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I highly recommend this lube for anyone who enjoys using sex toys. Its slippery nature makes it idea for jelly and elsastomer materials, in particular, and it is very easy to clean up afterwards.
Ultra-slick, easy to clean up, attractive packaging, ideal for use with toys
Not my favorite lube for intercourse due to its friction-reducing qualities
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Climax H20|Climax® H2O Lubricant by Topco is definitely my favorite lube for use with toys. The lube is ultra-slick, and reduces friction greatly, making it ideal for jelly and elastomer toys|Vibrator materials. It is a slightly thinner lube, though, so sometimes it’s not optimally effective on toys with deep grooves, nubs or ridges.

Climax H20 is slick, and I do mean ULTRA SLICK! So slick, in fact, that I really don’t care for it during intercourse, since it basically removes all friction and just produces a slip-sliding sensation.

On the plus side, for a lube this slippery, it is remarkably non-tacky, sticky, or goopy. When not being used for penetration, during relaxation afterward for example, it is actually very comfortable and not unpleasant feeling at all. It cleans up easily with a damp cloth, which is always a plus for me! I don’t always want to hop in the bath or shower after a quick masturbatory session in the middle of the day, and a baby-wipe cleans this up just beautifully. I’ve also never had any problems with urinary tract infections from it, either, whatever my method of cleanup.

Climax H20 comes in a very pretty pump-dispenser bottle that is easily the most attractive lube packaging I’ve yet seen. It is sleek and discreet enough to even be appropriate to carry in your purse. The pump-top dispenser allows you to place the lube exactly where you want it, instead of just squirting the bottle all over the place.

A little goes a long way with this lube, so there’s no need to slather it on. For a water-based lube it is remarkably slick, actually fairly close to silicone, but easier to clean up. It is colorless and odorless, and doesn’t have a stronger taste than other unflavored lubes (I would be lying if I said it had no taste at all, but it’s really not offensive; still, I’d recommend saving it for after oral sex if you’re playing with a partner).

As the owner of an extensive sex-toy collection, I would highly recommend Climax H20 as my lube of choice for use with toys. It is ultra-slippery, compatible with just about all toys, easy to dispense, pretty and discreet, and super-easy to clean up. Try it and enjoy!
Follow-up commentary
Ok, so it's now rivaled by Maximus|Water based Lubricants: Maximus in my collection, but I still think this is one of the best water-based lubes out there for toy use or particularly vigorous play. I also like that the bottle is sleeker, more attractive and more discreet than Maximus.
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  • Contributor: Oggins
    I have been looking for a better lube!  This one sounds like I've found my solution!  What is the "staying" power of this lube?  Is there any material that you are aware of that it isn't compatible with?  I'm guessing since it's water based it's probably ok to use with them all.  Thank you!
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    I've never had a problem with this lasting, or having to reapply it frequently.  It's a little pricey, and I've just been introduced to the excellent Maximus, but I still think this is my favorite water-based lube.  And nope, no compatibility issues I know of.  Hope you give it a try and love it as much as I do!
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    This looks like the most perfectly shaped bottle of lube to carry around with my smartballs to the gym! Does the cap stay on this bottle if carried around or does it come off creating a slick mess !?
    Nice review :)
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Thank you! The cap stays on well enough in my For Your Nymphomation case, but NOTHING EVER stays in place in my purse! :( It IS an awesome bottle of lube, though, and the opening is very small so not alot spills in any case.
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
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  • Contributor: Adrieannahmcbride
    Awesome review! I recently purchased my first toy, and didn't even think to buy lube. My fiancé and I made a midnight trip to Walmart to buy lube that had the thickness of hand sanitizer and left a sticky mess. It ultimately ended up causing irritation, and here I am! The only worry I have about this particular lube is the idea of it causing problems with my "bumpy" toys. Adding to wish list, though!
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