice and soft but does feel smoother when rubbed in one direction, and a little less soft when rubbed the opposite way. It's not a stiff fabric, but does stay in place well on top of the foam. It picks up a fair amount of lint, but can easily be wiped away with your hand or lint brush. Micro-suede is a durable fabric that is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Small amounts of liquid can easily be wiped off when it first touches the surface, but this might be a problem for someone who squirts or tends to get very wet during play time. The good news is that the cover has a zipper on the bottom and can be removed in order to wash it, but it's not a simple process. It's difficult to remove the foam and even harder to get it in place just right. When the cover is removed, you can see some black fuzzies on the foam piece. The outside of the cover doesn't create any type of lint, but the inside, where there are unfinished edges, does create a small amount of black lint.

The stitching on the cover is very well done. When the cover is removed and turned inside out, there are no weak areas or places with poor stitching. The quality is high as far as that goes, leaving very little worry about whether or not the cover will hold up well over time. The zipper also feels very high quality; it has two sliders with little tabs and zips and unzips very smoothly without feeling like it's straining to close. The cut of the cover also fits perfectly over the foam interior.

The grey foam piece itself is a little bit on the cheap side of things. It consists of a sort of rounded rectangular piece with two smaller pieces glued to each side. When the cover is on, it seems like the whole pillow is a nice quality, but when the cover comes off, it doesn't seem to be the case nearly as much. There are some spots on the foam where it looks like there are permanent impressions, and the two pieces that are glued to the sides look as though they could come apart fairly easily. Though this is slightly disappointing, it doesn't effect the way this pillow works and you'd never be able to tell the difference if it weren't for the cover needing to be removed for washing.

When looking at the toy from the bottom, it has an almost rounded 'T' shape to it. It's designed so that it comfortably fits between your legs during use. The most interesting design element of this pillow, is truly the hole where your toy gets inserted. It starts at the top, and goess all the way through the foam at an angle. When you slightly unzip the bottom of the pillow, you can see the base of the hole. Thanks to this feature, you can use corded toys (like the Hitachi) inside of this pillow!

The foam hold its shape well when not in use, and bounces back as soon as pressure is removed from the material. It's firm enough that it takes a little bit of effort to push down on it with one hand, but easily flattens when you apply a lot of pressure to it. There's no weight limit for this Vibe Station, but I think there should be. This seems like an item more suitable for someone who isn't considered plus sized. Unless you're supporting most of your weight on your knees, the pillow flattens a little bit too much if you're someone on the higher side of the scale. This is disappointing since there's no information on the company website, the package, or on Eden about a weight limit.

This accessory is fairly compact considering what it is, and is extremely lightweight. The full length of the pillow is 14 1/4", is 9 1/8" at its widest and 5" at the most narrow point, and is 6 1/2" tall. The product page claims that this pillow is 5 lbs, but it feels much lighter than that. It would fit inside of a suitcase or backpack if you wanted to travel with it, but would take up a lot of space.

The look of the pillow is somewhat discreet, but would probably be very obvious to some people that it's made to be used in a sexual way. On one side of the pillow is a small tag that reads, 'Vibe Station'. This tag does make the pillow less discreet since anyone who reads the tag will instantly know how this product is meant to be used. You could remove the tag by cutting it off, but this could also compromise the seam in that area of the pillow cover.

Out of the box, the pillow had a slight 'factory' scent to it, but it's not offensive enough for it to be a problem.
    • Ergonomic
    • Plush
    • Smooth


I can see this being a great product for someone who is a lighter weight, but for me, it fell short.

The foam wasn't firm enough to support my body like it I thought it would. I have knee problems and can't put too much weight on them in a kneeling position. Because I had to depend more on the pillow than my knees for support, it caused the foam to compress so much that it didn't add any support. When used in other ways, like laying on my back and holding it with my knees, it worked much better. It was easy to hold and control and didn't cause me any discomfort. The way this product preforms will depend entirely on the way you use it.

It's very easy to use and beginners to advanced users can all appreciate what it has to offer. Be creative and find what works for you.
    • Comfortable during use


The packaging this positioning pillow comes in is not at all discreet. It comes in a cardboard box that had images of the product all over the box, along with the product name boldly printed in several locations. On one side of the box, it shows six images of their other products with a woman in a bra in panties laying all over them. There's no actual nudity shown, but it does give away what the product is for, even without reading any area of the box.

There is only a small amount of information included. It tells you what the positioning pillow is able to be used for, the measurements, etc. It's nothing that needs to be kept for future reference and can be broken down and recycled. Inside the box contains only the positioning pillow inside of a plastic bag; no additional information, and no storage bag.

Because the packaging is not discreet, I wouldn't advise giving this as a gift to someone unless done in private or if you know it wouldn't bother them. The images and words easily give away what this product is used for.

Care and Maintenance

Since the outer part of this pillow isn't waterproof, use caution around liquids. Should you spill something on the cover, it should bead up and easily be wiped away if done immediately. If there's too much liquid on the cover it could seep through the fabric and cause the inner foam piece to get wet. If you happen to soak through, make sure to remove the cover to wash and put the foam piece in an area where it will easily be able to air dry. Leaving the cover on the foam when it's damp could cause your pillow to become damaged.

There's no information regarding care of the cover or foam included, but there are a few tips about cleaning micro-suede here.

Since this is a larger product, keeping the box for storage isn't a bad idea. It doesn't come with a special bag or other option for storage, so you are limited on how you can store this item. Depending on the size of your dresser drawers, the pillow might fit in there without the box. This isn't a pillow that you can just keep on the bed when not in use, and it does pick up lint and dust fairly easily. It's best to either use the box that comes with it, or find a plastic bag or container that it will fit in.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
Follow-up commentary
No matter what positions I tried, I couldn't get this to work. I was so hoping that this would work for me, but it's yet another item that didn't work thanks to my size. Maybe once I lose more weight I'll try something similar again, but as for right now, this didn't work for me.
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  • *Camoprincess*
    I guess after reading this again and seeing your follow up it will be off my list as if it didn't work for your size it won't workout for me either
  • Wicked Wahine
    Bummer about the size issue; I may have the same problem!

    I really appreciate the well done video! I know the review is good enough to stand on it's own, but seeing you holding the cushion really helped me get a size visual. Besides, you covered almost anything I could possibly think of in both.

    One question. Do you remember when you opened this, if it had a smell? If it did, did it go away? How long until the smell dissipated? I have a hard time with the smell of some foams!

    Thanks for such a great review & video!
  • PropertyOfPotter
    Wicked Wahine - I'm glad the review/video were helpful to you! There was a slight smell when I first received it, but it was only a 'factory' type of smell. It wasn't very strong and I don't imagine it would bother you. If so, you could always try removing the cover and airing it out. I have passed this along to someone else, and before I sent it out, I didn't really notice the smell, but wasn't looking for one either. I apologize for not being more helpful with that aspect of it.

    And thank you all for the comments!
  • Mistress Dragon
    I'm sorry this didn't work for you. Thank you for sharing such a good review.
  • Dawnwill
  • Mr. E
    What a bummer that this did not work for you. It is not as firm or supportive as the Liberator products. This actually worked pretty well for us. It's smaller size has some advantages for us. I also found that it does a pretty good job holding a fleshlight. Great review.
  • Shera Adora
    Thanks for this review
  • dustykatt
    Thank you for the addition of comment about the size issue. Most people don't bother to mention something like that and I would likely have the same problem.
  • Badmew
    thanks, the photos really help!
  • MK434
    Great review and pictures, thank you!
  • Sneekyfox
    Thanks for adding pics! It was helpful!
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