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This is as good as it gets!

I agree: this is the best of the best! Long lasting, odorless, doesn't dry or get sticky--even underwater! Hot tub sex! Also, this is the best stuff to use for polishing up latex clothing for the same reason: won't dry and a little goes a long way!
The best lube out there! Lasts and last, and can even be used underwater!
None! Extra clean-up time maybe, and you're in trouble if the bottle leaks in your suitcase.
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Oh look! Another great review of this stuff!

No really, its that good. Great for latex clothing too! I wanted to make a point to mention that.

Who wants to stop in the middle of sex and get more lube? Who wants to get all sticky and gooey and end up smelling like sex, rubber, and artificial mango?

Never again with this stuff!

Personally, I don't have a problem with my own wetness, but for anal, erotic massage, or sex in a hot tub (yeah, it happens)... this is the stuff. I don't even look at other brands of lube. I've even given it as a gift, received a confused look like, "what's the big deal? Its lube." Very soon afterward, there is always the "Oh my God" phone call.

This lube is waterproof, so as I keep mentioning repeatedly (because its so amazing), it doesn't dry and creates a waterproof barrier. I'm not into looking at greased up models or muscle men, but I've had some fun greasing up a lover's body with this stuff. Another reviewer mentioned that they enjoyed watching sweat and cum bead up on skin that had been "oiled" with this lube. I agree, its really hot!

With all of these things going on, when all is said and done, and done again hopefully, more soap is required to get this stuff off, and even then you might still find some remains in some genital crevice, your anus, or under your rings.

This is not a big deal to me and in the big picture? SO worth it!

I used to work at a lingerie/BDSM store and this was the ONLY lube we carried. We sold a ton of it too!

A note on using Eros for latex clothing:

Because latex needs to be "polished" when wearing to make it really shine, all kinds of sprays, gels, liquids and things have been marketed. Some are really expensive, some come in spray cans that always clog up. I've tried all kinds of things and before I found Eros, I was using an "Armor-All" tire product! Most "dry up" after a short time and need to be reapplied.

Not this stuff! It keeps shining, doesn't dry, and doesn't need to be reapplied. Be careful not to put on too much! Anyone who touches you, or any chair you sit on will get a slippery mark--but hey, sometimes that's what you're going for too right?

One last bit of advice: If the bottle leaks you are pretty screwed. Be careful when traveling with this stuff!
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  • Jimbo Jones
    I don't have any latex clothing experience, so I had no idea that it needed to be polished. I appreciate the information. Glad this stuff works so well for you because it does seem like a great silicone lube. Have you tested it with any silicone toys? I mention that because that could be the biggest drawback to silicone lubes in my opinion.
  • PurpleReign
    It was glowing reviews here, and by Metis Black on the Tantus site that finally got me to try a silicone lube.

    Acutally, one of the first things I did with this lube WAS to polish up a rubber harness I had made; a little DOES go a long way, and weeks later, it still has a nice sheen.

    Thanks for pointing out the extra uses for this great lube!
  • tiname25
  • hotcoktail
    looks good
  • yatinp30
  • lovebites
    thanks for the review!
  • 783883877299373783
    Thanks for sharing
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