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Bling For Your Bits

This is a good rabbit, the best I've ever used, but still not the best toy out there. It looks silly at first, but I definitely warmed up to it with use. I definitely think that a lot of women (and possibly men) will find this to be a fun toy for mastubation, partner sex, and more.
200+ functions! Gem, Rotation and vibration.
Noisy, Porous.
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The Love Diamond is a rabbit vibe which is waterproof and phthalate free. I've never really liked rabbit vibes for various reasons, but when this popped up in my assignment box, I decided to try it out anyway. I usually have a hard time getting off using a rabbit because either the clitoral stimulator won't reach, or it does reach and I find the toy to be uncomfortable, or not good for thrusting. Still, they always look so cool and I keep hoping I'll find one that works. For me, this is the best rabbit vibe I've ever used, but, that doesn't mean it is my favorite toy I've ever used.

The toy boasts myriad functions, (over 200 patterns!), and is comfortable for vaginal penetration. If you're interested in using this toy for anal play, it could be done safely, but since the toy is slightly porous, I definitely recommend the use of a condom over it.

One of my favorite things about the toy is that it is completely waterproof. The O Ring near the batteries is substantial, and the buttons are waterproof too. You'll be able to enjoy this in the shower or bath with ease.

Material / Texture

The Love Diamonds is made from ABS plastic, and TPR. The plastic has no scent to it at all, but when I first took the toy out of its box, the first thing I thought was "Wow! I hope that terrible smell is going to go away after a couple washes." It did mellow out after the first wash, but took probably five or six washes to go away completely. Despite the smell, the toy does not contain phthalates.

The TPR section of the toy is basically a sleeve that goes over the shaft. It is secured in place so it's not going to just come off during use. The toy is squishy to the touch, and gives quite a bit under firm finger pressure. I really like this because it makes the toy much more comfortable to insert. The top of the toy near the semi-realistic head has a little gem that is hard embedded right in. The gem is there to give you a bit of extra g-spot stimulation, and it performs this function beautifully.

The toy's texture is slightly sticky, so if you have pets your toy is going to suck hair and dust in like a magnet. If you don't have pets, you'll still probably find that the toy picks up plenty of dirt. For that reason, you will probably want to give it an extra rinse right before you decide to use it, and even if you're using the toy vaginally, may want to use a condom too.

Design / Shape / Size

The toy is 10" long, with 5" of insertable length. The toy is 1 1/5" in circumference, so I think that most users should be able to accomodate it without too much trouble.

I will admit that at first glance, this toy looked completely silly to me. The gem looked like it would never work on my g-spot, and I was worried the rabbit attachment (which looks nothing like a rabbit) would be too far away to reach my clit (like most rabbits I've tried). I was definitely pleasantly surprised on both counts.

Another really cool thing I like about the toy is that the TPR is see-through, so you can easily see some of the motors and gears, I love the look, personally.

Due to the sheer size of the toy, it may not be the best toy to travel with. The box it comes in is even larger than the toy itself, so traveling with it like that is a no-go too. Not only that but neither the box nor the toy are particularly discreet. The box has scantily clad women on it, and the toy is pretty obviously a sex toy too. You may need to find another toy if you need something that travels discreetly.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The toy boasts over 200 functions! That is a whole lot of variety, and everyone should be able to find something which suits them. The buttons are simple to use. There's a top button which says "On/Off". Just push that button to turn the toy on (duh) or (spoiler alert) off. The toy also has vibrations. The arrow keys on the right turn the toy's vibration intensity. The arrow keys on the left turn on the shaft's rotation. There are ten "speeds" of rotation, and ten intensity settings for vibrations. One downside of the toy is that the shaft doesn't vibrate at all, just the rabbit attachment.

So, how do 10 vibration settings, plus 10 rotation settings equal over 200 functions?

The function button, of course! You could press it 200 times, if you so desire, and each time you push it you'll get a different pattern. Some of them are occilating. Some of them are steady. Some include some steady vibration, some half rotations, or even pauses and stops. They are all a little bit different, but I bet you'll actually find something you like long before your hands get tired of button pushing.

Bonus: you just push the "off" button to turn it off. Thank goodness this one doesn't make you cycle through everything to turn it off!

Slight downside: If you really like pattern 182 (for example), you're going to have to push the button 182 times each time you turn the toy on. It doesn't save your place.

Word of warning: This toy is super loud! You can definitely hear it through a closed door under covers. To me, this isn't a big deal because I only live with my husband. However, if you live with children or room mates, you'll either need to turn the radio or TV up, or look for a different toy.

Care and Maintenance

The Love Diamond is pretty easy to take care of, but will still require a bit more work than its non-porous counterparts. Since it is slightly porous, it's best to use a fresh condom over it each time. However, if you don't have condoms or don't want to use them anyway, just don't use this toy with anyone you're not fluid bonded with, and do not double dip! Either use this for vaginal play, or anal play, but not both. If you use a condom, you'll be able to use it either anally or vaginally, but you need a fresh condom each time you switch from anal play to vaginal play.

If you are using a condom to keep your toy clean, you'll still want to wash it after each use. You can either use a toy cleaner or good old soap and water to keep it sparkling.

Either silicone or water based lubes are both perfectly fine for this toy.


The toy comes in an obnoxiously sized box which is about half a size bigger than the toy itself. The box has a plastic tray inside that the Love Diamond came nestled in. You could use this for storage, but it is so large that I personally don't find that to be convenient. The box itself does have a picture of the toy and some scantily clad women on it too, so it'll be pretty hard to hide if you live with room mates or need to hide this for modesty reasons.

Personal comments

Personally, I prefer to thrust with toys, which is part of why I don't really like rabbits. If I thrust with a rabbit, I usually lose the clitoral stimulation, and that is even if the clitoral arm reaches! While this isn't my go-to toy, I found that I could make it work by angling the bunny slightly, and then holding the clitoral arm against my clit while I slowly thrusted the shaft. You don't get a whole lot of in-out that way, but it does work very nicely for me, personally. The big reason this seems to work so well for me is that the gem in the base of the shaft rubs my g-spot in just the perfect way. I really do enjoy it. Of all the rabbit vibes I've tried, this one is the only one which I've been able to climax with. I really thought that gem looked silly the first time I saw it, but I've definitely warmed up to it.
Follow-up commentary
I still really like the Love Diamond, but unfortunately, I've noticed that there's some marks in the material. It almost looks like a line from a piece of typed paper. I have no idea how the mark got on it, but the material does seem to pick up marks as time goes on. It has only been two months, and I have a couple of permanent (can't get them out no matter what) markings in my toy, and I have been very careful with it. It's still a wonderful toy, but you may want to be sure you use a condom with it because of this.
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