Personal lubricant by Topco Sales - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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Personal Lubricant for Professional Lovers

It might not be as sexy as some recent 'designer' lubes, but this is a very effective, very affordable personal lubricant that's perfect for couples who need something they can rely on.
Water-based, easy to dispense and excellent value.
Gets tacky after 10-15 mins.
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useful review
Lube is to sex what cheese is to a burger. Sure, processed cheese gets the job done - but once you've tasted gooey, melted Cheddar on your quarter-pounder, there's no going back!

Likewise, shifting from a crusty tube of KY 'Gelee' to some of Eden's range of lubricants elevates the sexual experience from merely 'divine' to 'sublime.'

That being said, quality lube can be expensive (especially if you use a lot of it!) Which is why Adam and Eve's line of Personal Lubricant was appealing.

Personal Lubricant by Topco is a water-based lube available in two sizes, 8oz and 16oz. The 16oz is very affordable and comes in a big, fat, friendly plastic bottle with a handy dispenser that makes it quick and easy to score a dollop of lube one-handed (a valuable commodity in bed.)

The lube is slick and runny, infinitely superior to the gooey 'gelee' from KY and much more manageable than some other liquid lubes. Because it has a glycol base, the lube is very slick and feels smooth and frictionless when rubbed between two fingers. It has that sexy habit of forming sticky 'strands' when you pull your fingers apart.

The lube is also virtually odorless and while I wouldn't put it on my cornflakes in the morning, it's taste is inoffensive enough.

As it's water-based, the lube does tend to dry up and get tacky within ten or fifteen minutes, unless kept moist or topped-up often. However, the jumbo bottle makes that easy enough and water-based lube is much more flexible than silicon or oil-based lube, so that's a worthwhile trade-off.

The dispenser pump on the 16oz bottle is GREAT. It works just like a shampoo bottle - pump the top and a squidge of lube comes out. This means it can be operated one-handed and you can also keep your hands totally lube-free if you need to (not so easy when you're wrestling with bottles or tubes.)
My wife and I used to be anal addicts.

When we were dating, she used to offer up her beautiful bottom on a regular basis and always 'took it like a champ.' In the right circumstances, she'd be able to orgasm from a good pounding in her tight little heiney.

When she got pregnant, anal sex was off the menu and she admitted that she was 'too scared' to try it again. I'm quite well-endowed and after over a year without any practice, she was intimidated by the prospect.

Yet, when we got the 16oz bottle of Personal Lubricant, she bit her bottom lip and offered her ass 'for testing purposes.' It was such an unexpected surprise, I almost came right then and there!

Obviously, personal experiences will vary. I can't promise that your wife or girlfriend will acquiesce to some impromptu sodomy merely because you whip out a big bottle of Personal Lubricant by Topco!

My wife lounged back on the bed with her hips on the Iceberg pillow from Love Bumper, which lifted her hips and ass off the bed.

I reached for the lube. The shampoo-bottle style dispenser was great. With one hand, I could squirt lube between her pert little ass-cheeks and use my thumb to massage and relax her tightly clenched little asshole. With my other hand, I was making sure my throbbing dick was glistening with lube.

I pressed my slick cock against her ass and gently pushed. She used her hand on my belly to stop me pressing forward too far and we stayed in that position for a moment or two... until she gasped and I felt her little asshole 'pop' open and eagerly suck the tip of my dick inside of her.

Her ass was so tight, it actually hurt my cock.

It took several gasps, groans and 'pops' for her asshole to suck me inside her completely, but eventually I was buried in her tight little ass right up to my balls.

As I gently slid out of her, I used my free hand to pump the dispenser on the bottle of lube and squirt dollops of lube along the shaft of my retreating dick. That meant, when I gently slid back inside of her, there was suddenly a whole lot more lube in play. I slid into her ass like a well-oiled piston.

Buggering her in missionary style was astounding. Looking into her eyes was intimate and romantic. Watching my dick pump in and out of her (and her big breasts jiggle up and down as I thrust) was like something out of a porn movie.

Sodomizing my sexy wife in this unusual position quickly pushed me over the edge. I exploded inside her.

My wife immediately commented that without the lube doing it's job so well, she'd have merely endured, rather than enjoyed, our first anal adventure in over a year.
Follow-up commentary
I liked this lube so much, that when it ran out, I logged onto Eden Fantasies and bought a whole new bottle! I really can't think of a better endorsement for a product than the fact that I'm willing to spend my hard-earned money on it. Great value and a solid product. WIN!
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  • Gary
    I enjoyed the enthusiasm of your review! This sounds like a great lube, especially for the price, and the handy dispenser is a nice touch.
  • Carrie Ann
    That's a good amount of lube for that price and the pump top just rocks! Great review! Smile
  • Oggins
    Thanks for letting us in on how well it worked out for you! Does the pump lock closed? Could it be stored laying down in a drawer or would it leak out? I just hate to open a lube flooded drawer! Smile
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Hi Oggins!

    The pump is pretty impregnable. We had the bottle rolling around the bed and the floor for hours without any leaks!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    "I can't promise that your wife or girlfriend will acquiesce to some impromptu sodomy merely because you whip out a big bottle of Personal Lubricant by Topco! " Damn! Winking

    I totally agree about cheese, too. I don't understand why hamburgers without cheese even exist and I never have that pre-sliced fake cheese crap! In fact, I am going to make a burger now.
  • her.royal.redness
    Wow! Thanks for the wonderful review!!
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    What a detailed review-Thanks-
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    thanks for the detail review
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    great job
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    like the reveiw
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    Your review has me craving anal sex now!
  • armywife2425
    thank you
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    15 minutes isn't bad for my purposes, thanks for the review.
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    Great review!
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