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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...Bullet?

Not exactly what I expected, the Black Magic is a bullet in shape but a vibrator in size. The vibrations are on the strong side and really impressed me, especially when used internally. The broad tip didn't do much for me externally, but I loved this more than expected as a traditional vibrator. It is a bit girthy, so those that stray away from wider toys might only want to get this for external stimulation.
Strong vibrations
Soft coat to plastic
Large size might be too much for some
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Doc Johnson's Black Magic Super Bullet rolls the best of the bullet and vibrator world together. It's the shape of the much loved bullet in the size of a traditional vibrator. Unlike a regular bullet, the Black Magic can be enjoyed externally or internally. It even has a retrieval cord so it doesn't get lost inside. Personally, I don't happen to trust cords for anal use, but if you'd like to try this, I suppose you're more than welcome. Don't say I didn't warn you if the cord breaks during use though.

The Black Magic can be used during solo or partner play. Unlike a regular bullet, it doesn't work well during sex due to its larger size. It can be used during foreplay, however.

Material / Texture

The Black Magic is made of plastic, bringing it in at an eight on the safety scale. While the plastic is certainly unforgiving, it is wrapped in a softer coat. It's not quite velvety, but it takes away from the cold plastic feel that you get from a regular bullet. The coat is smooth with a little bit of a drag to it. As it's a solid plastic, the Black Magic does not offer any additional texture for stimulation. It is ideal for those that like something without ridges or bumps. I like the material of the Black Magic. Sometimes plastic can be a little too cold for me and the coat takes away from this a bit. It is on the harder side of plastic though and has no give to it whatsoever.

There is a plastic odor to the Black Magic, but I could only smell it when I held it up to my nose. There is also a slight plastic taste to it.

Beginners and advanced users should be okay with this material, granted that texture isn't your thing. If you need something with give, this also wouldn't be ideal. Otherwise, the material is nice and I like it more than a plastic with no coat to it.

Design / Shape / Size

When I got this, I knew it was going to be bigger than a regular bullet, but WOW! This baby is huge! The total length is 5.75 inches. It's 1.5 inches wide. The cord is 10.5 inches long. Compared to a regular bullet, this is a monster bullet. It's not at all what I expected, even after reading the specs and looking at the stock photos. I guess "bullet" really threw me off.

The Black Magic is slightly bigger than my hand, coming out just below my palm. It's also thicker than what I expected.

In terms of size, this is a doozy. I was expecting something that I could use for clitoral stimulation, but I ended up using this more internally, despite it being wider than what I would normally use. My general recommendation is that if you're looking for a clitoral stimulator this would be a good bet if you like more broad stimulation, like what you would get with a wand rather than a bullet. If you like the pinpoint stimulation that a you would normally get with a traditional bullet, this won't hit the mark. Internally, this is a little thick and probably not for those that like a smaller size. I found this filled me up to the point of feeling a little stretched. My personal preference tends to be around an inch in width, so I'm no size queen. Those that like a little extra girth might want to try this. I would say beginners could try this as an external vibrator and potentially internal if you already know you like larger sizes. Advanced users that know they like the things I mentioned should like this bullet/vibrator.

While it doesn't look like a penis, I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Black Magic is discreet. It is phallic and it looks like a gigantic bullet. I think most people will figure it out quickly enough. If you know your friends know nothing of sex toys, you might be able to pull this off.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Black Magic is controlled by one button at the bottom of the vibrator. Simply press the button to move from speed to speed. There are only three speeds and no patterns to the Black Magic. This is a pro to me since I happen to hate patterns, but I suppose it all depends on how you feel about patterns. The button is easy to press and not easily hit during use due to the location at the bottom of the base.

The vibrations on the Black Magic are surprisingly strong. The lowest speed starts at about three vrooms and goes up to a high speed of a very high level four vroom. It's such a high level four that it's almost a five but not quite. The vibrations are somewhere in between rumbly and buzzy, right in the middle of the road. If you hate buzzy vibrations, you shouldn't be off put by these. They tend a little more towards the rumbly side of the two.

