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Diamonds On the Inside

The Love Diamond is a rabbit-style vibrator that offers 3 types of vibration at 9 different speeds. A jewel embedded near the head of the toy offers a little extra stimulation, especially when the rotating head feature is used.
Easy on/off button, flexible clit stimulator, waterproof.
Material may not hold up well over time.
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The Love Diamond is a rabbit style vibrator designed to stimulate both internally and externally at the same time. This particular vibrator features 9 levels of intensity for both the rotating head and the vibrating clit attachment, each of which have 3 different functions to choose from, adding up to a wide variety of possible sensations. It can be used either alone or with a partner, either as a warm-up to other activities or as the main event itself.
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

One thing this toy does not have in common with its diamond namesake is texture! While diamonds are known as being incredibly hard, the Love Diamond has a very soft, squishy texture. I was almost afraid I would break it at first: it reminded me so much of Jell-o. It feels like, if I tried, I could easily push the bullet that rests inside the clit attachment right through the material to pop it out. I've never seen a toy this soft, not even toys that are actually made of jelly. That said, after a few uses I'm yet to actually see any visible wear and tear, so it may be stronger than it feels.

The majority of the Love Diamond is made of TPR, a thermoplastic rubber compound also known as TPE. It rates a 7 out of 10 on the EdenFantasys material safety scale, since it is somewhat porous and can not be disinfected by boiling. If you plan to share this toy, it should be covered by a condom. The material is squishy but not sticky. There is quite a bit of drag to it, though, so you may want to have some lube handy to make insertion more comfortable.

The control panel of the toy is made of plastic, which is non-porous and easy to keep clean.

There was a light smell to the toy just out of the package, a sort of faint chemical perfume. I can still smell it if I put the toy up to my nose and sniff, but it isn't a strong or even really noticeable smell in general.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

The Love Diamond gets its name from the jewel shape found near the (fairly realistic) head of the toy. The extra bulge and texture of the jewel can come in handy for G-spot stimulation, or just added sensation from texture. The rest of the toy is a fairly classic rabbit style vibrator shape, and grows slightly thicker as you move from the head down the shaft.

It took me a while to figure out what the clit stimulator was supposed to be, but I finally realized that it's a hand. The middle three fingers make up the actual clit attachment, and the thumb and pinky finger are built into the design on the side of the shaft. One perk of the super-soft TPR is that you can bend the clit attachment a full 180 degrees back and forth, so you have a little more freedom in being able to make it hit the right spot than you'll find with many toys.

In terms of size, I'd put this on par with a fairly average penis, so it shouldn't be too big of a hurdle for those new to penetration, but it's still large enough to be satisfying to the average user. If you need a LOT of length or girth in your toys, however, this may not do the trick.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrator's control panel features an on/off button, a function button (to scroll through the functions with), a set of up and down arrows for the vibration, and a set of up and down arrows for the rotation. An LED light at the power button lets you know that it has been turned on.

Operating this toy is fairly simple. After pressing the on button (which will light up to confirm power), you can press the up arrow for either the vibration or the rotation. Each time you press the up arrow, the function you have picked will go up a notch in intensity. The down arrow, as you can guess, will bring you back down in intensity. Since the vibration and the rotation have separate sets of arrows, it is easy to have a high intensity vibration with low rotation, or vice versa.

The function button in the middle will control whichever feature you used the arrows on last. For the vibration, there are 3 available functions. The first is a simple steady vibration, which increases just enough to be noticeable as you scroll up the 9 speeds. The second function is a pulsing vibration that goes back and forth between two slightly different intensities (say, for example, 3 vrooms and 3.5 vrooms). This can also be raised up through 9 levels of intensity. The third function is simply a faster version of the second.

The rotating head also offers 3 different functions. The first is a simple clockwise rotation. The second function has the head drawing a full circle one direction, then switching directions to circle the other way. (i.e., one clockwise circle, then one counterclockwise). The third function is similar in that it switches directions, but this is with half circles instead of a full rotation. Scrolling up the arrows will increase the speed at which the rotations take place.

At its lowest settings, both the vibration and rotation on this toy are fairly quiet. However, as you increase the intensity, both grow quite a bit louder, and if you are using both functions at full intensity things can get pretty loud.

The waterproof seal on this toy is pretty sturdy, but you do have to be careful to screw the battery cap on correctly to make sure it stays waterproof, since getting it on a little crooked would break the seal.

The Love Diamond takes 3 AA batteries, which are inserted in a removable triangular battery holder. You just unscrew the cap at the base of the shaft, remove the holder, fill it with batteries and pop it back in. The holder on this toy has a little string attached to help remove it, which is a feature I've never seen on similar holders, nor ever really needed.
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

This toy can be kept clean with an antibacterial toy cleaner, or soap and warm water. It will not stand up to boiling or being put in the dishwasher. Since TPR is somewhat porous, you should always use a condom if you plan to share this toy.

Either water or silicone based lubricants can be used.


The Love Diamond comes in a thin cardboard box, which is printed with images of the toy on the front and back (in larger than life size), with a smaller version of the image on one side. I guess the manufacturer REALLY wants you to know what it looks like! The packaging is not discreet; it obviously screams vibrator. The imageless side of the box says this is made in Taiwan (packaging made in USA), and gives the usual "this is only a novelty" type of warnings. The back of the box points out some of the vibrator's features in slightly cheesy catch phrases ("Plushy soft and unscented!" "Sensuous Reverberating Diamond!").

The vibrator is nestled in a plastic tray inside of the box. The entire box measures just over a foot long, so some may find it a bit too bulky to keep around. The package also included a little "Vibrator Instruction Manual" that talks about battery insertion, warnings, and instruction for use. It's a generic instruction sheet that comes with a lot of Cal Exotics' products, though, so there are no instructions specific to this toy.


In an effort to keep the majority of my review objective, I'm going to admit here in the experience section that I find the hand-shaped clit attachment a little creepy. I mean, not that sticking a rabbit's head between my legs isn't a little weird if you think about it, but a freaky-looking long nailed claw-like hand just isn't my thing. It makes me feel like I'm getting fingered by some tiny-handed stranger with a nice manicure. What were you thinking on this one, Cal Ex?

Overall, however, this has been pretty fun to to put through its paces. When I read the "200 functions" note on the box I was expecting a bit more variety than the 3 types of vibration, but it's still a fun addition to my ever-growing collection.
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