Contoured clitoral massager
by Satisfyer

Amazing for the price!

Overall, I highly recommend this if you're curious about the more expensive ones. You can't go wrong at this price! I'll continue to keep using this until I can afford a higher end model. It's definitely worth the money! Even when I buy a more expensive one, I'll be keeping this one as back up. One of my new favorites!
Great price
Almost guaranteed orgasm
Fairly quiet (when against your body)
Multiple intensities
The plastic body feels cheap
Not rechargeable
Can be noisy
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First impression

When this first arrived, I was quite impressed with the packaging, it was done in a very tasteful way. The toy itself was lighter than I expected. The main plastic body has kind of a cheap feel to it, but the silicone tip is silky smooth. The tip is quite firm, but it does have a little bit of "give" to it.
The batteries are fairly easy to install, you just have to look for the "+" and "-" symbols inside and then insert them accordingly. I had a little trouble getting the bottom twisted back on, but you just have to line it up with the threads...although, it would have been better if they had put indication arrows on it. Oh well, it's really not a big deal.

First Use

So, the first time I turned this on I thought it was broken or the batteries I ordered were dead, but I completely forgot that you have to hold the power button in for a few seconds to get it started! Lol!
Anyway, once it was actually powered on, it didn't have quite the same buzzing sound that your typical vibrator has. The best way I can describe the sound is, it reminded me of a cat purring, a deep and steady purr. I don't consider this to be a loud toy, but depending on what you're doing it CAN be on the loud side. (I'll explain more in a minute)
Well, the directions say to spread your labia to expose your clitoris, and place the silicone tip over it... easier said than done for me. Unfortunately, I have a clit that likes to "hide", so getting the silicone tip centered correctly is a little tricky for me. Having said that, once it IS centered just right, you'll definitely be able to tell! You'll feel your clit gently being pulled and ducked. Once I got that sensation I proceeded to increase the feels amazing! It's hard to describe the feeling, it's kind of like a tiny mouth sucking directly on your clit. The problem with this toy (for me) was that with my particular anatomy, it's difficult to keep that perfect seal. When there's even the slightest break in the seal (between your skin and the silicone tip) you lose ALL suction. If you have a lot of cushion around your clit, you probably won't have this problem.
The first orgasm I experienced with this was fast and almost violent! Lol! And what I mean by that is there wasn't the usual build up to my orgasm like with a vibrator. I felt a sudden clench of my vagina as liquid shot out, and then as quickly as it came, it was over...and I was left sitting there wondering what the hell just happened LMAO!
I think my first experience happened this way for multiple reasons, I really wasn't in the most private setting but I couldn't wait to try it out so I tried to test it out as quickly as possible. Also, the placement of the tip wasn't correct, so I kept cranking it up because I thought I needed more power, but then when it slipped into place it was VERY strong and the sudden change in sensation jerked me into immediate orgasm!
For my first time with this kind of toy I was still impressed, and I know the more I play around with it, the better I'll get at using it.

Further Experience

Once I finally had some private time, I was able to lay back and play with this "properly", and explore the functions some more. I must say that my further experiences with this have been much better than the first time. I start out by powering it on and then finding that perfect spot, and then, and ONLY then do I start to increase the power. Keeping the power a little lower to build on the sensation then increasing when I'm ready for my orgasm! The following orgasms were much more gradual and drawn out, not abrupt like my first experience.
If you are interested in trying out this kind of toy, I definitely recommend this particular model as a starting point. I always wanted to try the womanizer ever since I first read about it, but I wasn't ready to pay that much money for something I wasn't positive I'd even like. This will at least give you an idea of how the higher end models will feel, with a very minimal investment.
I purchased this on sale for around $16, and it's worth every penny! I highly recommend it to try out this kind of sensation...if you find out you don't like it, at least you didn't spend a fortune on it, and you'll know not to buy similar toys.

Vibration Map

Since this technically isn't a vibrator, it doesn't really have any vibration intensity. I suppose it slightly vibrates, and the intensity of the suction is mild/strong. Since this is the first toy of this kind that I've purchased I, unfortunately, don't have anything to compare it to.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This WILL give you a strong orgasm if placed correctly! So far I haven't experienced anything life-changing, but it gets the job done well. I haven't used it underwater yet because I know certain models had issues with that, but once I get another model I'll experiment with this one so if it breaks, I'll have a backup!
Hint: If you don't really feel much from this, you've got it placed wrong!!! Keep moving it around, and don't give up! Also, make sure the silicone tip forms a good and tight seal around your clit.
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