The vibrations start around the middle of the vibrator and come to the tip. They can be felt strongly throughout this area. They cannot be felt near the base and thus did not make my hand go numb. This was great when used internally. Because the vibrations did not center at the tip, it was a little less great when used on my clit since the vibrations felt a little stronger near the center.

Black Magic is pretty noisy, especially if something accidentally hits it. I could hear it through the covers, though it was muffled decently. It's not the loudest thing in the world, but it's certainly not silent. If inserted, held under covers, and you have the door closed, you wouldn't be able to hear this.

The Black Magic is waterproof, protected by an O ring. It passed a submersion test with flying colors. The O ring seems pretty solid. The battery compartment is also enclosed with a screw on top of that, so I feel pretty good about the waterproof ability of Black Magic.

Speaking of battery compartments, this one sure was confusing. When I twisted the cap, I was met with a flat surface. I was very confused. There was a screw that had to be undone to get to the battery compartment. As I have no idea where that particular size screwdriver is, I managed to get this off with a larger size screwdriver and a paperclip. Not sure what the says about the quality of the screw, but I'm glad I was able to do it otherwise it might have been weeks before I got to use this. Once this is opened, a little compartment comes out that you insert 3 AA batteries into and then insert it back in. Pretty cool little battery holder.

Care and Maintenance

Since Black Magic is waterproof, it's very easy to care for. Simply was with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. Make sure the cap is screwed on tightly, but otherwise you're good to go.

All lubes are fine to use with plastic, so feel free to use anything you'd like.

I store mine in the package it came in, but the package is rather large and not very discreet. If this doesn't appeal to you, you might want to grab a pouch with this.


The Black Magic comes in a black see through plastic box. The front says "Black Magic Super Bullet" on it with a cut out to display the vibrator. The sides say "Black Magic Super Bullet" in large lettering. The back has some information about the product, such as the fact that it's waterproof and takes AA batteries. Inside the package, the Black Magic is held in a plastic holder. It doesn't come with any instructions other than what is on the back of the package. I think some on the odd battery compartment would have been nice.

I do use this for storage, but mostly because I happen to like the black and purple color combo and I have some extra space. I don't think it's really ideal for storage purposes. If I would have thought in advance, I would have picked up a pouch.

Personal comments

If you like broad external stimulation with a higher level vibration, this is one bullet/vibrator to look at. It's not quite the strength you'd get in a wand, but the vibrations aren't lacking either. If you don't need a ton of vibrations but like the broad tip, the lower settings should be more than enough to satisfy.

For those that like internal stimulation, the Black Magic really shines. Though it's on the wider side, I was able to insert (though not thrust) this vibrator even though I usually use smaller toys. For someone on the tiny side, this might not be the case. Worth nothing that it is a wider toy.


As I mentioned, I wasn't quite expecting this to be as large as it is. My favorite thing is clitoral vibes and bullets and I was hoping to add this to my collection of bullet vibes. However, due to the wider head, it doesn't quite work that way for me. I really need pinpoint stimulation on my clit and this is just too broad. It also is just a tiny bit too weak, coming it at four instead of five vrooms. If it had just a teensy bit more oomph to it, I think I could have made the broader head work for me. It comes so close but falls just a little short. I'm not sure which is more frustrating - a vibe that gets nowhere near where you need it to be or one that's soclose but just not quite there.

I did, however, find a great use for this monster bullet. My general technique is dual stimulation. Since I use strong clitoral vibes (five vrooms), I need stronger internal vibrators so they don't get overpowered by my clit vibes. While this was well past what I would normally use width wise, I lubed it up a lot and managed to get it in. I got a very stretched out but not pained feeling when I inserted it. As it's a girthy vibrator, I wasn't able to thrust or do much of anything with it once it was inserted. What I did do was leave this in while I worked my clit vibe and got some amazing results. The vibrations were enough power not to get lost against my higher level external vibrators. The vibrations felt stronger internally than they did externally since the vibrations start around the center.

While it didn't work for what I was originally intending it for, I really like this bullet/vibrator/whatever it is. The vibrations are pretty darn rumbly for the price and very strong internally. I can see myself reaching for this often despite the stretch feeling that I normally avoid.
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