Bumble Bee a Buzz-Kill?

In my experience with couple's toys, one end will often enjoy it more than the other. Guess who got more of a buzz out of this one? Not I! I found the Bumble Bee painful and difficult to use, but at least my guy enjoyed it ;]
Good vibrating action at base, your guy will love it
Nubs too hard and painful, vibrations weak in cock, power cord too short, difficult straps
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The detailing on this jelly cock is very nice--bulging veins and titillating textures that any jelly-man would be proud of. The base, which is meant to be pressed right up against your girly bits, is covered with nubs to stimulate your labia with an especially large nub at the front meant for the clitoris.

During our playtime, my guy has used both ends on me. Sadly, I do not have the square footage to support full penetration by this toy and the vibration is very weak in the cock portion. I enjoyed no particularly strong sensations from this end and my boyfriend quickly switched to using the other end to stimulate me. This was a whole different game! The vibrations here were much stronger and stimulated my entire labial region at once. It took a little maneuvering to get it directly on my clit, but when it did, whoosh! It had me buzzing in delight.

When I finally got to use it on him, however, this redeeming quality quickly fell flat on its face. Although the straps are supposedly adjustable to give you that "natural ramming position", they were too stretchy and as a result felt either too tight or too loose--"just right" eluded me as I fiddled with the adjusters and snap buttons, trying to figure it out. In the end, I had to settle for a less-than-comfortable position. The weight of the jelly cock made it tilt too far downwards, digging the clitoral nub into painful places. But my guy was waiting, so I ignored the discomfort and quickly proceeded to lube him up and get him ready for penetration.

One very, VERY important thing about using jelly toys in anal penetration-- do yourself a huge favor and put a condom on the parts entering the party through the back door. Jellies are notorious for absorbing lubrication and cannot be sterilized. If you plan on using the toy for vaginal penetration ever again (I do NOT recommend this), or if you want to cut the risks of your favorite jelly butt-toy becoming a frat house for bacteria, grab a condom and slip it on. It helps a lot with cleanup and gives you peace of mind.

The Bumble Bee|Betty's jelly bumble bee was a little too big for him at first, but our position didn't provide the best angle (I was behind him), so we switched around so he was on top. He obviously enjoyed it from the pure bliss that crossed his face, and it wasn't terrible for me either. The weight of his body pressed the labial massager right up against all the right places and soon I was moaning along with him. Right when things were getting better for the both of us, he asked me to get behind him again. I complied and things were slightly easier this time, although the angle of penetration and the angle of the strap-on worked together to do bad, painful things to my girl bits. The clitoral nub felt like its sole purpose in existence was to bruise and/or decimate my clitoris and, although I sustained no lasting damage (I hope), it was not an experience I would like to repeat.

Given, it was our first time using the toy this way, so it may have just been inexperience hampering me. Regardless, the power pack is a definite obstacle, as it is somewhat bulky and the power cord is not nearly long enough to keep it from tangling or banging into us at the most inopportune moments. I will most likely write a follow-up review after I get the hang of this toy, since everyone else seems to think this toy is the bee's knees.
Take your time to figure this toy out beforehand! There's nothing like the (very exciting) pressure of a partner ready and waiting for you to bestow pleasure upon his rear end to rush you and cause you to make unfortunate errors in preparation. If you plan on using this toy for anal play, remember to keep things clean and plenty lubricated!
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