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The Game On Sex Tools Kit is a kit that includes items a male would need for a night to be well prepared. The items that are included are to help the male user perform well and be confident in his performance. There is an herbal supplement to give him the energy, along with a pheromone attraction bracelet to help allure a potential mate. There is also a cock cologne to help him feel confident in his smell below the belt, along with a condom to keep stay safe, and lube to help things along.
Cock cologne smells good, lube is long lasting, and condom is effective with proper use.
Some ingredients not labeled, lack of instructions, and allergy causing ingredients.
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The Game On sex tools kit includes one Sex Voltz 72hr male herbal supplement, one 2.5 ml sample of Jack Aid Lube, one Paradise fine Latex condom, one Evolved pheromone bracelet, and one Zero Tolerance fresh scent cock cologne 2oz bottle. This is the kind of kit you keep near for those "just in case" nights.

The male herbal supplement is used as a male performance enhancement. The directions say to take it 30 minutes prior to sexual activity on an empty stomach (at least one hour after your meal), and the results can last anywhere from 36-72 hours. You can consume this with alcohol according to the package. The package clams your results should be a firmer and harder erection, longer performance, and stronger sex drive.

The sample pack of lube is a medium density water based lube. This is compatible with condoms and most adult toy materials. Water based lubes are used to enhance your sexual experience and help guide objects into orifices making intercourse more comfortable. There is Glycerin and Parabens in this lube, which are known to be allergy causing to some.

The condom is used to practice safe sex. If used correctly condoms are effective against STDs, STIs, and unwanted pregnancy. This is a latex condom that is lubricated, but not labeled as to what ingredients are in the lube, so users beware - there could be allergy causing ingredients. This is a male condom that is meant to be worn over the penis during intercourse. It can also be used on toys, but I recommend spot testing the lube on your toy first, just in case this is not a water based lube.

The pheromone bracelet is made of 100% silicone that is infused with pheromones. The band is said to last 45 days once opened, and washing the bracelet will not wash away the pheromones. Pheromones are secreted or excreted chemicals that trigger a response from those of the same species. There are no pheromones labeled so the effect is really unknown.

The cock cologne is a male spray used to freshen up below the belt. This spray is not going to be as effective as regular use of soap and water, since good hygiene should be practiced for your own health as well as your partner's. However, this spray is to help build your confidence in your smell before anyone gets too close to tell. The spray is condom safe as well. In just a few squirts your "junk" should be fresh and ready to go.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The male enhancement herbal supplement comes in capsule form. The casing to the capsule is half white and half purple. The coating to the capsule has a waxy feel to it. This coating is an outer shell that can be pulled apart to reveal the power inside. The powder inside is finely ground and a brownish gold color, which resembles crushed vitamins. When you get the outer shell wet it tends to stick to your tongue like most capsules.

The lube comes out like a gel, but is runny. When you rub the lube in you notice the grease like feeling to you skin, similar to vegetable oil on your skin. It is really slick and velvety soft. The lube lasts an amazing amount of time, staying slick and soft the entire time. There will be little to no reapplying with this lube.

The condom is marked as fine, which means it is thin. This condom is really thin and stretchy, but sticky. There is no way the amount of lube on this condom will be enough to get it on, so be sure to apply extra lube. The condom has slight ripples on it for added texture, but they do stretch out when applied to the penis or toy.

The pheromone bracelet is made of silicone that did burn when flame tested. This is stiff, but stretchy silicone. It collects lint like most silicone items as well. There is a fair amount of drag to this silicone too.

The cock cologne comes out of the spray pump in a fine mist. The consistency is just like water. This cologne is wet, and is not sticky, oily, or greasy; once it dries, if not rinsed off, it leaves a sticky coat on your hands, similar to what hairspray does. The pump that is on the bottle is similar to a normal hairspray bottle. This pump does not stick and is easy to use.

Taste / Aroma

The capsule has no aroma to it. The capsule does taste like any other waxy coating. This is not an unpleasant taste or a strong taste, but it is present. The taste will only last until you ingest the capsule.

