Position accessory discontinued
by Perfect Position

Showdown; Perfect Position's Vibe Station vs. Liberator's BonBon LETS GET IT ON!

If you want hands free and you can only pick one, The Vibe Station by Perfect Positions is the cheaper and more universally user friendly option than the Liberator BonBon.
The Vibe Station is better for wand and dildo use and for Average users.
The BonBon is better for positions(doggie style) and smaller vibes.
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We purchased The Vibe Station and the BonBon for hands free play, the Mrs.'s enjoys sucking and pulling on cock while she uses toys. Really the more cocks the better as far as she's concerned. The issue was, there just wasn't enough hands to go around. Both The Vibe Station and the BonBon are shapes that allows the user to place the desired toy in the top slit and grind away to their hearts content. For those of you unfamiliar with Liberator, they are the makers of positional sex aids. Perfect Position is a new company that makes position pillows. Liberator's classic wedge and ramp were one of their first contributions and now they have positional aid masturbation pillows such as the BonBon, Wing and Pulse. All of the three shapes are designed to be straddled and all share a similar design feature; an opening on top to facilitate a toy. Perfect Position mocks Liberator with it's try-angle(the ramp) and mini try angle(the wedge). The reviews we have read state that Perfect's foam is more dense and therefor superior.


"Hands free masturbation" as per the liberator website is one of a few things the Bonbon can be used for; it's also good for G-Spot stimulation by putting it under the females hips(the wedge works the same way). Anal can also be enhanced by placing the BonBon under her back and raising the legs(again like the wedge). The reason we purchased it was to accommodate a dildo in her pussy and a cock in her ass. In this position the woman straddles the BonBon and rides the dildo, the man positions himself behind her and chooses the available orifice. Liberator's website is amazing, it even has actual sexual activity with their products.

"The Perfect Pushin Cushion" is how the Perfect Position website describes it's products. While not nearly as comprehensive as Liberator's website, they do have a web presence, but do not have much beyond product information.
Advantage; Liberator


The BonBon is saddle shaped and ergonomically fits the lower body of most. The design allows for the user to hold on to the pillow with the knees stabilizing the product during thrusting.

The Vibe Station is T shaped, The foam form is held between the knees, Since it's relatively narrow it is very easy to hold between the knees, we prefer the wider end.

Vibe Station VS. BonBon
Foam / Micro-suede Foam / Micro-suede
Black Black(and 6 others)
14" VS 15"
8 1/2" VS 12"
6 1/2" VS 8"
5 lb VS 7 lb

Both the BonBon and Vibe Station have several layers in it's design. Let’s start with care, shall we? The Vibe Station and the BonBon have two shells (outer – microsuede, inner – waterproof polyester), and both can be machine washed on the gentle cycle in cold water using all-purpose detergent, and tumble-dried on low. We remove them from the dryer immediately so they don’t shrink. Wash the covers before using this shape, if only because it may have chemicals from production. The outer cover usually takes the most abuse in our case, so we never wash the polyester , as it wipes clean with a damp cloth and dries quickly. The microsuede is velvety and luxurious, and the pumpkin color goes well with our bedroom decor as well as our wedge ramp combo(black).

We swing, so a lot of times we take the show on the road. The Vibe Station is much smaller overall and therefore much easier to travel with. The BonBon usually needed it's own bag, not the case with the more svelte Vibe Station.

The Vibe Station is good for riding but we cannot find any other purpose at this time. The BonBon is a big pillow that we could use for "bending her over the barrel" which is fun for anal and PIV sex.


The BonBon performed well for us, it's quality build and ergonomic design will not fit all body types But it fit o.k. The Vibe station was better for us while using any wand or dildo type toy. The Mrs.s' thigh length(which dictates straddle-ability) is 13" from pubic bone to tip of bent knee, and at this length the pubic area comes about 5" above the top of the BonBon. On the Vibe station that height is 7". Most of our dildos and wand vibrators measure at least 7" so it's easy to see the Vibe Station is better for most of our toys with the exception of the Tuyo Ball which has caused many cum stains on our BonBon.
Advantage; Vibe Station

On the BonBon the toy slit will fit most toys with a flared base, but will not accommodate a wand like massager. The Vibe Station can accommodate flared base toys but it's extremely tight and difficult to get in there. The wand type toys fit nicely, almost like it's sole intention was for that. The narrow base makes it easier to stabilize with the knees.

We really love our BonBon but for the majority of times we need a helping hand, we're probably are going to grab the Vibe Station. On the road we will definitely favor the "Station" but I'm sure if she wants a Tuyo orgasm(she still loves that thing), it's back to the BonBon we go. Really it's a great thing to have both of these, we can use the BonBon for rear entry fun as well so that should be taken into account as well.
Follow-up commentary
The Vibe station is still the Go-to for the Hitachi wand, the BonBon is fun too, but if you just want one, go with the Vibe!!!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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