Mood fantastic - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by SMichelle

Always improves my mood!

If I had to think of one word to describe this toy, it would be love. I love this wand. It's super powerful, and it's fairly quiet for a toy that's so strong. It's rechargeable, it looks good, and it gets me off every single time. The only real drawback is that it's so powerful that it may occasionally make your clitoris feel a little tingly in a strange way, and that it's not going to be a good choice for those with super sensitive clits.
Sleek look, Beautiful color, Multi-speed, Powerful, Rechargeable
May make your clitoris feel a little tingly, No directions were included
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For a long time now, I have been curious about wand massagers. My problem with many of the wand massagers out there is that they just don't look very appealing, and I can't get myself to spend my money on something that I don't find visually appealing. Then... I saw the Mood Fantastic, and I was impressed by its sleek look. I was even more impressed when I received it, as it was then that I discovered that the Mood Fantastic is truly fantastic.

The Mood Fantastic can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to ease your tense muscles, or to massage your lover with. You can also use it for sexual purposes, holding the wand on your sensitive parts. Those with very sensitive clitorises may find that the vibrations are a bit too intense, however.

While the Mood Fantastic makes a great external vibrator for couples and solo users, it is not meant to be used internally. It also cannot be used in water, due to the fact that it is not waterproof.

Material / Texture

The Mood Fantastic is made from TPR, which is a relatively safe toy material. TPR earns a ranking of 7 on Eden's safety scale. It's hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. Unfortunately, however, TPR is slightly porous, so you shouldn't share this toy with anyone that you aren't fluid bonded to.

Overall, the material is very smooth, and the toy has a limited amount of texture. There are some ridges alongside the head, however, so you can feel those if you position the toy right. You do have to provide a decent amount of pressure in order to really feel those ridges, though. The top of the head is completely smooth.

The material feels almost velvety to the touch, and there is a very slight drag to it. I don't find that the drag is enough to hinder its usage. That being said, if you find that the amount of drag is a problem for you, you can use either silicone or water-based lubricants with this toy.

There is no give to this toy. It is completely firm, although the head does flex a little. Just know that you're not going to find the "squish" that you usually find with TPR toys.

There is no scent or taste to this toy at all.

Design / Shape / Size

The Mood Fantastic is your basic wand massager, but it looks pretty sleek. Firstly, the color choices are great -- you can get it in black, purple, or pink. I have the pink one.

Size comparison with a standard piece of paper
There, you can see the Mood Fantastic resting on a standard sized piece of paper. As you can see, it's quite big. The total length is about 10 1/2" long. While the toy is a bit big, I don't find that it's a hassle to use. It's light enough that I can easily hold it for an extended period of the time, and the handle fits nicely in my hand.

Smooth top of head
The head, as you can see, is smooth and wide. The head measures 5 1/2" in circumference, so it's pretty large. The head is NOT meant to be inserted inside of you. Instead, the wide head just covers a large amount of surface area when you use it externally.

Ridges around head, and a slight flaw on the ridge -- it does not affect performance, though
My Mood Fantastic has a very slight flaw along the side of the head, as you can see, but it does not affect how the wand preforms. The ridges, as you can see, go all the way around the side of the head, and they are fairly deep. The ridges that you see UNDERNEATH the head are where the toy is somewhat flexible, although that flexibility is extremely limited. It basically only flexes if you provide a great deal of pressure to it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The great thing about the Mood Fantastic is that it's rechargeable! To recharge it, you simply insert the plug into the charging port, and then plug the toy in.

charging port with cover

When the toy is charging, you will see a blue light from the charging port. You will know that the toy is fully charged once that light goes away.

Now, when you're ready to use the toy, you simply use the dial that's found on the handle.

Control dial

You simply push the dial downwards to turn the vibrations on, and then continue turning it downwards to increase the vibrations. Once you get at the highest speed, the dial will simply stop turning. While the toy is on, you will notice that the charging port lights up.

To turn the toy off, simply turn the dial back upwards. When it is completely off, not only will the vibrations cease, but you'll also hear a click.

The vibrations themselves are very deep, and extremely rumbly. They're also quite strong. I'd say that they're about a 4 on the lowest setting, and definitely a 5 on the highest. The vibrations are all steady, although there is a push button on the side that offers a pulsation pattern -- you do have to hold that button down while you want the pulsations, though. As soon as you let the button up, it'll switch back to the steady vibrations.

In regards to noise, this isn't the quietest toy available, but it's also not super loud. If you have thin walls, you won't want to use it while others are home. All in all, I'd say it's about 3 buzzes.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Mood Fantastic is not a challenging task, however it should be noted that this wand is not waterproof. For this reason, you need to be careful not to get water into the charging port while cleaning it. Really though, the only areas that you're going to have to clean are the head of the toy, and that can easily be done by just washing the head with soap and water. You can also use a toy cleaner, or a wipe to clean it. However you chose to clean it, just be sure that you make sure that all of the ridges that go around the head are cleaned properly.

As for storage, you can really stash it wherever it will fit. It is a bit large though. I, personally, store my wand in the top drawer of my dresser, but you can store yours wherever you want.


The Mood Fantastic came packaged in a simple yet stylish cardboard box. The box features a window in the front, making the wand clearly visible to all who see it.

The packaging is pretty cool looking, but it doesn't provide any instructions or information about the toy at all. I guess instructions aren't really needed, as it's pretty easy to figure out how to use this wand, but still.... I would've liked to have seen some written information about the toy.

Anyway, while the packaging looks kind of cool, I don't think that it's nice enough to use as a gift box. I would recommend wrapping it up if you chose to give it as a gift. I also don't feel that the packaging is suitable for storage, though I suppose that you could use it for that if you really wanted to.

Personal comments

The vibrations of this toy are quite strong. They are so strong, in fact, that you might find that they make your clitoris feel a little itchy/tingly after use -- as is sometimes my experience.
Follow-up commentary
I absolutely love this toy. It is not the main toy that I reach for anymore, but it is still one of my all-time favorites. Whenever I want a fast orgasm, this is the one that I go for.

I just wish that it didn't make my clit feel a little tingly.
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