A Sweet Surprise

I recommend this vibrator as just that, a good quiet vibrator. The swirled ridge falls short of expectation but the good girth, strong vibration, and low noise output make it a good toy in my book.
Nice size, good strong vibrations, great price.
Ridges were not large or rigid enough, strong smell and taste.
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I decided to be surprised with an assignment and was eagerly waiting to try it out. I ordered the toy anticipating that I would be home in plenty of time to try it out and have a timely review posted. Alas I was stranded, pleasantly, with Arch for two extra weeks. *Sigh*
When I got home, after greeting the kids, dog, cat and gerbils I wandered into the bedroom to put away clothing. As I was unpacking, I remembered the toy and asked where it was. Sigel bounced into the room and pulled the box out from under the bed.

The packaging was intriguing, a plastic box with a picture of Savanna in nice lingerie... so far so good! The vibrator was easy to get out of the package which was nice considering the usual packaging on Doc Johnson products. There was a long list of lovely, flowery descriptions of the joys awaiting me but no instructions about how to line up the batteries. These important instructions were left out when the toy was made as well which lead to a few minutes where both of us fumbled around with the 2 "AA" batteries but after a few tries it started to vibrate like a champ. The bullet is rather large in this toy and located near the tip of the shaft so the vibrations are very intense, even on low setting it was enough to make me hum and I like very strong vibes. On medium setting, I was moaning happily and on highest setting it was almost too much, almost. :) I wouldn't recommend this toy for anyone who doesn't like a strong vibration - at least for clitoral stimulation. Personally, I like strong vibration regardless of whether I am aiming for clitoral, labial or vaginal stimulation so I was a very happy screaming camper! The controls are easy to reach and work with one thumb. They are on the side of the base of the toy and are dial based, new to me but I quite like it. This is a surprisingly quiet toy, even on highest setting my daughter couldn't hear anything outside my bedroom door, with the toy outside the covers. My door is pretty thick but it shouldn't disturb any nosy neighbors, dorm mates, parents or kids. Your spouse might be able to hear it beside him/her in bed but even at that it has a pleasant hum, so I doubt that it would bother them too much.

The toy is a total of 8 inches long, 6 inches are insertable, with a 5 inch circumference. It's a hefty toy, nice for any size queen, of which I am one. If you prefer a smaller size vibrator then this isn't for you. It has a raised swirled ridge from tip to base which at first glance looks like it would be a wonderful "g" spot stimulator but, alas, it is not rigid enough to provide much in the way of contact. The ridge doesn't stand out and I really couldn't feel the ridges once I was lubed up properly. Still it is a very nice size and I don't have much issue finding and stimulating my "g" spot, with the vibrations being a bit stronger than most of my other vibes it was still very pleasurable despite not being able to feel any ridge love.

The toy is waterproof, YAY! The inner workings are visible and securely protected inside the clear pink jelly. I like the fact that I can use this lovely thing in the bath and give it a good thorough cleaning in plenty of water. I use a very mild feminine cleanser on my lady parts and it works well for this product as well; though it is jelly, so a strong soap might leave residue or damage it. The vibe does have a rather unpleasantly strong smell and bitter taste. It did seem to lessen with cleaning leaving me wondering if it will fade with time, I'll keep you posted.

If you share toys you should use a condom with this toy, if you love a really textured toy and use condoms on them then this toy will not measure up. The ridges are just not raised high enough or, well, rigid enough!

I am very new of anal lovin' so I have not tried more than stimulating myself in that area. The toy is way too large for me at my present level of expertise and it's jelly, which makes it necessary to use a condom as it can't be sterilized quite as well as I would like after anal play. Jelly toys cannot be boiled. Add to these facts that it doesn't possess a flared base and it's not a product I would recommend as an anal toy.
Follow-up commentary
I have to say the more I use this vibe the more I like it. Now I'm not the most experienced toy user on the block by any means but, despite the fact that the ridges don't make me swoon with pleasure, I did discover that if I am really worked up, I can actually feel the corkscrew effect if I just use an in and out thrust slowly. This happened after a second orgasm and I was winding down at the time. Needless to say I wound right back up and finished with a bang!

The smell does seem to be fading with cleaning so maybe in a few washes it will be more pleasant. Overall I still rate this as a 3 star vibe for it's strong but quiet vibrations and wonderful girth. It loses stars for it's plastic smell, bitter taste, and ridges that are difficult to feel.

The ridges are not a problem to clean as they don't have any crevices to clog up and it's waterproof which also contributed to my giving this vibe a continued 3 stars.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    Too bad this has a strong smell and taste.
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Airen Wolf
    It is a nice size though and the smell is fading slowly so there's hope for this baby yet! The ridges are definately not a selling point but it's a good girth and an all around decent vibrator.
  • Contributor: Fruity
    Thank you.
  • Contributor: lamira
    Great review, thanks!!
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
  • Contributor: nicole07
    Thank you for the review
  • Contributor: w-o-name
    Great review...Thank you
  • Contributor: Daniel & Brittany
    excellent review
  • Contributor: boobookittyfuk
    Thanks for the nice review.
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