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Prettier than I thought it would be!

This is a great bag. I think I like it even more than the python print Divine Carry-Ons. It's gorgeous, makes a wonderful gift since it is discreet, and the fact that it resisted the harsh rain makes it my favorite bag automatically! Not even my purse can do that! It has plenty of room to store a few of your favorite toys for taking on vacation or a road trip, or you can just use it for whatever you'd like! I recommend this to everyone!
Water-Resistant, Holds a lot, Perfect size for carrying, Beautiful color, Makes a great gift
Wish there was a whole set, including larger versions! lol otherwise NONE
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I have all the python print bags, so I figured it was time to try out that red Divine Carry-On. I expected it to be cheezy, and awkward in color... You know, cheap looking. However, it was nothing of that sort! It was a tad bit sparkly, very sturdy as far as material, and makes a great carry-on for whatever you are looking to store.

Just like the other Divine Carry-On's, it's 10" x 4.5" and about 3.5" in width (lots of room for storage). Perfect size to literally "carry" with you, without being bulky. You could use it for makeup, feminine products (pads, tampons, etc.) or you can simply put your toys inside! Do note that if you're storing dildos, 4 or possibly 5 is going to be the limit. It is spacious but for glass toys especially, you'll want to cover them before putting them inside. There is no padding to protect them, and you don't want to put two glass toys together as they will scratch and even break possibly.

This bag only comes in red. I know it used to come in other colors, but as of right now I think it's limited to that. However, it is a gorgeous red color and it is the ultimate fashion statement of sex toys! Especially when it's something you'll be carrying around! Maybe you're going out on the town and you want to bring a mini vibe along with your wallet in case you get some time alone with your guy - but you want to be discreet about it - this is your bag!

Mine did get a little dirty from some whipped cream (No, I was not putting whipped cream on my lover! Dirty minds! He was putting it on me!), and I did have to wipe it down with a sponge, but that's all I had to do. These bags are made of PVC and shouldn't really be washed in hot water or put in the dryer. If it does get dirty, you can soak it in a tub of water and some detergent and let it sit, then rinse it well and let it dry out on the countertop or outside. That will do the trick.

A great aspect of these bags is that they come with an insert that helps the bag stand on the table. You will see what I mean when you watch the video I will post later. I really like that, because it makes the bag so easy to set down somewhere flat. The insert is removable, but I would not take it out unless you had an odd-shaped toy and you needed more flexibility to the bag.

I bought more than one, as I usually do, because I want to give some away as gifts come Christmas. There's nothing sexual about the bag. The zipper has no logo, the bag has no logo, and the only tag inside says "Made in China" so it makes a wonderful gift, even for your mother. Although, when you get this in the mail, you'll probably want to keep it for yourself.

There is a little paper inside that says "Divine Toys" with their logo and their website address, but it can be thrown away prior to gifting and the paper itself honestly looks like nothing. I wouldn't think "sex toys" if I saw it. I would just think of some purse company or something like that.

I have the silver python, and it did have an icky smell to it (but it went away). On the bright side, this red bag didn't have that smell. I suppose there is a slight difference in material, even though it is all PVC. So it must have been the color of the silver bag giving off that smell.

Other than what I have told you, there isn't much left to say. See the video (should be up tomorrow) for a demonstration on what you can fit and just to show you what it looks like! I will give you a better idea of the size and shape. I will also compare it to the other two bags!
I LOVE this bag. I might just love it more than my pink and silver python print bags! I'm not sure what to do! I bought a few so I can gift some for Christmas, but I'm definitely keeping one for myself. I just can't decide what to put in it. It is very fashionable and the other night I took it with me to a party and I put my wallet, keys, pen, and a few tampons inside. It's very useful.

Something really cool is that it started to rain after the party, and I was rushing to my car and the bag was totally water resistant. Nothing inside got soaked and I thought that was the coolest thing ever! So if you happen to splash this bag you wont have to worry about the contents getting wet.

I would recommend just using it for whatever strikes you at the moment! Whether it be storing sex toys for a vacation, or simply using it as a purse. I remember in my freshman college days it was a pain to carry a large purse out to a bar so my friends and I all took small bags very similar to this with it.

So for now, this bag will remain on stand-by for whatever I feel like using it for! It's just so useful! I might just keep it in the car in case it rains and I need to take something to work or into the house without getting it drenched. I wish more bags were made like this!
Follow-up commentary
I still really like this bag. I like the other Diving Carry Ons too, but this one is by far the most sturdy... I just love it. I actually decided to keep some dildos in here because I had no place for the others and it holds them very nicely. It hasn't shown signs of wear or tear, and this bag is super easy to clean if you accidentally get it dirty. It's the PERFECT bag for whatever you choose to use it for!
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  • lexical
    I really do wish we had more storage options here! My sex toy collection is all over the place in my apartment...I need a better system. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product!
  • ToyGurl
    I know how you feel! I'm glad you liked the review!
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Great review! I didn't realize how large this bag is. I didn't read the measurements, and I assumed it was similar in size to your typical makeup bag. I wouldn't have guessed it could hold so much.
  • ToyGurl
    Glad you liked the review!
  • Diabolical Kitty
    I loved your review. I don't think this is a bad idea to give away for a gift. I think my mom would actually like it. Great review.
  • ToyGurl
    Yeah! I'm planning to buy a bunch more just for Christmas gifts!
  • Pink Jewel
    Great review
  • ToyGurl
    Glad you liked it!
  • BuckeyeGal04
    What a complementing review!
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    Thank you for the great review!
  • Chefbriapink
    I need a suitcase lol
  • Snappy
    I love this bag, too. Thanks for the review.
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    Thanks for your review!
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    Thanks for the great review!
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    Great review!
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