The lube has a slightly sweet smell that isn't unpleasant and is hardly noticeable. The taste is shocking to the taste buds. It is a sweet and unpleasant taste. This lube is not ideal for oral sex.

The condom smells like latex and is unpleasant out of the package. This smell is really strong and stays with the condom. The condom tastes like a balloon. This condom may not be ideal for oral sex.

The pheromone bracelet has a new smell to it that can only be smelled when pressing your nose right up to it. There is no taste to the bracelet.

The cock cologne smells like Aloe Vera, as that is one of the ingredients. This is a fresh clean smell that is really nice. The taste is like hair detangler spray. This is not unpleasant, but not ideal either. The cologne should be rinsed off prior to oral sex.


The capsule is not regulated by the FDA, so those with serious medical conditions should consult their doctor prior to use. The ingredients found in this supplement are similar to what you would find in an energy drink. If your body does not react well with energy drinks you should not consume this supplement. This was the case with my partner. If my partner drinks energy drinks they do usually give him energy, but also give him hot gut. This means that he burps the vitamin taste regularly and they are not good for his bowels either. This is the same result he had with this supplement. He had increased energy, but this is not sexual energy, just energy, so you decide what to do with this energy. But then the rest of the day he had hot gut, which is unpleasant for him. This resulted in a lack of sexual performance, because he did not feel his best.

The lube contains allergy causing ingredients that some should avoid. The lube overall was great for my partner for hand jobs, but could not be used for intercourse due to the ingredients. The lube lasted 30 minutes without reapplying. This is a great "Jack- Aide."

The condom should fit average guys, since it is able to stretch around a hand that measures 7" in circumference (2.25' diameter) without ripping. It is 8" long with a nipple-like top to collect semen. The condom is really thin to help with the life like experience while still protecting yourself. Be sure to use the condom correctly in order for the best results. To use a condom correctly read about it and remember that they are only 98% effective if used correctly.

The pheromone bracelet is hard to tell how effective it is, with the lack of instructions and the lack of ingredients to look up to know what the result is. The effect of pheromones is not supposed to be immediate, but over time. This bracelet claims to last 45 days, but there is no way to know if it lasts longer or not, since there really is no way of knowing if the pheromones work. This is a male pheromone bracelet that is supposed to combine with your natural pheromones to allure the the opposite sex; however, the results are unknown and they may vary from person to person. We did not notice anything alluring about the bracelet. This bracelet will fit anyone with up to 10.5" circumference wrists.

The cock cologne is a great product to help males feel cleaner down below, but it still requires rinsing since it leaves behind an undesirable after taste. Therefore it leads to the question about being actually worthwhile. If it requires rinsing and drying afterwards, is it still worth the purchase? Why not just use soap? Well, some males might find that soap isn't enough, that soap leaves behind a soapy aftertaste for your partner even with rinsing, or that there is no soap around, so this product would come in handy for most males. This product is pretty much water with some added fragrance, but it is effective in cleansing the male genitalia. It is important to note that this will not be as effective without good hygiene as well.


All the items come inside this box. This is not discreet and should be wrapped if gifting. There is no useful information on this box.

Special Features

Ingredients Breakdown:

Herbal Supplement:
Arginine- a natual amino acids that is important for cell division, healing wounds, removing ammonia from the body, immune function, and the release of hormones. It should not be inhaled by those with asthma, but it has shown to have some medical uses for many different uses.

Ginsing- is one of the 11 perennial plants form the genus Panax. It is commonly found in energy drinks and used as as adaptogens, aphrodisiacs, nourishing stimulants, a treatment of type II diabetes, and for sexual dysfunction in males.

Fennel Seed Powder- is known as the sweet cooking spice, but it also has medical uses with the follow issues Appetite, Colic, Digestion, Diuretic, Flatulence – gas, Milk production, Stomach acid, and Uric acid. It is from plant species in the genus Foeniculum and used as an herbal spice mostly.

FO-TI- is a dried or cured root of a twining vine from the knotweed family that is found in China. It is used to increase blood and give energy in Chinese medicine.

