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Club Vibe 2.Oh, Oh, Oh!

The Club Vibe 2.OH is an improved upon version of an earlier model. There are a few changes that would make it "perfect" but for what it is, you should still be happy. The vibrations are a bit buzzy and weak, but this is great for warming you up all night. They're also a bit loud in quieter settings. However, the remote does easily pick up sounds and transmit beats in club mode, or you can use it as a plain wireless bullet.
Easy to use, long battery life, can fit easily in any pair of panties, easily picks up sounds.
Vibrations are buzzy, a bit on the weak side, and loud in quiet settings.
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The original Club Vibe was a great idea, but had a few design flaws. The 2.OH has made quite a few improvements on the original design, and while not perfect is still pretty great. The vibrator can be worn with the included thong, or slipped inside of any of your own underwear. Hand the remote to a partner, or keep it to yourself, and let the fun begin!

Material / Texture

Pretty much everything here is made out of plastic, making it non porous, phthalate free, and odor free. Both the vibe and the remote feature a wonderfully smooth matte finish that feels a lot like a velvet cote to me. Both pieces are also seam free, and flow smoothly except for breaks for buttons and where the little LED lights are.

Design / Shape / Size

There are a total of three pieces that you'll be getting here; the vibrator, the remote, and the thong.

The thong is a one size fits most item that should fit a wide range of bodies. I wore it where I would wear a pair of low rise jeans (measuring about 34" around at that point) and I felt that they fit me well, but could have been tighter. The 2" tall lace waistband measures about 15" across when laid flat, and stretches up to 20 1/2". The crotch portion features a cotton liner, complete with pocket to hold the Club Vibe snugly. The lace is overall soft and the design is fairly comfortable.

The Club Vibe and remote fit together like a puzzle piece, but don't lock together by any means. They're each about 4" long and 1 3/4" wide, but their heights vary. The remote is about 1" tall and the Vibe is a little less than 1/2" tall. The Vibe does have a curve to it, along with a small bump. That bump not only houses the vibrations but also has a corresponding indentation on the remote to help them fit together. The remote also features a 3" long cord with a lobster claw, in case you want to clip it to something while the Vibe is in use.

The Vibe is intended to be used with the included thong, however not everybody will want to wear it for whatever reason. If you don't want to use the thong, you can easily slip the Vibe into any pair of underwear you own. It's small enough that it won't feel like you're trying to harbor a fugitive in your panties, and you can still easily wear all but the tightest pants over them.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Before you can get started, you'll have to make sure that everything is powered. The remote runs on a 23A size 12V battery that is included. Next you'll want to make sure that your Vibe is charged using the included USB charger. Plug the USB into your computer and the mini-USB into the Vibe and wait approximately 2 hours. The power button on the Vibe will blink while it has an active power connection regardless of charge level. The manual says that 2 hours of charging should net about 4 hours of play, and it should at the very least come very close to that.

So everything's charged and you want to start playing. Make sure you turn the Vibe on by pressing the power button before you tuck it away. You'll know it's on because the power button will start blinking. Then you can start playing with the remote. If you want to turn it off entirely you can either press and hold the power button on the Vibe for 3 seconds or just let it sit for 30 minutes, because after 30 minutes with no activity it'll turn itself off. The button on the top will cycle you through 5 settings; 3 solid low-med-high vibrations, and two different pulsing styles. If you want to stop those vibrations, just press the power button.

If you want to utilize the super awesome sound function, press the little button that looks like a volume button. There are 5 levels of sensitivity that you can choose from ranging from "needs to be really freaking loud" to "please don't cough while holding the remote." Ok, maybe it's not quite that sensitive, but it will pick up most noises that are of a decent sound level. You can see what level you're on by seeing how many of the 5 indicator lights are on. 1 light is not very sensitive, and 5 lit is the most sensitive. Something to keep in mind with the sensitivity of the mic is that you have to make sure it's completely open and not covered. If the mic can't pick up sound, you won't get any vibrations. Another neat trick is if you turn on the "club mode" you can either breathe or talk into the mic to transmit vibrations to the beat of your breathing/voice instead of music.

The vibrations are focused mainly in the bump on the Vibe. They're definitely pretty buzzy and not the strongest things out there. In areas with a lot of ambient noise you can't hear anything while they're on. In a room of computer servers, I wasn't able to hear anything. But in a quiet area you'll be able to hear them for sure. You can dampen the noise under covers, but out of them they'll be heard through a door.

Now for the range on the remote, fairly impressive. When set on my bed I was able to walk 20 feet away and still change the vibrations, and hear them vaguely. When put under 3 blankets I wasn't able to get as far away, maybe 14 feet or so. Pants offer less signal blocking than 3 blankets, but you'll want to keep within the recommended 15-20 feet.

Care and Maintenance

The Club Vibe is listed as being splashproof in the manual, and I would agree with that. Take care not to get any water near the charging port on the Vibe. Since this is a mainly external vibrator, you'd be fine wiping it down with a damp washcloth or wipe. Should you decide that you want to use a lube at all, you can use any body safe lubricant.

When you're all done you can keep the Vibe, remote, and even the charging cord in an included storage pouch.


The box that everything came in is really nice, and not much bigger than it needed to be. It's very sturdy cardboard and would work well as a gift or even for storage for anything that would fit in it. The front has a woman holding the remote, the side shows a real size image of the Vibe, and the back shows the remote and runs through some of the features.

Inside the box you'll find the Vibe and remote nestled together in a plastic tray, a USB to mini-USB charging cord, a storage pouch that holds the thong, and a manual. The manual gives you all your basics and warranty information in English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, and three other languages that I can really only speculate the origins of. One looks like Russian, and the other two are Asian symbol languages.

Personal comments

While this did come with a USB cord, I'd try to keep it to just the computer. I know a lot of things like iPod and Blackberry and a few other things come with charging blocks, but they have varying voltages and currents and could mess with your battery. That being said, any other mini-USB to USB cord should be ok as far as I can tell.

I also had a whole slew of pictures for you that I didn't want to bombard the rest of the review with. So here you go; the thong, the Vibe's placement in it, and the Vibe and remote:


I was really excited to get the opportunity to do the Descriptive Review on this, and eagerly awaited its arrival to my home. My overall impressions are that there are a few things that would make it perfect, but nothing is really a huge deal breaker. Well, except the strength of the vibrations maybe. For what it is, they're not bad, but I do think that for most women they're going to be more of a warm up thing and less of a finishing thing. This isn't really a bad thing if you're going by the intended purpose of wearing them out to a club or some other loud place; you can get really warmed up and teased and then have your grand finale at home. The other thing I'm not big on is the noise level, but again, if being worn somewhere louder it's not a big deal. Out to the club or a party? Nobody's gonna know a thing. In a nice restaurant? You'll probably want to skip it.

The whole concept of vibrating to a beat is really cool, and not really being a club or party person, I had to come up with another way to test it out. So I tucked the Vibe under the waistband of my pants to simulate it actually being in use and cranked up the radio in my car. After 40 minutes of that along with another 20 or so of just playing around, there's no drop in power at all. Considering what I've heard about a lot of other wireless remote vibrators like this, I was pretty happy with how long it lasted.

All in all, there are a few improvements I'd like to see in a possible 3.0, but it's still a functional and well thought out piece of equipment.
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