Caution; This may make the rest of your collection obsolete.

Move over and make way for the Magic, this toy will make you cum like never before. At least it did for us...Plus it's water proof and a great size.
It will quite literally make you squirm with delight. Waterproof and coated with a velvety finish.
Sometimes understandably back ordered.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

The great part about a bullet vibrator is that you can use in many ways. For masturbation, you can put it on your clit or inside you. We have tons of vibrating toys, we bought this with the specific purpose of enjoying the deep rumbly vibrations we heard so much about. It's multi-speed feature seemed very appealing. Or you can pair it with oral sex, putting it on you while you're receiving, or your partner while you are giving. Depending on the size of the bullet, you may even be able to insert it during intercourse. Some may find the size of the Super bullet intimidating, luckily we have no issue as it's a smaller diameter than "him".

Bullets are meant for external stimulation only, not complete insertion. Some toys are designed to hold bullets (dildos, mainly), or they make for compact vibes to use in various external locations during play. The Iconic is small enough to be discrete during public play, but Anal play should be advised against. There is a no handle or tether that would prevent the dreaded "slip in", but it's not very strong, and it may fail leaving the super bullet a super pain in the ass...quite literally.

The water-proof ability of this toy was also very appealing, we don't do much water play but we may just start now.


Hard plastic makes us most of the super bullet, but it is lined with a great velvety coating. It's got a lot of drag without lubrication, most will need some external lubrication to get this sliding nicely.


It is waterproof(tested by us, but only for a few moments), and multi speed. The controls are a single button, and the speeds are slow, medium and high, one last push turns the unit off. If your using this as a stand alone the button may be inadvertently pushed at an inopportune moment. The speeds are well spaced and on it's highest speed it's more powerful(5 vrooms) than our other bullets(1.5 vrooms)and more powerful than all other battery toys. The power of this product is in the very deep rumble of the vibrations, they can sometimes be difficult to tolerate, but the user is richly rewarded with a super intense orgasmic experience.
The button is located in the cap. This bullet is very quiet, even the highest setting is easily muffled by covers or a closed door, low speed is whisper silent.

Care and Maintenance

Here is EF's rundown on maintenance and qualities of plastic.
Material safety; Rated 8/10 10 being the safest.

Synthetic or semi synthetic polymerization product

Non-porous and phthalate-free material with a firm, smooth textures

Hygiene And Maintenance
Can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol.

Water, Oil, Silicone

As you can see, this awesome vibrator can be used with almost any lubricant and cleaned in almost any way. Dish washing would be acceptable as this product has a seal, but the heated drying may affect the seal.
The Black Magic Super bullet is now her new favorite! We have a lot of toys, some high end and some plug in. She may not reach for many other toys as she has been experiencing orgasms beyond what she is accustomed to. It literally made her twitch and convulse in delight, leaving her wanting more. This could also be used for nipple play or body massage as the vibrations are unique and very satisfying.

She Says; Out of 5 Stars? I give it a 7! I didn't even use medium or high setting.

He Says; I thought she was going to launch out of the bed. Wow.
Follow-up commentary
This has become the GO TO toy, it's amazing in it's deep rumblely vibrations. It's thick girth fills the labia nicely, spreading magnificent sensations all through the mons. 6/5 stars
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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