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This silicone traditional rabbit would be a good fit for someone who is small to average in spacing from clit to opening The vibrations are not weak, but I wish they were just a little bit stronger to make this perfect. It didn't fit me exactly, but it was close enough that it made it doable. As with all rabbits, it boils down to anatomy and picking one that's best for you.
Fits smaller to average anatomies
Soft material
Higher end vibrations
Doesn't quite fit perfectly
Could be a little bit stronger
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Rosebud is a traditional rotating rabbit intended for dual stimulation. The rotating shaft is inserted internally while the attachment is used to provide external stimulation. Like all dual stimulators, this one may or may not fit your anatomy. It is meant for vaginal, not anal, use.

I tend to think that rabbits are better for solo use. Since there isn't a lot of thrusting or action going on, a partner might get a little bored. That's not to say that they can't be used with a partner, just that they might be less interesting than other toys for partner play.

Material / Texture

Rosebud is made of silicone, unlike many other rabbits out there. It's a soft, plushy silicone with a ton of give. I can squeeze this at the very tip where there is just the silicone and get my fingers to almost touch. There's a seam that runs down it, but is indented in rather than out. The silicone has a very slight drag to it, but nothing that is noticeable when using it. I really like this material. It feels like a silicone/elastomer hybrid. It has more give than most silicone which I'm a big fan of. It's nice and squishy while still providing the firmness that's needed.

There is a slight silicone odor to Rosebud which is still noticeable after a few washes but only when held directly up to my nose. There is no taste.

The shaft is completely smooth with no added texture. The attachment has some light ribbing on it. I can feel the ribbing slightly with my fingers, but not really all that much when I used it. I think it's more for show than for texture purposes. It falls along the underside of the butterfly's/slug's/whatever's belly, so I'm thinking it's part of the look of the animal.

I think beginners and advanced users can enjoy this material. Those who like something with no give might not like it due to the squish provided.

Design / Shape / Size

I picked out Rosebud due to its smaller size in hopes that it might fit my anatomy better than most larger rabbits on the market. Rosebud is 8 inches long in total length. The attachment is two inches and from the tip of the attachment to the tip of the shaft is two inches. The head is 1.25 inches wide.

Rosebud goes past my hand when held, but not by much. If you were to remove the battery and control area, it would fit almost perfectly. This is my usual gauge of "good size" so I was happy with Rosebud on this count. I also liked that it was a rabbit that didn't look or feel like the size of a small child.

A note on the size of any rabbit is that it may or may not work for every user. I'm smaller spaced from vaginal opening to clit (1cm), so bigger rabbits don't fit me very well. This one was a little tricky. I could get the stomach of the butterfly/snail/thing to hit my clit just fine, but if I wanted to use the flutter feature I had to pull my clit up a bit because it overshot just a bit. It wasn't such a bad fit that it was useless, it just required a little maneuvering around. I'd say if you're spaced on the close to average size range, this should be a good fit.

One nice thing about the design is that while the attachment is pretty flexible, it doesn't go all over the place when I use it. It's flexible enough for me to place it where I want it and for it to move around some, but it doesn't end up on my leg because of the vibrations.

As a smaller rabbit, this could be a nice travel companion if you want to take a rabbit but don't want to pull out one of the foot long dual stimulators. Just be sure to take out the batteries first!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls are very simple to use on the Rosebud. There are two sliders on the lower compartment, one for the rotation and one for the attachment. When you slide them up, it increases either the rotation or the vibration. The left one controls rotation, the right controls vibration. There are no patterns to choose from, which could be a pro or con depending on how you feel about patterns. The sliders are very easy to control. This also means they are very easy to slide during use. Since I keep mine all the way up and away from where I hold my hand I didn't run into any problems. If you want to keep both set to medium intensity, I think it would be near impossible not to accidentally change the setting every few seconds.

The rotations don't change much in speeds from the lowest to highest setting. They stay at a moderate level no matter where I have the slider. At any of the variations of "moderate," I can slow the rotations slightly with my hand and PC muscles, but not stop them completely.

The vibrations can be used with either with the flutter or with the whole base of the butterfly/slug/thing. I really liked the flutter the best. The flutter is created with the antenna of the animal which will wrap itself around the clit. It's not as intense of a flutter as some, but I really loved the wrap effect. Much like the rotations, there isn't a huge difference from the lowest to highest setting. It starts out at around a three vroom and get to a mild four vroom. I would have loved this to get to a stronger level four or even a level five. The vibrations are located near the tip of the attachment.

This is a louder toy once everything is turned on. I can't seem to muffle it with covers even once it is inserted. This seems to be a rabbit thing in general because there's so much going on, but I do find it to be distracting. If you had the door closed AND the covers pulled, I think you would be okay.

Four AAA batteries are needed for this vibrator. They are inserted at the base of the toy in a hard to open compartment.

Rosebud is not waterproof so do not bring it in the shower or tub with you.

Care and Maintenance

As it's not waterproof, care should be taken when cleaning this toy. Make sure to keep the battery compartment away from water at all times. I spray this down with toy cleaner and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. You could also wipe it down with a damp, soapy cloth in lieu of toy spray.

Since it a silicone toy, only water based lubes should be used. Silicone lube could potentially cause damage to the material.

For storage, I use the box that it came in. You could also store this in a pouch. Be sure to keep it separated from other silicone toys.


The packaging of Rosebud is simple but nice. It comes in a clear plastic box with nothing but a red paper lining the bottom. The paper says "Rosebud" on the front. The sides give some general information about the vibrator and its features. It's not discreet as it's clear and you can see the entire vibrator through it.

The inside of the red paper has some generic instructions for vibrators in general, nothing specific to the Rosebud. The controls are simple enough that none are really needed.

I do use mine for storage and think the packaging is nice enough for this purpose. I think it could be used for gifting if you don't mind not being discreet.

Personal comments

If you're spaced on the smaller to average end and looking for a traditional silicone rabbit, Rosebud is a pretty solid pick. If you absolutely must have a lot of power, keep in mind that this isn't the strongest four I've ever felt.

I think it's better to test out some cheaper rabbits to get the feel of what size and vibration levels you like before taking the plunge of this one. It's a good choice for the right person, but a little expensive for trial and error.


This has been my best rabbit yet, but it's still not perfect. It's not quite where I'd like it to be in terms of strength. A lower end four can get me where I need to go, but I'd love to see this vibrator with a high end four or a five.

The wrap that was created with the antenna felt really good and was probably my favorite thing about the Rosebud. I had to do a little tugging to get this to work just right because of my anatomy, but it wasn't so much that I was driven crazy or put out of the mood doing so. It's not the perfect fit I was hoping it would be, but it's pretty close and I'll take what I can get since I have bad luck with traditional rabbits.

It took me a little longer to orgasm with this than it does with my go to vibrators and when I did get there, it wasn't the earth shattering orgasm I was hoping for. I'm starting to think that rotating rabbits just aren't for me. I seem to get better results with a regular vibrator and a clit vibrator doing the work on my own.
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