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'Christine' the ugly pink vibe

I just cannot for the life of me, recommend this toy to anyone unless you want a budget version of a pocket vibe that may or may not work depending on it's 'mood' hence I named it 'Christine' after Stephen King's book.
Strong vibration.
It has a tendency to turn itself off. Not waterproof. Very loud.
Rating by reviewer:
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To be quite honest? What do I think is the best use for this toy? How about a flying missile with added airplane noise. Seriously. The sad thing is the vibration does pack a punch when it works properly.

When it does work, the vibration is rather strong but it has a tendency to turn itself off as the battery connection to the motor is one thin piece of metal of which I have had to manually adjust to ensure actual contact properly. I wasn't impressed and then it went to fits of giggles because of the insanity of trying to actually get myself worked up with this. There is nothing worse than a toy that builds you up and then suddenly decides to stop halfway through the job because you are holding it at a wrong angle.

Material / Texture

The pocket vibe is a clear bright pink plastic, phthalates & latex free and comes with four attachments you can pop onto the head of the vibe. One is smooth hard plastic, the others varying degrees of spiky nubs, they are hard plastic so there is no give. The end of the pocket vibe sports three metal nubs which aid in extra sensation when placed on the clitoris.

Design / Shape / Size

The pocket vibe is small enough to be held in one hand comfortably,the three metal nubs that sit on the vibe end are sensation packed when it does deliver. The casing is clear so you can see the wee motor in the head and see the batteries when inserted in the vibe. For some reason the top battery spins around all by itself in random moments which can make for entertainment in itself. There's also a light that comes on just under the motor when in the on position. The vibe itself is a little longer, than one I already own; and although it does sit in your hand, it's not small enough to hide in your hand completely.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibe has only one function, strong and loud. It's simple to use, insert two AA sized batteries in the compartment, there is a visual printed on the inside of the vibe so you know which way the batteries go. It does not work with rechargables though. I tried four different types of rechargables and then gave up and hunted down some regular batteries. Once the batteries are in it's a simple case of popping the top on and twisting into place.

It's not quiet at all so I wouldn't classify it as a discreet toy, my other pocket vibe is ten times quieter. BUT the vibration is quite bloody strong and if it doesn't take on a mind of its own and continues working while in use it will do it's job quite well. Let's just say if you have yourself stashed in your bed with pillows to muffle the sound you'd still hear it. The motor end also has a tendency to pop off when trying to turn it to the off position and then the batteries come flying out.

I also immersed the vibe with batteries in under water and the inside did get wet so even though the packaging says waterproof it isn't at all. It still worked half an hour later after it did get water inside it so kudos for being a 'tough' toy lol.

Care and Maintenance

Easy to wash with hot, soapy water and dry and store. Remember it's not 100% waterproof so be careful the top doesn't pop off as to not to get it wet inside. It doesn't come with any form of storage bag so I keep it all in a plastic ziploc bag.


The toy itself arrived in a strong, sealed plastic casing which I had to cut to get open. It says 'quiet' on the packaging but I beg to differ. I had a giggle looking at the back of the packaging as it has an image of reflexology points on the foot ... now this could be used as a great foot massager but I am insanely ticklish there and hate my feet being touched so I didn't try. There are four little wee images of the vibe being used on other parts of the body as well. chest, neck, arm and temple and a warning not to use on inflamed skin or lacerations.


I am sticking with my Fantastical Bean Flicker, the Ultimate Massager... I did not enjoy this toy at all and I have joked I will be using it in conjunction with glow in the dark condoms for a Star Wars Jedi re- enactment instead. It turns itself off at the most inconvenient times and is too damn loud. I have popped a video on the blog to show exactly what it does for your amusement. (see video blog for example)
Follow-up commentary
This sits at the bottom of my kink draw and has pretty much become redundant ... although I am seriously considering using this for some Jedi games. I just don't think this product had enough time put into it to make it as good as it could be.
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  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    I'm thinking you got a defective one. None of that.... stuff... is normal at all.
    I'd have called customer service and had them send me a replacement.
  • Contributor: imp
    The actual battery compartment and the way it is made leaves little to be desired compared to the Nasstoys one and the connection for the motor v's the battery compartment is a thin strip of metal that is easily bent when popping the lid on and off.

    It may have been faulty but honestly .. I still wouldn't buy it. I'd be interested to try another one to see if that is the case though. Cheers hun I didn't know I could ask for a replacement. For review sake I would ... but personally I wouldn't bother. I like my Nasstoys one waaay better.
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    I hear ya. Totally. Smile

    But, yeah, if something is all buggered up, you can usually get one that's not.

    I wouldn't want one either, though. Winking
  • Contributor: imp
    I'm keen to try out the Jedi Star Wars re-enactment though am thinking it would be a right giggle hehe Winking
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Nacht Stern
    Thank you for the information!
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