Betty's jelly bumble bee - strap-on vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by El-Jaro

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World’s largest bumble-bee!

Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee from Cal-Exotics has to be the world's largest bee. Dual-vibration controls and impressive size will fill and expand the receiver while the wearer basks at their large stinger. If this was made out of silicone or TPC it would be awesome! It's just really great now.
Dual vibrations, very filling.
Clean up hassles, smell/taste.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I’ve used Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee a few different ways with a few different people with mixed results from their end, pleasure from mine. For the wearer, this stimulates their girly bits with a long tickler at the top and a few rows of nubs under that. For the flower (i.e. the receiver of the bee) the incredibly filling 7”+ vibrates all the way through. The specs say 7” insertable, but you can get a little more.

I’ve used this with two different partners with mixed results: one liked it, the other hated it. The first wearer was a larger girl who had no problems with the vibrating nubs and tickler. The second wearer (different toy, see below) was a much smaller girl and was in pain for a while because the bits on her side were too stiff. I enjoyed it with both partners…and alone.

This is NOT a starting out toy. The 2” diameter and just over 7” of insertable length was too much for me to take without a moderate amount of work up and copious lube. However, once you’ve gotten yourself ready, it’s AMAZING.

Material / Texture

Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee is a jelly toy: porous, non-boilable, able to pull the headlines off a newspaper, jelly. It’s compatible with silicone and water-based lubes; but, because it’s porous, you’ll want to use a condom with it.

It’s got the jelly smell and taste (I only stuck it in my mouth before I used it) that never really leaves the toy. It eventually diminishes, but never completely goes away. The texture is great though. The novice to advanced receiver can definitely feel the veins and every other little texture, bonus!

Design / Shape / Size

I like the design for use with a partner. The dual-vibrations it gives off work for both partners, making the bit for the wearer and the bulge in the middle vibrate independently. The size is a bit daunting without workup (just over 7” can go in, 2” diameter), but will make you a size queen after a few uses. Great for gaping (if that’s your thing).

So, if you’re new to this size of toy, get ready, it’s a ride! If you’ve gotten yourself used to this envy inspirer, enjoy! There were a couple times when I used it alone and it actually went to and through the interior O-ring. I’ve never been so filled in my life.

There is no way to really be discreet about moving the Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee around; nothing says “SEX TOY” more than this overall 9” whopper with its unwieldy straps and huge control box. Your best bet is to hide it the best you can and hope no one sees it (or sees it just to see the reaction on their face).

The straps seem a bit awkward to use for the wearer (from what I’ve seen) and there is no way of removing them short of cutting them (which I did for the first one when I became single).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The independently controlled vibrations is a great feature. The Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee‘s vibrations were quite potent. If the wearer is getting too sensitive, the shaft vibrator can cover quite well. The receiver’s vibrations are right at the base to go up against the girly bits. I don’t have girly bits, so I can only go by what they tell me; so far, it’s 50/50 as to whether they like it or not (depending on the amount of tissue you have down there). The shaft vibrations are awesome (and were my first). I had no idea that 3 C batteries could start my engine like that. The shaft vibrator is located in that dark spot about halfway up the length (the dark bulge in the middle)

The control box is directly wired into the toy and has two sliders for power. I would recommend putting the controls between you and your partner so you can both adjust to comfort (or surprise). It can be pretty loud and CANNOT go in water.

I did notice that both partners who used this toy had issues with properly adjusting it in the “cock” position. It either went too high or hung too long. The straps seem to handle a wide range of sizes. The first partner was a rather large girl and the second partner was (is) a small framed hottie.

Care and Maintenance

Since this is a jelly toy, there isn’t really a 100% way of sterilizing it (especially because it’s not water proof. The best you can do is keep the stretchy straps (nylon/elastic) and control box out of the water while you’re washing it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water to get the bits off that you can see. To make this easier, you’ll want to put a condom over it before you use it (which will unroll almost if not all of it).

I used this with both water and silicone lubes (and without a condom because I was inexperienced) with no bad results (melting, welting, etc). To keep it from picking up stray headlines or whatever lives in your drawer, keep it in a clear plastic bag with the batteries out.


I don’t remember the packaging that much at all. I know that it comes in a plastic bag in the container, but I was too excited to pay attention.


I’ve had this toy twice. After I broke up with the first user, I cut the elastic bands and control box wire and used it by myself in the shower. It still worked at a great dildo. But, now that I’m more experienced in the wonderful world of sex toys, I wouldn’t do it again. For some strange reason the next girlfriend I had made me throw it away…can’t imagine way.

The 2nd time I had this toy, it was a gift from a girl who didn’t want to use it. I used it with my now girlfriend who really didn’t care for how it felt and wanted me to throw it away because she’s very anti-jelly (for health reasons). So, like the one that got away, I’ll always remember the Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee as my first double O-ring expander.
Follow-up commentary
I would love to say we've kept using this product, but it was used without a condom a couple times and my partner wasn't comfortable using this any more.

So, let this be a lesson: If using jelly toys, use a condom to keep them clean.
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  • El-Jaro
    With the first partner, we used it in three positions: missionary, doggy, and with me on top. I preferred missionary and doggy. I worried about hygiene with me on top.

    For the second partner, it was just too uncomfortable for her to use for too long to really change positions too much.
    Nice review
  • LavenderSkies
  • darkkitty
    Thank you for the review!
  • Tbanda
  • Evol
    enjoyed it ;]
  • SGraham
    thank you!
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