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rabbit from outer space.

This was too large for me to properly enjoy the rabbit effectively. Other than the purple color of this toy, there's nothing much I enjoyed about it.
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Not the safest material
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Rabbits are designed for dual stimulation of the vagina and clitoris simultaneously for ultimate pleasure. However, it depends on your anatomy on how this will line up and work for you. I couldn't get it to insert fully for me because it was too thick, but that will vary for each person. It has an additional point at the top for g-spot stimulation.

You can use it alone or with a partner inserting it for you.

I think this is best suited for those who like dual stimulation and prefer larger toys. Since I wasn't able to insert it comfortably, I used to for clitoral stimulation only.

Material / Texture

Unlike the majority of the toys I get, the Deep down N dirty rabbit is made of PVC and ABS plastic. PVC rates a 2 on the EF safety scale and is considered to be lightweight, water resistant, and does not require much maintenance. Plastic rates an 8 on the EF safety scale, but unfortunately the only part of the toy that's plastic is the handle. The overall toy is considered to be made out of food-grade material and is considered to be hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. According to the package, they've added an anti-bacterial additive formula to the plastic that prevents the spread of microorganisms.

This toy smells even after airing it out it still retains a smell.

It has a bendable shaft that I could twist and contort it this way and that way. The top of the head is hard, and the middle is squishy. The rabbits body is hard, but the head and ears are squishy. It has quite a bit of drag to it so I recommend using lubricant with it.

Design / Shape / Size

It comes in two colors to choose from: pink and purple. I have the purple. The cut out looks like a space helmet.

It has three distinct bulges in it. One at the head, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. The rabbit attachment looks like a rabbit even with a rabbits tail at the back. The shaft doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before.

The rabbit is definitely not for beginners due to its larger size. I personally didn't like the larger size because I prefer toys that are smaller, but that's just my personal preference. It is 8 1/4" long excluding the nose with an insertable length of 7". It has a nose of 1/2" long. It is 5 1/4" around at the head of the toy, 4 1/2" underneath the head, 5" in the middle, and 5 1/4" at the bottom. The bunny is 2 3/4" long, 4" around at the body, 2 1/2" around at the face, and 1 3/4" around at both ears. The bunny sits out to the side of the last bump.

It was too large for me to insert comforably so it is not designed with those that can't handle larger girth in their toys. It is best suited for those who prefer thicker toys and not those like myself who enjoy smaller toys. Again, it's shape didn't work for me as a dual stimulator, I couldn't get both areas to line up properly due to its larger size and my inability to fully insert it.

I don't really consider the size of this toy to be discreet or suitable for travel. It is quite large and does not fit in my purse. You could potentially put it in a bag if you wish, but I don't persoanlly see myself traveling with it. I have smaller toys that I would travel with this instead.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It has a two push button control at the bottom of the toy that audibly clicks. An on-off on top and vibration-pulsation button underneath.

It offers ten functions to choose from. The first three are your high, medium, and low steady vibrations
4: step
5: high-low
6: dip
7: high pulse
8: high steeple chase
9: low steple chase
10: low pulse

I have never been a fan of pulsations and patterns and prefer solid vibration levels.

It flashes orange in pulsation mode and is steady in vibration mode.

The vibrations are felt throughout the shaft of the toy, and are the strongest in the rabbit itself and the little extra piece on the top of the head of the shaft. The vibrations are considered to be buzzy. Overall, I'd consider the vibration strength to be a high 3 Vroom low 4 vroom, but the buzzy vibrations are not the type of vibrations that I prefer.

It takes three AAA batteries thate were not included. It has seperate individual white plastic battery compartment for the batteries. It doesn't provided water resistence in the bath or pool. It is only considered to be waterproof when used in the shower or washing. It has an o-ring to keep the water out.

It is quite noisy and can be heard by others in the same room, but not outside a closed door or through thin walls.

Care and Maintenance

Always remove batteries to prolong the life of the toy. Clean before and after each use. Store in a cool dry place. Store on its own and not combined with other products of varying materials as it may cause a chemical reaction and produce break down in chemical structures. It collects the fuzzies off my EF wipes so it's best to use something that won't stick to it. It also picks up hair and debris so you have to be careful where you store it.

You can use either water, silicone, or hybrid based lubes with this.


It comes in a see through tube with "Deep Down n Dirty" written on it. "Where the fun begins" and various other info about the product is written on the package. The rabbit slides out of the tube. It is housed in a plastic snap container. There's a small informational booklet of warnings and battery installation included with the product.


Overall, I'm rating this a 2 star out of 5 because the vibration levels are not to my liking, the material could be better, and the design was too large for me to insert fully to effectively enjoy dual stimulation.
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    Great review! This rabbit does look weird! I never seem to have good luck with the NMC Ltd. brand.
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    I took one look at this and was like... wtf? O.o. Then realized that it was made by NMC, and it made sense. It's like the Clitoral Hummer had sex with that freaky free bunny EF was giving away a while back.
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