Ginger Toot PE- is an herbal medicine for the following travel sickness, nausea and indigestion and is used for wind, colic, irritable bowel, loss of appetite, chills, cold, flu, poor circulation, menstrual cramps, bloating, heartburn, flatulence, indigestion and gastrointestinal problems such as gas and stomach cramps, but also for arthritis, fevers, headaches, toothaches, coughs, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, to ease tendonitis, lower cholesterol and blood-pressure and aid in preventing internal blood clots. It is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale and is used in spices and medicines.

Licorice Toot PE- is used for stomach ulcers, bronchitis, and sore throat, as well as infections caused by viruses, such as hepatitis in herbal medicine. It is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra where a sweetness can be extracted.

Magnesium Stearate- (labelled twice) It is used as a diluent in many products. It is a white soild substance when at room temperature. It has the chemical formula of Mg(C18H35O2)2.

Saw Palmetto PE- an extract that is from the fruit Serenoa repens. This fruit is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols. It is commonly used in alternative medicine, but its side effects are affects with sexual hormones, however it should be avoided by those with heart issues.

Astragalus Root Powder- roots from an Astrgalus plant and it is used in Chinese medicine for energy.

Gelantin- is a colorless, flavorless, and brittle solid that is from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones. It is used as a gelling agent.

Rice Flour- is a powder made form finely ground milled rice and is used to make food items like Rice Noddles, Japanese Mochi, and Filipino cascaron.

Stearic Acid- is a saturated fatty acid and is used as a softening agent in soaps, cosmetics, detergents, and lubricants.

Silica- It is a solid that is granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate. This is most commonly used in many packages and is the tiny white bag with the beads inside.

Glycerin- is also called Gylcerol and is a natural occurring alcohol compound that can be from animals or vegetables. It is used to condition, decrease volume, protect skin, and add fragrance. It is known to be allergy causing for some.

Purified Water (Aqua)- is the most universal compound since it is tasteless, odorless, and color less it is added to many products. It can be allergy causing, however this is extremely rare.

Sodium Carboxmethyl Cellulose- is known as cellulose gum and is often used as salt. It is used as a viscosity modifier or thickener, and to stabilize emulsions in food products like ice cream.

Propylparaben- is a member of the paraben family that is used to preserve foods and add fragrance. It is known to be allergy causing to some.

Methylparaben- is another member of the paraben family that is used to preserve foods and add fragrance. It is known to be allergy causing to some.

The Condom: Ingredients unknown, since they are not labeled. This is a latex condom and should be avoided by those with latex allergies.

Male Pheromone Bracelet: Ingredients are unknown.

The Cock Cologne:
Purified Water (Aqua)- is the most universal compound since it is tasteless, odorless, and color less it is added to many products. It can be allergy causing, however this is extremely rare.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf- juice that is extracted from Aloe Vera plant. It is used for fragrance, moisturizing, and conditioning.

Fragrance- is the scent that is added to give aroma to the product. This can be allergy causing for some.

PPG-26- is a polymer of propylene oxide that is used as a skin conditioning agent.

Buteth-26- is a polyoxypropylene, polyoxyethylene ether of butyl alcohol that is used as skin conditioning agent and fragrance additive.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil- is hydrogenated Castor Oil that is used as skin conditioner and viscosity controller.

Sodium Benzoate- a preservative used in foods and cosmetics, but is also used as a fragrance additive.

Potassium Sorbate- a natural occurring antimicrobial compound that is used as a preservative and fragrance additive.

Personal comments





Cock Cologne:

Herbal Supplement:

Follow-up commentary
The bracelet and the cock cologne are the only reusable items in this kit.

There never was any noticeable effect from the bracelet. As I said in the original review, there really isn't a way to tell if it went bad within the recommended time or not. So, your guess is as good as mine.

The cock cologne gets used, but not for its original intention. It's great for cleaning lenses and discs. As long as you don't mind the Aloe smell.

Overall, this is a pretty good kit to prepare with. I would buy it again if I were single and needed a reason to be prepared.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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