Ride silicone lubricant - silicone based lube by Sliquid, LLC - review by Viv

Maybe Too Slippery

Ride silicone lubricant by Sliquid comes with a warning on the label that it is "extremely slippery" and they aren't kidding! I found that it took more than I expected to get things as slick as I like them, but once I did this stuff is more than extremely slippery! Paraben, L-Arginine, and Glycerin free, Ride is a good Hypoallergenic option for silicone lube. I just wish it washed off easier.
Very slippery, hypoallergenic, no taste/ faint smell, would be great for massages, didn't stain.
Very thin - it runs everywhere, difficult to wash off, easy to spill, almost too slippery.
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Ride Sliquid is a silicone lube that will definitely get things very very slippery. It is Paraben free, L-Arginine free, and Glycerin free. It is a great hypoallergenic lube for those with sensitive skin. This lube is NOT compatible with silicone toys, but works with anything else. The consistency makes it great as a massage oil, with the benefit of being able to transition to sex without having to wash your hands first. But it also works as a stand alone lube for just about anything (except with silicone toys).

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I found Ride to be a little on the thin side. It felt more like massage oil or even olive oil to me. It's a little thicker than water, but runs almost as fast as water off of my hand. This isn't a lube I could get to stay in place. When using it in the shower, I ended up being covered in lube from the waist done, and the bathtub was covered too.

The click top leaks just a little bit, but gives you relatively good control over how much you pour out. It has a very smooth texture that tends to be a little greasy and this feeling lasts for a while. Ride never got sticky even with prolonged use.

Taste / Aroma

There is a very faint smell that is light and almost perfumey. It's a pleasant smell if you notice it at all. There is absolutely no taste at all which surprised me. The only way I could tell I'd even tasted it was a slight greasiness in my mouth that faded quickly.


I had to use more of this product than I had expected to start feeling as slick as I like too. Maybe I'm just used to using much thicker lubes like Maximus, but I went back to the bottle twice. Once Ride got slippery, it didn't stop. Even in water, Ride held up and kept its slickness.

Ride just might be too slick. There is a warning on the bottle to clean up spills immediately with soap and water (this stuff is waterproof so that won't cut it alone) "to prevent injury or embarrassing explanations!" They aren't kidding around. Do it! Halfway through my shower after the lube had run all down my legs, onto my feet, and onto the bottom of my shower, I was sliding around like a little kid on a Slip & Slide. I had to get out and get a sponge to scrub the bathtub and my feet with soap so I could finish my shower without cracking my skull open. While trying to wash my legs, I just couldn't get this stuff to come off. My legs felt greasy even after a few tries; my partner said the shower was still slippery the next day even after a second scrubbing.

When you translate that kind of staying power and slickness to long drawn out sex when everyone is laying down - it's an awesome product, but you have to be careful when using it in other situations.

I didn't find that Ride stained at all. When I purposefully spilled some on a white shirt and ran it through the wash, I couldn't find the spot at all afterward.


I really liked the Ride packaging. The writing on it is tongue in cheek without being classless. It includes phrases like, "Formulated to last longer than most Hollywood hookups!" What's not to love about that?
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