Round Two, Still Great

A fantastic bag for holding small collections, I think every woman should have one of these. That small collection can be toys, makeup, batteries, other random odds and ends, whatever really. You may not be able to bring anything big with you in it, but you can cram a lot of small stuff in that small space.
Can hold a lot of stuff, Very versatile in what you can store in it
Won't hold large collections
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What is it, and why are you telling me about it?

Well, this is a neat and very versatile little storage bag. I purchased this one quite a while ago after getting a similar one a while before that. In my opinion, it's damn near the perfect little accessory bag because you can stuff a wide range of things into it without feeling like you're carrying a small piece of luggage with you.

Oh that's pretty cool then. Can you tell me more about it?

Sure thing! I've always thought of these as looking like a large clutch purse, just without a handle. Well, I suppose a true clutch purse wouldn't have a handle, but that's a rambling for a different time. This little clutch is made of PVC, although I noticed no PVC-like smell to it when I got it or at all in the time since I've had it. It's about 9" wide across the opening, 3 1/2" tall on the inside, and about 3 1/2" wide along the bottom. Across the bottom is a fabric covered insert that you can remove if you'd like to fold the bag all the way down, or leave in there to leave it with a defined bottom edge. I personally prefer leaving mine in there. I still liken the inside to something that you might expect to find in a lunchbox. The outside, in the pictures on the site, is a smooth and shiny red with a nice gold shimmer to it. The one I received, while red, featured the python print that my other one did.

I can dig that. How might one clean theirs if they were to get it messy?

Well I guess that depends largely on what you dirty it with. Anything I've gotten on the outside of mine I've been able to wipe off with a damp cloth. The inside is a bit trickier now that I've actually managed to dirty one of them. I removed the little insert and wiped around with a damp cloth as best as I could, but I wasn't able to get all of the pieces of eyeliner that have now smudged up the inside of mine from when my sharpener opened inside the bag. Some things may stain, but most cleaning can be done with a damp cloth inside and out.

Always empty eyeliner sharpener before storing. Got it. What's the overall craftsmanship like?

Much like the other one I received, this one seems like it's going to put up with a lot of abuse. It lives in my purse most of the time, and the only damage I've noticed that wasn't inflicted by me is along one of the side seams there's a piece of foam sticking out. It's not sticking out much, enough that I could cut it off if I really wanted to, but not enough to have made me go out of my way to do it yet.

Awesome! Now what do you keep in yours, and what could I keep in mine?

Well this one I purchased with the intention of using to pack makeup separately from toys when traveling. I wound up using it like a little catch all and this one holds all my pens and some makeup that I use for touchups during the day if I need it. I've also managed to stuff it full of everything my other one held, and you can view all those pictures (and the other review) right here.

Any last words on this?

If you can get your hands on it and need a compact piece of storage that you can hold a ton of different things in, do it. I love mine, and I think you'd like it too.
I loved my python print bag so much that I wanted to get another one, but I wanted a different print. Unfortunately I didn't end up with the different print, but I got another color and that's enough to make me happy. I get compliments on it whenever I pull it out, and even though I've stained it with makeup on the inside I haven't seen any other damage come up from it living in my purse. Still love.
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