Tera Patrick's pulsating heart - strap-on vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Timaree

Tera Patrick's pulsating heart sex toy review

Solidly engineered toy with great deal of possibilities; vibrator works inside or outside the phthalate-free silicone casing; feels fairly sexy to wear and makes little noise despite being so powerful.
Quiet; powerful; variety of speeds; hands-free; leaves plenty of room for penetration.
May still require effort to keep it on the EXACT right spot.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Frankly, it looks like a little bug. And the fact that it is cherry scented only adds to the surrealism of strapping it to one’s vulva. Yet, despite all the reasons that the Pulsating Heart|Strap-on vibrator: Tera Patrick's pulsating heart should be too weird to work, it’s undeniably one of the most enjoyable things one can have wrapped around one’s waist.

It’s hard to say whether this contraption is difficult or easy to get on, considering how bodies differ and the fact that I just sort of hooked the plastic ends to places that made sense to me: wrapping one set of straps around my waist like a belt and the other down through and around my thighs to fasten up near my hip. That way it naturally stayed down near my clitoris, although managing to keep it on the EXACT right spot did require some additional labor.

If you’re looking to use this particular vibrator so you can stay in any position hands free and just get stimulated away, it’s going to suit you, but not blow your mind. In order for me to entirely completely enjoy this sucker, it required one hand pressing down the Pulsating Heart onto my clit as the angle was just .001 inches away from perfect. If you require general clitoral stimulation but not direct clitoral stimulation, have no fears, this toy is absolutely perfect for you.

The different speeds and programs are phenomenal. In fact, I’ve never used so many different settings with comparable enjoyment on a vibrating toy before. Normally with eggs and bullets there are two to three speeds of steady vibration and a couple other variations that can’t maintain my interest. The Pulsating Heart was an exception, offering a full menu of sensations worth considering.

It also had the added advantage that it only covers the clitoral area, leaving room for vaginal penetration in any position. In that way, it’s perfect for couples.

If, for some reason, the stimulation of the Pulsating Heart is not strong enough, just pull the bullet out of its cherry scented, bug-looking, little red phthalate-free silicone body (it’s not hard to remove--in fact it may try to escape on its own) and vroom away. But, in my experience, the change in sensation between being in the silicone and out was comparable to buzzing yourself with and without lube, respectively.

Basically: it feels better inside the silicone, but feel free to try it outside anyway.

I recommend giving this a shot. It’s better engineered than a lot of toys sold with a porn star’s name and really liberates the action by being hands-free in any position. So far the straps have yet to break on me, but even if they did, it would still be a functional vibrator I’d use again.
Follow-up commentary
After not nearly enough uses, the bullet inside the Pulsating Heart decided it wanted to be liberated. Essentially, the silicone was not thick or strong enough to keep the bullet inside, meaning every time I pressed down on the toy to keep it positioned over my clit, I was inadvertently making the silicone body break little by little. After a while, the bullet would slip right out, leaving me with the buggy little body strapped to me and no sensation.

As you can imagine, that was not the most enjoyable way to spend my time, continually trying to reassemble my sex toy, mid-sexual response cycle.  Eventually I just lubed up and used the bullet alone, which was a little harsh (having been designed to be cushioned) but infinitely more successful.
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  • Epiphora
    Great review! That little bit of space between the clit and the vibration -- that's what I always worry about, because I need pressure! Thanks for including that detail.
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  • CanMan
    Thanks for the review...
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    nice review
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