Tera Patrick's pulsating heart - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Spiking Glue

Didn't even leave the gate.

I had wanted something to help me go hands free, and found this high rated beauty. Sadly, I seem to have gotten 'lucky', in that it fell apart before I could even use it - and when I did use it, it did nothing for me. My experience seems atypical, but others ought to know about these issues while deciding on this product.
Strong, interesting vibrations. Silicone smells nice.
Falls apart extremely easily, vibrations a bit high frequency for me.
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Well, I had always wanted a butterfly vibe|Tera Patrick's pulsating heart – they’d always seemed so ideal. I lay in bed, busily doing wonderful things to myself, thinking, “Wouldn’t it be Great if I could just, strap a vibe where it counts, and just use my hands for other things?” One can dream, right?

So, I decided to act on that dream. I did the search, I read the reviews, and I found this vibe. She had the Vroom! Ratings, she had the Bee ratings… she was made of silicone (Hygienic! Easy to clean! Yay!), she was red, and she had that elastic belt.

And then, she had to arrive and smash all my dreams… no, no…no, not so dramatic. I’m just bummed I spent the money on something I’ll likely never use again.

To begin with, the delightful silicone butterfly fell apart almost immediately, tore right at the hinge where it connects to the elastic. It had been extremely, extremely stretchy (I returned more than once to check to see if I had bought a jelly butterfly), and it just, stretched and snapped. She snapped because… I couldn’t figure out how to put her on. Ah, frustration. I looked at the picture, thought, “How hard could this be?” And fiddled, and adjusted, and eventually, deconstructed my first butterfly vibe.

Finally, deciding that the belt and butterfly were a loss, I nipped the bullet vibe out and decided to give that a try. The vibrations were extremely enthusiastic, and loud, and the programs were pleasing and surprising in a nice way. I could not get off from it, however. I’m not sure why, it was strong enough, it was a good size and it focused all the buzzes just right… I can only wager it was the frequency, as I seem to favor a deeper, slower, thuddier vibration.

I’ve put this one in The Drawer of No Return, just in case I wind up with a dildo that has an accommodating hole (no pun intended… oh, hell, yes. It was.)

Perhaps this company has issues with quality control, or perhaps I’m just unlucky… or, perhaps, this vibe just wasn’t my bag. Either way, it didn’t do a thing for me, and it fell apart before even trying. Damn!
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  • Dame Demi
    Sorry  you had such a bad experience.  The strap holes on strap-on,  hands-free toys have a tendency to tear.  I've often found I can fix the problem with some sturdy thread and a needle, at least temporarily.  However, many, if not most, toys today come with at least a limited warranty, and you should have tried returning this product, to Eden or to the manufacturer.  Despite your problems with it, I've added it to my wishlist because of the intensity of the vibrations and the tiny size.
  • TPR silicone doesn't equal medical grade silicone- it's a composite material (some silicone, some plastics, etc.), which explains the stretchiness. Also, it is a somewhat porous material, can't be boiled or sterilized. And CE is a giant company, so I'm sure they do have faulty toys from time to time- you might be able to exchange it for a new one.

  • Spiking Glue
    Dame Demi: You're right, but I have a bit of learned helplessness when it comes to defective things. Most companies don't want to help me out, due to my physical location. I find that I tend to assume that all companies won't help me out, as a result.

    I don't think I'd ever have thought to sew silicone! I'll have to try that, the next time I have the same issue.

    Cock Wrangler:  Aah, see, the box just said, "silicone", I hadn't thought to double check that fact with the site. My bad. If you select the promo photos which show the box, you can even see it right there on the cover, "silicone".

    Unfortunately, I've already chucked the broken pieces and shelved the bullet vibe for future use, so I'm unlikely to be able to get an exchange out of this. I guess I jumped the gun on that one. 
  • It happens, just so you know for the future. Bigger toy manufacturers are jumping on the silicone train, but their products are almost always TPR or some composite type. Much better than jelly, at least.
  • Oggins
    Sorry it broke on you.  That always sucks!  Sounds like it had the potential to be really fun!
  • Essin' Em
    Can you remove the  vibe?  I did that with my cheap POS butterly, and now use it as a cat toy :)
  • Spiking Glue
    Essin' Em -  Yeah, I nipped out the bullet vibe, day one. I am constantly losing the 'butterfly' part of it, but I did keep it. I suspect my cats keep burying it, since it does smell a bit fruity and they're not great fans of fruit.

    Oggins - The bullet it came with seems to be a standard size. I have one dildo with a hole in it, for bullets, and it fits partways in. Since it's so strong, it seems quite suitable to that application. Sadly, the ONLY dildo I have with that bullet-hole is the one dildo that I am physically unable to use, due to girth. 
  • Spiking Glue
    Cock Wrangler -  Oops, forgot to reply to you. It kinda seems a squeek shady, don't you think, for the box to just say "silicone"? It gives one a bit of a false sense of security... makes me wonder, anyways.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Yes, you will find California Exotic (and other companies) will often just put the word silicone on the container so that it catches people's attention even though the product is made out of a silicone composite material. Sometimes they actually do it right in the product name. An example of this is the "Lover's super strap harness and silicone probe". The probe is made out of TPR silicone. If a product is made out of TPR silicone, the silicone portion is often emphasized. Sorry this didn't work out well for you. Thanks for the review, though.
  • Spiking Glue
    Jimbo Jones -  *nod* I probably won't be buying California Exotic again, for that reason. I don't buy Doc Johnson, either.  I know tons of other people are getting quite grand results from this toy, and I'm probably part of a slim percentage that didn't, but Eden did not ask me to sell this toy for them, or confirm what others said. I relay my experience, and hope others benefit from it.  Sex toys are NOT 'one size fits all', and these reviews help users figure out what will work best for them.

    Ah, now I totally feel like a knight in shining armor. I think I'll keep that for a while. <3 
  • Bulma
    These kinds of toys always tempt me, but I end up not buying them because I'm wary of them not working very well for me
  • CanMan
    Thanks for the review...
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Good review. I feel like with toys like this, the concept is good, but the actual product isn't of a high enough quality to do its job well.

    This toy isn't made of silicone. It's TPR, which is more hygienic than jelly toys but inferior to toys that are, in fact, made of 100% silicone. Since I own and know the quality of silicone toys, it REALLY irks me when companies who mass-produce toys slap the word "silicone" on packaging when you're actually getting an inferior material.

    As an FYI, companies like Tantus, Vixen Creations, Fun Factory, and others put the word "silicone" on their labels, and the toys actually ARE made of 100% silicone. Labels and advertising can be very misleading, but that's why we have sites like Eden
  • daveysgirl
  • mammas place
  • darkkitty
    Thank you for this helpful review!
  • carenautilus
    Thanks for the review!
  • Ash1141
  • Chris15461
    Thanks for the review
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