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Crown Jewels of Jenna

Jenna velvet Jewels is a traditional vibrator - but please take note! This vibe is only the size of a middle finger - infinitely more stylish, but no more intimidating. At an incredibly low price tag, a soft finish, and a classy demeanor, Jenna's Velvet Jewels is sure to please the new sex toy user and the old jaded sex toy connoisseur alike.
This cheap toy packs a punch and is easy to use for G-spot stimulation and / or clit stimulation.
Not much. For the price, I think it is safe to call this a perfect toy!
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Made of “velvet touch” plastic, Jenna's Velvet Jewel features a screw on bottom that houses one AA battery, and is lined with two rings of sparkly rhinestones for added grip and maneuverability. Unlike most vibes with a twist off bottom, Jenna's Velvet Jewels features a very easy twist intensity setter, as compared to a “stiff” and harder to open battery compartment. This means that the battery compartment won't open by mistake when you twist the intensity back and forth – an important characteristic, particularly in such an inexpensive vibrator. This is extra fabulous, because Jenna's Velvet Jewels is waterproof, which is simply due to a o-ring on the battery compartment. Turning the vibe on and off shouldn't result in the battery compartment opening, making this an ideal low budget vibe for use in the shower and bath.

As mentioned, it is only the size of your middle finger (on me, it was a tad longer) with a slightly bulbous head that houses the vibrating motor. I am surprised at the intensity of the motor; for one AA battery it is surprisingly strong, and also, surprisingly quiet – quiet enough to go incognito behind a closed door. The controller takes the intensity from low to high – low is still pretty intense for a low setting, yet quiet (like under a blanket quiet), and high is nice – powerful to get most off, but silent enough to hide away behind closed doors. This makes this a favorite vibe for incognito rendezvous on a budget, with potential for use in public washrooms, on planes, etc.

In use, Jenna's Velvet G is as silky smooth as a dream. Even though it is stick straight, it is just long and bulbous enough to hit the g-spot, given that it can be maneuvered to any angle to hit the hot spots exactly. And if you're not into penetration, it is small and wieldable enough to maneuver into any sex action, to buzz off a clit, no mater how picky and particular.

No matter what your comfort level with sex toys, Jenna's Magic Jewels is sure to please.
Jenna's Velvet toy will be the toy to use with any partner for ease into sex toy use. For long time connoisseurs, users will be impressed with the bang for the buck.
Follow-up commentary
I have a confession to make. I have given this vibrator away.

Don't get me wrong - it is a 5 star vibrator, capable of pumping out the orgasms again and again and again, but I have a lot of vibrators kicking around, and I prefer to use something rechargeable or plug in when I can. Plus, there was this girl I was trying to impress...

You see, I help at a local sexuality center from time to time, and nothing makes me happier than being able to give someone the gift of empowered sexuality. Generally, that comes in the form of understanding, demoing, and occasionally book lending, but recently there was a "swap meet" type night, and just for fun I brought this pretty little purple wonder along. I have only ever used it with a condom, which is standard for me with any toy that is not silicone, but still, most women were not so interested in a pretty purple jeweled vibe - the crowd was decidedly kinky, and to the kinky crowd "cute" and "pretty" just don't do.

Towards the end of the evening, I noticed this cute little wallflower eying Jenna's velvet jewels. She was shy, to be sure, and has been trying on fun and cute little outfits others had brought for sale all evening. I struck up a conversation with her and found out she was brand new to the world of vibrators - and sex toys in general. Even though she'd been happy to try on all sorts of short dresses and such, she was way to nervous to ask anyone there about the toys they had for sale. I knew right then what I had to do - I gave her the vibe with a smile and said "I think you'll like this." She was confused at first, and started searching her pockets for a $5, but I stopped her. After all, it didn't cost me anything! She thanked me and floated away, happy as a clam.

A few weeks later I was forwarded an email from her by the woman who organized the event. My little wallflower gives Jenna's velvet jewels an enthusiastic 5 stars as well, and wanted to thank me a million times over for giving it to her. That, to me, is reward enough.

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  • adirondacker
    Sex Toy Swap Meets! Reminds me of all the car shows I went to with my dad as a kid and how he would haggle over carburetors and other engine parts Big smile Very nice of you to pass on the joy.
  • Tabia
    Awwww - I'm so touched by the swap meet story! I remember when my friend convinced me to get my first vibe and all the awesomeness that has unfolded! How exciting to pass that on!!!
  • wondertoes
    Great review and follow up story! Very sweet.
  • kinksters
  • Ghost
    Performance aside, it's a little too flashy for me.
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