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O'my flavor

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A guilt-free snack, the all natural make up makes this a tasty product for those with dietary obligations. O'my Flavor Lubricant is a valuable staple for the bedroom; the water base is safe for nearly everything. Its scent and workability carries on and on.
Great tasting, push-pump makes it clean, nice texture.
Slight chemically taste, what happened to the cappuccino flavor?
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Liquid caramel for your privates. Yum, I say! O'my Flavor Lubricant is the first lube (gasp!) I have bought. So how does it add up?

My first impression was that of spoilage. Not the kind you'd find in your compost heap, but the kind where you feel delightfully over-indulged. I surely had found a diamond in the rough. The overall packaging is fun and simplified giving you the impression of an elegant product. I feel a bit shy towards more risque items, so this felt like a safe first buy.

The question on everyone's lips is "do I want to put this in my mouth?", and here is my honest answer. I pumped a bit out onto my finger and went for a taste. The beginning flavor is that of a bitey chemical. Personally I think it's a sacrifice I'm willing to endure, the next sensation is definitely a sweet (sugar free!) savory caramel flavor. The aftermath consists of a mixture between the two, a residual caramely undertone with distinct lube-y-ness. In the end I would probably drink the whole bottle if I was desperate enough for a desert fix. If you're still not sure my answer is: Yes, put this in your mouth. It's good.

If tasting lube isn't your thing and you're just in it for the function and scent, you also will not be let down. I use lube mainly for toys as foreplay, it doesn't work so great with just me/myself/and I. The texture stays smooth and holds up to damage.

I haven't had an issue with re-applying, it's nothing you can't chalk up to pure physics and not the quality of the product. I love the sense of smell always, all day, every day; candles, flowers, perfume, you name it. Before, during and after play, I can smell the rich caramel smell and I do appreciate it. Be aware, if you don't want your roommates coming home and knowing what you've been up to; put a towel down because your bed sheets will remain delicious.

Another pleasantry I was not expecting was the lavish inclusion of different ingredients. They certainly did not have to add Guarana, Gingseng, Yohimbe, and Damiana. Guarana is a known energy supplement. Ginseng is also used for energy, and is also recommended for a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe and Damiana are aphrodisiacs. Working in western health care I'm not much for herbal remedies, but I do appreciate the thought put into this product. Even better, it is vegan-friendly and paraben free.

I have yet to mention the greatest feature of this succulent serum; it is encased in a perfect pump for your pleasure. For me, a half-a squeeze will do the trick; you may want to test out how much comes out in a single pump to get an idea. It also does lock when you turn it to the side so there are no slip-ups, only slip-downs.
When cleaning my bedroom, I did knock this off the nightstand where it fell onto the carpeted floor. The top flew off and I was nervous the love liquid would be sheathed inside forever, but to my delight I was able to fix it back to where it belonged. Of course, then I noticed if the pump were to be shattered to pieces, the user could simply unscrew the top. :)
Follow-up commentary
I received my first two silicone toys in the mail in the past week, needless to say I've reached for this bottle each and every time. And after each and every time, I did start to notice my love was waning for this liquid. If you've ever had the same thing to eat for dinner every night, then you'll know what I'm talking about. The caramel smell is less than appetizing now. Using both of my new silicone toys it seems like I've had to re-apply this more often than on my TPR toys. I think its time to invest in another lubricant to be able to change it up a bit, and maybe I'll find one that doesn't need as much reapplication.
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  • Sammi
    Sounds like an interesting flavor - I used to go for the fruitier ones.
    Nice review!
  • Pumpkin Lady
    Thanks Sammi! I definitely get excited when there's an alternative to fruit, something about it just doesn't do it for me.
  • Mamastoys
    I have had this on my wish list for awhile because it is sugar free...I must order it now..thanks for a great review!! I like the fruity ones too but I like a change..
  • Pumpkin Lady
    Thanks, Mama! I know some people did not enjoy the taste of this lube, but I'm not sure which flavor they got. It definitely is a LUBE though, no mistaking that. If you go for it, enjoy!
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    I ended up getting this lube after ordering cappuccino flavor. I was sent two more bottles of caramel that was supposed to be cappuccino to replace it before finding out they didn't have cappuccino. Funny, confusing situation there. (I finally got the blueberry cheescake instead). Anyway, I ended up trying the caramel, and I didn't like it. I think I just didn't get past the alcohol-y, chemical taste. I don't have the stuff anymore, so I'll never know. Sad face
  • Pumpkin Lady
    Weird! So you don't think they ever had cappuccino flavor? I'm sad to hear that you also did not have good luck with the taste. I really liked it...but I can get over the unnatural taste.
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
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