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Deep down'n'dirty

G-spot rabbit vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Down N' Dirty If You Can Get It That Deep

The vibrations are strong, but the size is not for the faint of heart, or vagina. If you're looking for your first rabbit, you should keep looking.
Strong vibrations, aesthetically pleasing color.
Controls can be confusing, vibrations waver on steady settings.
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Down N' Dirty is not for the faint of vagina, and definitely not for beginners. The vibrations are very strong, enough to make most fingers go numb and the more sensitive clits try to hide. The rabbit won't do much more than tease most because it's pretty hard to get it lined up, however there is an extra point on the head that can be used for g-spot stimulation.

Material / Texture

Most of the Down N' Dirty is made of PVC, which while free of phthalates and all that stuff, also smells a little bit. The smell reminds me of a brand new inflatable pool toy, however it isn't tremendously strong. If you have your nose to it, you can smell it. It also has quite a bit of drag to its slightly squishy, shiny, smooth surface, so lube is definitely recommended.

Another downside besides the smell is the fact that this material is definitely a bit of a lint magnet.
    • Flexible
    • Smooth
    • Some odor

Design / Shape / Size

This is a big toy, definitely not for beginners. While you can only insert about 5 1/2, the head is also 5 1/2" around. From the head, there's a small valley that goes into another bulge. On the back of the head there's a little oval shaped pad just under 1 1/2" in length providing a nice flatter surface for clitoral stimulation, however the raised edge that goes all the way around the pad may make insertion painful for some. Sticking off the front of the head is a little 'nose'. It's only about 3/4" tall, but can bump into the cervix and cause discomfort if you can get the toy in that far. The nose does provide excellent clitoral stimulation as well, but will definitely be overwhelming for the more sensitive of clits.

The rabbit sits about 5" or so down the shaft and is shaped just like a cartoony rabbit. It's about 3 1/2" long including its ears. If you can insert the toy deep enough, the rabbit's mouth will be able to provide clitoral stimulation, but for most you're going to be left with the ears.

The shaft does bend and will stay put for the most part, but you have to bend it pretty far to get it to stay put to any degree, with the most successful bends being backwards.

Functions / Performance / Controls

To start using, you have to find 3 AAA batteries, then unscrew the cap/control at the base of the toy, then fight to get the battery cage out, insert the batteries, then put the cage back in, and reattach the cap. There are two buttons on the cap that control the toy, one turns it off, and the other one turns it on and switches the vibration modes. While the toy is on, a soft orange light will pulse with whatever mode you happen to be on. A solid vibration mode produces a solid glowing, a pulsating or oscillating vibration produces a pulsing light.

There are 10 modes of vibration, and the back of the box has a list of what they are. Some may find the controls confusing since there's no way of knowing where you are on the list of patterns and turning the toy off and back on just brings you right to the next pattern on the list.

The list of vibrations patterns:
1 - High: finger numbing vibrations, easily felt internally and easily heard through a blanket and a closed door.
2 - Medium: still pretty finger numbing, still felt easily internally, and still probably going to be heard easily through a closed door.
3 - Low: it'll take much longer to numb your fingers, but you'll still be able to feel them pretty easily internally. Sound will be pretty easily masked by a heavy blanket.
4 - Step: jagged jumps from low-med-high
5 - Hi-lo: a pulsing between low and high
6 - Dip: medium with quick jumps down to low
7 - High pulse: the vibrations pulse quickly on the high setting
8 - High steeplechase: vibrations start on low and jump up to high in a rhythmic manner
9 - Low steeplechase: vibrations start on high and jump down to low in a rhythmic manner
10 - Low pulse: a quick steady pulsation on the low setting

The vibrations are felt very easily throughout the entire toy, and are the strongest in the rabbit itself and the little 'nose' on the top of the head of the shaft. On the medium and low settings that are supposed to be steady, there is a wavering in the vibration that is both heard and felt.

The front of the box advertises that it's waterproof, but there's a disclaimer on the back that says that it's waterproof only for the purposes of being in the shower and cleaned. So far, it's survived both for me.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

First thing you should do is make sure the battery cap is completely closed so you don't get any water inside if you're cleaning in the sink. Then you can either spray with a toy cleaner, wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. If you're planning on sharing at all or using anally, make sure to use a condom, since this material is still porous and can't be sterilized.

You can safely use any water or silicone based lube, and make sure to give him a quick rinse before play as he is a bit of a lint magnet. You can store Down N' Dirty in a toy pouch if you can find one big enough, or you can keep him in his original packaging.


Packaging is not discreet in the least bit, being over a foot tall and completely clear showing off the toy inside. It is pretty far from being tacky however. The back gives you a breakdown of the vibrations. To get into it, you have to release two tabs at the bottom of the box, then slide the inside plastic clam-shell upwards. There is a little pamphlet included, but it's a generic pamphlet that doesn't provide any specific information about this toy itself.

It's nice enough that you could use the packaging as a gift, and it works well for storage as well.


Without doing any research, I figured out on my own that both this toy and the Sultry Slims are made by the same company. Wanna know how? The vibrations have the same wavering in them. Guess it wasn't just a fluke on Slim's part.

That aside, I had a very hard time using this toy for anything other than clitoral stimulation. It's just too big for me to use comfortably, although I did get it inside of me once. The raised edge around the little pad on the back of the head is definitely felt very easily internally, and isn't all that pleasant. I only managed to thrust it for just a few seconds before deciding that it was, indeed, too painful for me to use comfortably. I did my best to get the bunny to line up with my clit, and if I tried real hard, I could bend the rabbit down so that its ears touched me, but it didn't do much of anything. However that little pad on the back of the head that hurts so much internally? A great spot for clitoral stimulation. And that little nose on the top of the head is even stronger. I'm a bit of a power queen, but it was almost too intense for me.

This toy isn't quite worth having around just to use clitorally, but I'm going to keep trying to work up to using it comfortably vaginally.
Follow-up commentary
I never really got into this one, so it sat around forever until one day my friend expressed an interest in owning some sex toys. I passed it on to her (with full disclaimers of previous use) and she's been enjoying it so far.
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