Mood fantastic - wand massager by Doc Johnson - review by Kayla

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Mood = Definitely Fantastic!

The Mood Fantastic is a wand massaging vibrator that will work well for those who want a portable wand massager that is strong, adjustable, rechargeable, and features a get-to-orgasm pulsation mode. With a good design and strong, deep, and rumbly vibrations, the Mood Fantastic is a good wand massager to have.
Strong and rumbly vibrations, rechargeable, turn-dial controls, easy to use.
A bit loud, no instructions.
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Wand Massagers are extremely popular - both as regular sexual vibrators as well as muscle tension relievers. This Doc Johnson Mood Fantastic vibrator will work for both uses. The packaging makes no mention of sexual use, so this could be given as a non-sexual gift. As the vibrations are very deep and are not surface vibrations, the Mood Fantastic would work as a deep muscle massager.

The Mood Fantastic is designed, however, as a sex toy. It is rechargeable, which makes it ideal for those who do not want to be limited by a cord. Available in multiple colors, it also is designed to fit your personal preferences. As it is not waterproof, though, it can not go in water nor near water. With the included One-Touch Pulse, the Mood Fantastic also works well for those who enjoy a last-second boost to power or a change in pattern for orgasm.

As the Mood Fantastic is large and semi-loud, this is not to be used by those who need discretion or a travel-friendly vibe. With the large size, though, the Mood Fantastic covers a good amount of area and works well as a clitoral vibrator. Without attachments it can not be inserted internally, so this vibrator is purely meant for external pleasure. With a good clean-up, it can also work as a back massager as well.

Material / Texture

The Mood Fantastic is made from plastic. Both the body of the vibrator and the head of the vibrator are made from plastic - specifically, Doc Johnson's "Velvet Touch" type of plastic. This plastic is designed to be mostly seamless, and very soft and slick to the touch. To that effect, the Mood Fantastic succeeds, and the plastic that the vibrator is made from glides against the skin very easily.

As it is made from a good quality plastic, the Mood Fantastic has no odor to it. Along with that, the Mood Fantastic is very rigid, and it does not give under pressure. The head of the vibrator does have some flexibility that will allow it to bend and move depending on how pressure is applied, but the rest of the body of the wand massager has no flexibility and stays in a straight design.

Aside from the metal band around the shaft, the body of the wand massager has no texture. The head of the massager has slight texture. The top of the head is completely smooth, but the sides of the wand massager's head do have a slight ridging to them. This ridging most likely will not be felt, as it would take a large amount of pressure to make the ridges be felt during use.

Design / Shape / Size

The Mood Fantastic is designed like a typical wand massager. It has a long shaft (that is where it is designed to be held), and it has a "ball"-like top that is designed to be applied to where you want the vibrations. The head of the wand massager is slightly flexible, and it will bend under pressure. On the handle of the wand massager there is a turn-dial that controls the vibrations, and on one of the sides is the silver button that controls the one-touch pulsations. On the backside of the handle is the charging port, which is covered by a small white piece of silicone when not being charged (the white piece of silicone does not fit over the charging port all of the time without a bit of pressure applied, so make sure that your cover is flush with the rest of the body of the vibrator).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Mood Fantastic is rechargeable. It comes with a slight charge when it is first opened, but it is recommended that you fully charge the sex toy before its first use. The charging port for the Mood Fantastic is on the back of the sex toy. The white port-cover can be removed, and the charger can be inserted. It charges when attached to a wall outlet. The toy will provide a blue glow while charging, and the light on the blue glow will shut off when it is completely charged.

While I can not be 100% sure, the Mood Fantastic has vibration strength that is comparable to other popular wand massagers such as the Hitachi. The vibrations are not quite as strong, but as the Mood Fantastic is rechargeable, they are very comparable and similar. The vibrations on the Mood Fantastic are also deep and rumbly, which works well for those who enjoy deep, penetratingly strong vibrations. With this, though, the Mood Fantastic is not very quiet. It can be heard in the same room, and depending on the home set-up and background noise, it could be heard through a closed door.

The Mood Fantastic allows for more vibrational adjustability because of the turn dial on the toy. This dial is easily moved to adjust the strength of the vibrations, and it provides a satisfying "click" to notify that the vibrator is completely turned off. As the lowest setting on the Mood Fantastic is still very powerful, though, this wand massager may not be suitable for those with very sensitive genitals. Along with the turn-dial wheel, there is a small silver button on the side of the massager. When pressed and held in, this button provides pulsation on a one-step-higher vibration strength than the highest vibration available in the steady vibrations. This button must be held down to activate the pulsations, though, so it seems like this design was made to provide a "last push" that may be needed for orgasm. Aside from this pulsation, the Mood Fantastic does not have any other patterned modes.

Care and Maintenance

The Mood Fantastic is not waterproof. This means that care must be taken when cleaning this wand massager. The wand massager's charging port must be kept away from any water source to ensure that the vibrator will continue to work well. While doing this, care must be taken to clean out some of the smaller areas such as the ridges along the head and the head's stem, as well as any other places where bodily fluids or lubricant could have reached. This is not hard, but the fact that the wand is not waterproof does make this more difficult.

As for lubricants: as the Mood Fantastic is made from plastic, it is compatible with all types of lubricants including water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. For best results, it is recommended to stick with silicone and water-based lubricants.

For storage, the Mood Fantastic is pretty versatile. As plastic does not collect hair or dust, this wand massager can be kept in a variety of places, including a sock drawer, a sex toy storage bag, the original packaging, a bedside, on the floor, and many more. Just make sure to label or keep the charger nearby for when the wand massager needs charging.


The Mood Fantastic wand vibrator comes in a cardboard box. This box has a black and bright-color design, and it is suitable for gift-giving. The packaging keeps the wand massager safe until it is to its recipient, and inside the cardboard box (which has a see-through front), the Mood Fantastic is easily visible. The backside of the packaging displays what features the Mood Fantastic has, and it also gives more information about the Doc Johnson brand.

Inside the box, in the plastic tray, there is the charger as well as the wand massager itself. There are no instructions about using or charging the vibrator.

Personal comments

I'm surprisingly fond of the Mood Fantastic. It works really well, and while it doesn't have as many "features" as some other wand massagers, it does hold up its own. It comes in nice, modern packaging, and the vibrator itself works pretty nice. The vibrations don't really deaden when pressure is applied, and the vibrations are definitely strong enough for me as well (I'd almost say that they're TOO strong for me on certain levels, but again, I don't usually use Hitachi on High either, so that gives you a comparison).

I'm not too fond of the fact that the Pulsation button must be HELD down in order for the pulsations to work. I would prefer if it could just stay on with a single press of the button. This leads to me not using the pulsation as much as I could. Others may like it more, though.

I also am a bit annoyed that it had no instructions, nor were any instructions on the Doc Johnson website. I would like to know how long it requires to charge, and I just consider instructions a "must-have" for any toy that is rechargeable and includes unique features such as this one-touch pulsation. That did annoy me.

All-in-all, though, I did like the Mood Fantastic, and for those who want a strong wand massager in cute colors that doesn't tether them to a wall, I would recommend it. Doc Johnson did a good job with this one.
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