Pleasure Can = Too Small!

The size was disappointing, but that's because it is discreet. This item has many other uses. It can be a sunglasses case or can be used for your sex toys. If you have only a few small items, this can be where they reside.
Discreet, small, zipper, can be used for other things, sweet design.
Too small.
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useful review
The Pleasure Can by Fun Factory was an item I had a lot of ideas for. It's metal, oval-shaped, and can flex a bit if you hold it tight. It's very safe to use. I was so excited to be reviewing it. I assumed it was a large item, when in reality, it's really small. I suppose I could have realized this when the description said that it could "masquerade as an expensive sunglasses case," which is true. It is absolutely true. I was able stick a pair of my own glasses into the item, with the clip-on sunglasses. I wouldn't do it all the time, since they already have their own case and that's redundant, frankly. When I opened the box, I was admittedly disappointed. I thought it was taller than six inches. But, that's okay. It makes up for that though.

Now, I have a lot of sex toys. Okay, I have a total of five, which is a lot. Which I was hoping would have homes other than my underwear drawer. This was not the case. Pleasure Dot was too large to fit into the can, so I kept it in original box. I attempted to stick the Body teaser I own into the item. That was an epic fail. It's a little too tall. Darn. Jumbo life-saver didn't fit, it was too long. I should have figured. But, oh wait! There are a few of my items that fit in there! Mini mini mouse fits in very easily. And the only thing else that could go in with it was Micro finger tingler, which was my first review. Now, these two items are small enough that I can stick them in a tiny paper box in one of my drawers and not worry about people snooping through. But, I do have the Climax bursts toy cleaner, which fits in JUST right, and I might keep that in there. It makes the most sense. This item will definitely have some uses.

I appreciate this item. I am disappointed it is not duffle bag size, but I at least have something that can fit inside it. So, it's not a total loss, I don't see myself tossing this any time soon like I did after my review of the Wittle wabbit waterproof strap-on.

What I love the most about this item is definitely how discreet it is. I would feel comfortable having the item sitting on my desk for a long period of time without feeling I have to hide it. It's almost impossible to tell what it really is. I especially love the message on the front of the pleasure can, which was “Love yourself!” Which is a wonderful message. To me, it means, love yourself physically, which helps to love yourself completely. It's so nice to see that message on the item.
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    I would have hoped for it to be a little bigger, as well. What's the inside like- is it smooth or with a cloth-like lining? I'm wondering if it's something that might produce lint.
  • Contributor: Ashley Benlove
    It's got this like felt-like lining inside. Very soft. But, It's not cloth, it's more synthetic. And I'm relatively certain it probably will not produce lint.
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    I love the message too. And you're right, it could just sit on your desk. It's probably mostly for that kind of thing -- keeping just a few toys close at hand. I know I would certainly want something bigger too!
  • Contributor: Miss Jane
    Darn :(
  • Contributor: Owl Identified
    Do you keep silicone toys in this? I'm curious about the lint as well.
  • Contributor: Ashley
    I keep the Climax bursts toy cleaner in this can. It does not cause lint. There hasn't been any lint since I started using this.
  • Contributor: Trashley
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Great review!
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