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A "Flavorful" Lube for Diabetics

O'my melon flavored lubricant was slick and thick and made for long lasting, wet vaginal sex. However, due to its bitter taste I wasn't able to use this for oral sex. This is one of the better water-based lubricants that I've found and I certainly recommend if you can get past the taste.
Slick and Thick lube.
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I am a type 2 diabetic, in the bedroom my sugar intake is always the last thing on my mind. When I saw the box of the O'My melon lubricant, my eyes immediately sought out the features: Natural flavor, Water-based, Sugar-free, Latex-compatible, Easy-lock pump. Not only was this sugar-free but it also contained natural flavors, I had my hopes up that not only would this be a great tasting lubricant but that it would also keep my sugars in check. I think I may have had my hopes a little too high.

Finding the right lube for sex is an exact science, if you pick the wrong one you take the chance that sex will get too sticky or will dry out too quickly. I've stuck with silicone lubricants because they have always ensured long lasting, slick sex but unfortunately, I can't use silicone lubes with a lot of my sex toys because it's incompatible with their material types. This is where the O'My really comes into play. For a water-based lubricant, this is surprisingly thick and slick however, to get the desired amount of slippery action that I required I had to use a lot. This is a small 4 oz and the amount I had to use for one night of sex cost me about 1/4th of the bottle.

The major drawback is indeed the taste. I will not lie, this is bitter. I liberally applied this to my partner's cock because I only assumed that it would taste good and that I'd really be able to give him a flavorful blow job that I could enjoy as well. My initial reaction of the strong watermelon flavor wasn't too bad but within a few seconds it went to my head and made me nauseous. I jerked my mouth off of him because not only did it make me slightly dizzy but the bitter taste was a shock. It seemed as if it had numbed my tongue and tastebuds, all I could think about was washing my mouth out with Listerine. There wasn't a big aftertaste even before I rinsed my mouth out but when it was immediately touching my tongue and the inside of my mouth it was just awful.

The box boasted that this was sugar-free (it shows in the taste) but in the listed ingredients was "Vegetable Glycerin". When I see Glycerin I think sugar, let me put your mind to rest and state that this does not mean that it contains sugar. Vegetable Glycerin is derived from palm (coconut) oil. It is colorless, odorless, and does not make blood sugar rise. It has an incredibly sweet taste having the consistency of thick syrup and as this is the second ingredient listed, there is a high amount of it in the product. Vegetable Glycerin is used as an agent in cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals, and other household items. It is fabulous as a natural source ingredient because of it's emollient-like properties that have the potential to soften and soothe the skin and to help assist the outer epidermis in retaining moisture. Unfortunately, Vegetable Glycerin has a severely limited shelf life, extracts made from Vegetable Glycerin typically have a shelf life of 14-24 months whereas alcohol extracts can have an extended shelf life of 4-6 years. Looking on the back of the box I saw "24 M", this means that this bottle is good for 2 years however, I have no idea how long this was on the shelf at the store or how long it was sitting on the shelf at the warehouse before it was shipped to the store. The time I own it won't be a problem because as I've said, it is only a 4 oz bottle so it should be gone within the next few months if we don't use it often.

My husband isn't as sensitive to taste as I am so he used it while performing oral sex on me. It makes it a rather pleasurable experience if you're the receiver; It was wet, it stayed wet, and it didn't irritate my skin. We had sex immediately afterward and the sex was just as wet as when he was going down on me, we did have to stop to reapply lube but for the most part the sex stayed slick. Clean up was easy; wash the sheets and wash your hands. I didn't have to take a shower, you may want to, but there wasn't any need for me to because this lubricant is not very sticky nor very messy.

I recommend the O'My brand as a nice thick, slick water-based lubricant but I do not recommend the Melon flavor unless you have a strong stomach. Once you get past the taste, it's a good lube.
Full Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Hemp Seed Oil, Guarana Extract, Siberian Ginseng Extract, Hydroxyethyl-cellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Damiana Extract, Natural Flavor.
Follow-up commentary
I was really never a fan of this lube. I had initially received the melon flavor and I wondered (because there were positives about the consistency of the lubricant) if it was just the taste that made it unbearable to use. No, after trying the cherry as it was absolutely HORRIBLE, this product just wasn't for me.

I noticed that it has been discontinued and I'm honestly, not very surprised at all.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    I don't see aspartame on the label, so I might try this one out.
    Good review!
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Glad it worked well as a lube, but a flavored lube that tastes that terrible is just scary!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thanks Sammi!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    lol, DD, it was really, really, really bad. I mean yes it really does taste like watermelon but it's also bitter and strong enough to make you gag.
  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I like that it has the locking pump top instead of a flip. Wow.... my wish list is getting long!!!
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Thanks for being so thorough about ingredients in your review! That's very helpful.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    I love typing out ingredients. I've always been the person that's stuck wondering "what the heck is in this!?!" ... it's nice to be able to know what you're buying... and Thank you. :)
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Ack. Good to know I should avoid this flavor.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    I bought the cherry about a week after the melon and comparatively it's really not that bad, it tastes a little like cough syrup but it doesn't have the same "yuck" factor.
  • Contributor: Betty Rocket
    Great review! Diet love juice rules!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thanks Betty :)
  • Contributor: Lunacy Setting in
    My doctor tells me I'm about a foot away from type 1 diabetes, and I've only recently realized that maybe I should double check what lubes I'm using.

    Very informative, thanks!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    I'm glad I could help you out in that regard, Lunacy.
  • Contributor: Cinnamon Chambers
    Great review. The blueberry cheese cake is bitter too. Darn I was hoping it was just the watermelon.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thanks Cinnamon, and after trying a few flavors I've realized that this is just a bitter lube.
  • Contributor: big b
    great info
  • Contributor: TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: MistressDandelion
    Thanks for the review, definately will not buy. Also, Glycerin causes UTI or yeast infection in sensitive people
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