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Siena Rondo

Traditional vibrator by Mantric

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Dance the Night Away

The Siena Rondo is worth the money just for the feel of the workmanship. The vibration patterns are the longest, and most varied, I have come across. The company seems to have a sense of humor, which adds to the overall excellence of these toys.
Great price for quality, strong vibrations, best vibration patterns around.
Could be a tad stronger, girth may be large for some.
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The Siena Rondo is a great clitoral vibrator as well as a penetrative vibrator. Like the Siena Symphony, the Rondo is a bit large so insertion should only be attempted when sufficiently excited or lubricated. Even use it on your nipples if you like vibration up there.

The patterns this vibrator produces are definitely the highlight of the toy. Use it solo or have a partner tease you with the delicious vibration variation. MAKE SURE you screw the battery cap on tight (especially if you want to take it in the bath), or you may get residual rattling that is very unattractive. This is a very quiet toy. But the instructions tell you not to over screw the cap, so be careful.

Material / Texture

The material on the Siena Rondo is more giving and feels more like silicone than the material on the Siena Symphony, which felt slightly more plastic-like and stiff, though they are both made out of medical grade silicone.

The Rondo's texture is smooth and more velvety than some other toys, which is pleasant but gives the impression of absorbing moisture instead of spreading it slickly all over. Silicone is very body safe, feels lovely to the touch, and is easily lubricated; but this toy is not to be used with silicone lubricants.

Design / Shape / Size

I did love the design, and the ripples on the shaft were definitely noticeable, but not in a jarring kind of way that some rippled toys have. The size is great for a toy that can be used for both clitoral and penetrative stimulation, though the width was a bit much for me if not appropriately lubricated. It has a very generous girth, that is satisfying when inserted for this type of toy. You can tell the construction is solid.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy is so similar to the Siena Symphony in function that I am taking the following from my review of the Symphony with modifications.

There is only one control area, and there are two buttons. They basically represent up and down, and are sunken into the toy which helps avoid accidental pushing. There are no marks on the buttons to indicate direction or power, but there is a light between the button that flashes and changes color depending on the pattern you are on.

Hit either button and the Symphony will turn on, and it will start with the 1st or 10th vibration depending which button you press first. Cycle through them and eventually it will turn off after you have cycled through all the patterns. There are no dedicated on or off buttons, but once you learn the patterns you won't accidentally cycle through them all and turn the toy off unintentionally.

There are 10 vibration patterns that are very unique, and the quality is a low deep vibration that is mostly centered near the tip, versus the high buzzy vibration of cheap toys. The vibration frequency and quality definitely set this vibrator apart. Depending on if you start with the up or down button, you get:

1) High constant vibration
2) Medium constant vibration
3) Low constant vibration (very quiet)
4) Slow escalation buzz BUzz BUZZ
5) Slow escalation buzz buzz slow de-escalation
6) Slow escalation buzz buzz continue escalation buzz buzz (long pattern)
7) Escalating pulses (x5) - buzz Buzz BUzz BUZz BUZZ
8) Buzz buzz Buuuuuuuuuzzzzzz buzz buzz buuuuuuuuuuzzzzzz (pretty fast)
9) Buzz buuuuuuuuuuzzzzz buzz buuuuuuuuzzzzzz (fast)
10) Pulses - buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz ....etc (fast)

Care and Maintenance

The ridges on this toy do not in any way make it hard to clean. You can use soap and water or even dip the silicone part in boiling water, but I wouldn't submerge the toy to boil even though it is waterproof. I always use soap and water, and a microfiber cloth that I use specifically to dry my toys with before I put them away. Silicone toys should not be placed next to each other when stored if not is separate baggies, nor should silicone toys be used with silicone lubricants. Please use a water based lube. I recommend the Oh My Natural lubricant.


The outer box is light and well designed, with text and icons that are easily readable. They even have a description of the vibration patterns on the box, and list the other features of the toy. They proudly claim on the bottom that it is ultra quiet, waterproof, skin friendly, ultragrade silicone, and tested on humans (ha ha).

Inside the box the Sienna Rondo was shrink wrapped, which is really good because it is in a velvet fur covered plastic that tends to shed. There is also an instruction manual! Yay! It's short, but it's in multiple languages, and the introduction is humorous. It tells you how to install the batteries, how to operate it, and how to operate it safely. There is also a little battery diagram in plain sight when you unscrew the bottom, which is always nice.

Personal comments

I am really loving the Siena line of products... I am thinking I will start a collection. The quality is awesome, and the vibration patterns are to die for. I wish it had a smidge more power, although for a battery operated toy the Rondo does exceedingly well.
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  • Carrie Ann
    I want one of these! Good review. Smile
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    Lol, thanks for describing the different settings, with buzzzzes! Nice review!
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    Glad you enjoyed it. These toys seem interesting but I'd want a softer silicone with the Concerto or Symphony instead. Alas.

    Would be nice to see some toys you found comparable with this review template.
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    Of the rondo and the symphony which would you further suggest than the other?
  • hpnotiqserenity
    Of the rondo and the symphony which would you further suggest than the other?
  • hpnotiqserenity
    Of the rondo and the symphony which would you further suggest than the other?
  • hpnotiqserenity
    sorry for the multiples... left the page open and refreshed, turns out every time i refreshed it re-posted my q.
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