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It's cold, but not a stimulating kind.

Sensual Cooling Gel by Fun Factory is really classy looking and works as advertised for a really long time. However, it's not that impressive beyond that. It didn't take me over the edge and if you accidentally use too much, it will begin to burn even those not sensitive to these types of products. It provides a lovely cooling sensation, but then I ended up in a plateau where that was all I really felt, and I wasn't getting any other sensations. I was disappointed.
works as advertised, long lasting, a teensy amount goes a really long way (not as $$ as it seems)
price, put me into a plateau, external use only
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This product is a little odd. I think we're still trying to work with it, but I've tried it enough times to know it's definitely not a favorite. Sensual Cooling Gel from Fun Factory is a gel that, when rubbed against skin, provides a cooling feeling. It is NOT a tingling gel, but provides a cool sensation. I think this is probably best for people with a clitoris, since it's external use only and no one I have talked to with a penis has had any interest in cooling lubricants or gels of any kind. However, if you are, go for it.

This is labeled as external use only and therefore should not be used as a lubricant. It isn't a lubricant at all, but a gel, and you are to use so little that it really could never be used adequately as lubricant anyway. It can be used with a partner, or multiple partners, or by yourself, to provide cooling sensations on nipples, the clitoris, or other external areas that you find stimulating.

It does contain glycerin and artificial dyes and menthol. If you are allergic to these, do not order this product. It is water based and therefore can be used with many materials.
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture is a thick gel. It's smooth feeling, but it is NOT a lubricant and should not be used as such. You will not enjoy the experience if you use this as a lubricant. It doesn't get sticky or greasy but I wouldn't recommend just leaving this without wiping it off or cleaning it off with water and/or soap.

The gel is really thick and does not melt all over the place. It's easy to apply and doesn't drip off. You also need so little of it that all of these things are just barely noticeable.

    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

It smells like an ocean breeze scent. I wasn't really into that. I don't like beaches or their scents or candles that have ocean scents, so I try not to smell it, but it isn't horrible or anything. Many people will like it. Upon opening, I could smell the scent immediately, so it is pretty strong. I did not nor do I intend to taste this since it is not edible.
    • Strong smell


This product lasts a long time, and requires very, very little to work. I love cooling and tingling gels and lubricants, but when my partner and I used this, I asked to use very, very little. My partner didn't really realize how little I meant and took about two pea-sized amounts and after a while, it started burning. This never happens to me, even when I put cooling lubricants inside of me or use Trojan Fire and Ice condoms, all of which people frequently complain about. So take my cautions seriously when I say if you use too much, it will burn you. It is better to start out with too little and work your way up than apply way too much and then have a burny, not very fun orgasm like I did the first time we used it together.

Because of the potential burning and instructions for external use only, it's best if you wash this off after use.

It lasts a REALLY long time in comparison to other cooling products. I think it lasted at least 30 minutes with just a little bit and without reapplying, though I didn't time that incredibly precisely. I would not recommend using any more than a pea sized drop, and I use about half of that with this product.

It definitely does what it is marketed to do. I personally did not like the cooling effect that it provided. It was good for a while but then it just didn't take me much further. I wasn't impressed, especially not for the price. I expected this to be the most awesome cooling product ever, but the $10 bottle of KY tingling jelly I have been using is way better!
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water
    • Performance


This comes in a glass jar as pictured. The lid is a screw-cap and is easily removable and won't leak due to the design. With lubed up hands, it can be hard to screw the lid off and will definitely take two hands even if they are dry. If dropped on tile, this could potentially break.

The packaging is informative and has ingredients and directions. If someone saw it from far away it would not be obvious but if they read it, it definitely would be.
    • Does not leak
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative packaging

Special Features

The product provides cooling sensations. It just feels cold. At first, I really liked it, and usually, these things really take me over the edge. They seem to get more intense or the feeling changes. This left me almost in a plateau. It was a pleasurable one, but there just wasn't that last, final kick that sends me into great orgasms like other tingling and cooling products do.
    • Cooling


I am going to definitely keep using this product, because I feel like it's probably going to make me really happy in the future, but I just haven't figured out how not to feel like I'm plateauing and then having a really mediocre orgasm while just trying hard to finish. Many cooling and tingling gels I have used get more exciting as time goes on, or at least seem to in my head, but this had the exact same sensation the whole time. Cooling sensations are always really hard to describe, but this one really just felt cold. It didn't do anything else. It isn't advertised as doing anything else, but since I love cold sensations, I thought this would be really great too. It just was kinda boring, and when too much is used, it will burn even people who normally never burn from this stuff like myself. I really wanted to love this, and I still really do. Maybe as we keep experimenting with it, I will like it more, but thus far, it just hasn't done anything for me except for the first few minutes of the experience, although I've used it several times.

Many people, myself included, were originally shocked by the price since this comes in a 1.7 ounce bottle. When I used it though, I realized, this stuff is going to last forever, even if you use it every time you have sex! The amount you use is so little that even though we've used this several times, you can't tell it was used even once so far, aside from that it is opened. Therefore, I don't think the cost is actually that outrageous. It is expensive, but not outrageously so.
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