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The Mood Fantastic Body Wand by Doc Johnson is a new favorite of mine and I'm happy to have it along with my Hitachi and Body Wand. This one outshines those two in the department of how it's powered. The Mood Fantastic body wand is rechargeable and those aren't. It had me at cordless and powerful. I would recommend the Mood Fantastic body wand to everyone. Beginners and users alike.
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The Mood Fantastic is a great body wand from Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson has been able to create a toy that is very powerful and almost as powerful as the very popular Hitachi. This works better in the sense that it's rechargeable, cord free, lightweight and it has the slide wheel for adjustment power, unlike the Hitachi. Both toys are now my top items in the body wand department.

The best use for the Mood fantastic body wand would be clitoral stimulation or deep body massage. The strong vibrations get deep into the muscles and can relieve tension easily. It's especially nice on the back and shoulders. It works nicely on the thighs as well. If you want to try a deep tissue massage, you definitely want to try the Mood fantastic body wand. If you can't handle the intense power, you can always dial it back down to a lower vibration. I really like that the Mood fantastic body wand offers this power option instead of just low and high. You can use the settings on the body wand to meet your own specific needs of power. Some people have sensitive clitorises and won't be to handle the power on high so the dial will work in favor for you by turning it down.

With me being somewhat of a power queen, I need and crave lots of vibrations and the Mood fantastic body wand works in my favor as well. The highest setting is very productive at giving me exactly what I need.

The Mood fantastic body wand will work well for beginners to advanced users. It's simplicity in design makes it a great massager/body wand to have.

I would only use this in an area where there is no water around, preferably in a bedroom or home setting. The Mood Fantastic body wand is not waterproof. It's great for solo use or use by couples. Your partner can use the wand on your body or your other erogenous zones while you kick back and relax. My favorite use was in the bedroom. We started with it on the lowest setting on the dial and he applied pressure to my labia and clitoris. I have a narrow area so the head of the Mood Fantastic fully covered my pubic area. I had to help hold apart my labia so I could feel the vibrations more on my clitoris. As soon as I did that, I felt the rumbly, deep vibrations. I would love to see this made with a smaller head. The head of the toy is smaller than the head on the Hitachi. It's also much smoother.

Please do not use this internally or even attempt to. It's made for external use only and can cause harm to the toy or yourself if used improperly. I love that it's cordless. This opens up so many places that it can be used. Here are a few examples, in a car, on a plane, on a bed, in a hotel, on a vacation, on a train. You get the idea. Just keep it away from those hot tubs and pools. I know it would be great to have a fully waterproof massager of this strength. Many of us would never leave the house.

The power of the toy gets stronger when the pulse button is used. I especially like that feature and it's my favorite so far. The toy does get a little warm after about 5 minutes of use if used on high or the pulse setting. If the Mood Fantastic is used more than 5-10 minutes, the clitoris and labia may feel tingly with numb sensations. This was only the case when it used it on high, continuously.
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Material / Texture

The material used for the head of the Mood Fantastic is TPR. TPR is a thermoplastic rubber that is a mix of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers. Most of the time the companies use rubber and plastic to make the TPR. TPR is a porous material but not as porous as jelly. It's more porous than silicones. It's usually lightweight and pliable. TPR gets a 7 on the material safety scale on Eden Fantasys. TPR can be washed with warm water and mild soaps or your favorite antibacterial toy cleaner. If you need to use lubricants with TPR, you can use silicone based, oil based and water based. The TPR used on the Mood Fantastic is hypoallergenic, latex free and phthalates free.

The TPR is smooth and feels wonderful when a little lubrication is applied to the top to allow it to move freely around the pubic area. The toy head is a smoother TPR while the handle is hard plastic. It can get a bit slippery if you handle with lubrication on your hands. Try not to handle it much if you do have lubrication all over your hands as it could get inside the charging port and damage the toy. You can't press in on the head or any other areas of the toy but you can move the full head as it's on a flexible neck. it doesn't move easily but it does with a little force.

There is a slight odor with the head of the toy. There are no noticeable odors on the shaft of the toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Mood Fantastic body wand is comparable to those out on the market today such as the Body Wand and the Hitachi magic wand. The Mood Fantastic body wand is smaller in size than both of the others that I mentioned. It is available in black, pink and purple colors. I'm doing my review on the purple body wand. I was just so happy with how lightweight it was. I can lift it with my right hand and there isn't much heft. My Hitachi is pretty heavy compared to the Mood Fantastic body wand. This was a nice surprise. The Mood Fantastic body wand isn't a toy that has a lot of bells and whistles. It's simple and straight to the point. There aren't several patterns to remember and there aren't many buttons on the handle. Most of the weight of the toy falls into the upper portion of the handle, on the massager.


Total Length- 10 1/2"

Head Circumference- 5 1/2"

Head diameter- 2"

Handle Circumference- 5 1/2"

Silver band width- 1/2"

Length of flexible neck- 1/2"

The head is circular in shape and has a rounded dome top. There are 5 ridges that run around the head of the toy. On the underneath part of the toy, there are 3 screws which hold the head onto the flexible neck.
On the handle near the flexible neck, there are 2 more screws which hold the handle and head together.
The pulsation button on the side makes a clicking noise to let you know that it's in use and the dial also makes a similar noise to let you know that it's turned on or off.

There is a silver band that runs around the handle and it does have a seam around the top and bottom. There are also two long seams that run down the length of the handle. On one side of the handle, there is the charging port which is covered by a white flap. Under the white flap, there are 2 lights which work to show charging and when in use. The lights are red and blue. Red is for when it's in use and blue is when it's charging.
On the other side, there is a silver button that is used to give a stronger pulsating action. In the middle of the handle is the turn dial that sets the strength of the vibration. It ranges from lower vibrations to very high vibrations. The dial is also plastic and is the color purple.

    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

I really like the simplicity of the controls. The Mood Fantastic comes with a wall charger. You get a dial and a push button on the handle of the toy. It's loaded with power and it's rechargeable. It lasts a while on one charge and it's extremely easy to use for sexual use and for regular massage use. It's not charged via USB. This one is charged by a regular AC adapter. It's easily accessed on the side of the toy and the cord doesn't come out, it stays in nice and tight. I just plug it in and let it charge for 6 hours. Once it's fully charged for 6 hours, you'll get 4 hours of use. I didn't receive any instructions with the Mood Fantastic Body Wand so I had to go to the company website and email them to get the proper instructions.

The vibrations are located only in the curved head of the Mood Fantastic Body Wand. I can't feel any vibration on my hand while holding the massager, which is a plus. With smaller vibrators, my hand can go numb at times. The controls are convenient and easy to use while holding the toy upside down or any way.
While the toy is in use, a red light blinks under the white charging port. If you want a strong pulsation, you can hold down the silver button. While holding this down, it gives jolts of pulsation that become stronger than the highest setting. The light will then blink with the pulsation pattern. You must continuously hold this button down to get the pulsations. Once you let up, it goes back to the setting that you had it on and the pulsations stop.

The Mood Fantastic isn't a quiet toy. It's not quite as loud as the Hitachi but it can be heard if there are no sounds in the house. I heard it through my door with everything turned off. With a television on, I couldn't hear it through the door. I compared the Hitachi and the Mood Fantastic together and the power was a little close but the Hitachi seemed to be stronger. I did like that the Mood Fantastic Body Wand was more lightweight than the Hitachi and it has actual adjustments over the strength. I mainly use the highest setting to finish my session. I never use around water because it's not waterproof.

While the Mood Fantastic is charging, it will omit a blue light to let you know that it's charging.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The Mood Fantastic body wand isn't waterproof so I take care when cleaning it. When I first received it, I wiped it down with a sex toy wipe and an antibacterial spray. I covered the charging port with my thumb just to be extra safe while cleaning it. I made sure to get into the ridges on the head, the neck of the toy and the seams around the silver ring and the seams running up and down the handle. Give extra attention to these areas when cleaning the toy as bacteria can hide in these areas.

Unfortunately, the Body wand can't be boiled, it could melt the plastic and destroy the internal electrical components inside the toy. While you are cleaning the body wand, try to keep any water or fluids away from the charging port. If water gets in the toy, it will more than likely damage it and it may become unusable. Once I've cleaned it and taken extra care to keep the appropriate areas dry, I dry it with a soft lint free cloth. I like to use my microfiber one. I dry every crevice the best that I can. If there is an area that I can't get to, I'll use a Q-tip to get all of the excess liquid out.

I store the body wand in a large toy bag that I purchased long ago. I keep it in my Devine playchest and it fits in there nicely. This doesn't seem to collect animal hair, lint or dirt. With it being TPR and plastic, this shouldn't be a problem. It's a lot easier to store than my Hitachi because of the size. I wouldn't store around jelly toys or any other ones. You never know what kind of reaction or melting may take place. I always separate my toys in toy pouches so I never risk having any issues.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging that the Mood Fantastic arrived in is a long black box and on the inside there are colorful dots on a white background. The back of the package has features, material, cleaning and lubricant information.

These are listed on the back of the box:



-Velvet touch

-1-touch pulse

-Multi functional





-Non Phthalate

-Latex Free


-Soap & Water


-Water Based

-Oil Based


Inside the box, there is a clear plastic insert which holds the charger and the body wand. These can be recycled.

There were no instructions with the body wand. I don't recommend using the box for storage because it's very large. It would work for a gift because there is nothing sexual on the box. People would think that it was for massaging since the front of the box states that it's a rechargeable body wand by Doc Johnson. You could travel with it but you would need to use a bag that it would fit in. There isn't a locking feature on the toy. So, if you do travel with it, please keep it in a box or other storage pouch where it can't be turned on during transit. I think it would be a nice gift to give or receive.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I'm glad that I own this body wand/massager. I've looked for another massager or body wand to add to my collection and I found the one. I really like that it's cordless. I could carry it outside and use in the dark while I was in my sanctuary if I wanted to. I'm all about hands free. I just can't believe that it packs so much power and is rechargeable.

One of my pet peeves was that I had to go online and email to get some information about the charging. It was a basic use but I worried about time frame that it needed to be charged. I didn't want to overcharge and I would have liked to know how long a full charge would last. I hope they start including instructions with the newer packaging.


All in all, I really liked the Mood Fantastic Body wand. It fits into my toy collection well and I've used it a few times since it first arrived. It will now be one of my go to toys when I need to use it in places that my Hitachi can't go. It's very powerful and rumbly. It has provided me with intense orgasms and I definitely approve of this toy! I easily give it 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
This powerful wand has made me orgasm so quickly. It's strong and it feels just right. I really love the button on the side that gives it a little extra boost of power. That puts me over the edge every time.
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