Deep down'n'dirty - rabbit vibrator by NMC Ltd - review by Mwar

Deep down'n'dirty

G-spot rabbit vibrator by NMC Ltd

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I have no witty idea for a title so... PANDA!

The only redeeming quality about the Deep down'n'dirty is that it has nice settings. If it was easier to manage. Between its poor shape, lacking design, and the fact that the material peels from the base, I cannot give this toy more than 3 Stars. The only reason it is saved from 2 is because it is pretty economical for what it is.
Multiple Patterns
Two Motors
Not really waterproof
Weird Shape
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Will you, kind reader, be so gracious as to forgive me for my lack of creativity? I tried to fathom a witty title and came up remarkably short. You will? Oh thank you! Pandas are cute though, right?

Aside aside, may I introduce you to the Deep down'n'dirty rabbit? This sizable guy is made for dual stimulation. The bunny attachment is designed for clitoral stimulation while the shaft is designed for vaginal penetration. There is a little nub at the end of the shaft that can also tease the G-spot. This bunny is not designed for anal play but it is possible if you are persistant. The bunny attachment will keep the toy from getting lost. Since this toy is a low safety rating an porous, it is best to use a condom if sharing or using this toy for anal play.

The Deep down'n'dirty rabbit is good for masturbation, teasing, dual stimulation, and foreplay. The Deep down'n'dirty is advertised as waterproof, but I would not take this bunny to the shower (I'll explain in the functions section). The good news he has multiple functions and patterns, is decently strong, and isn't too loud. This may work for those who have a little experience and are shopping around for a rabbit. More advanced users may get something out of this guy, but is nothing special and might bore them after a couple of uses.
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Deep down'n'dirty is made of plastic and Pvc. Okay, it's not jelly, but it's not that much better, considering Pvc is a 2 on the safety scale. Pvc (Polyvinyl Chloride) is the material that covers the entire toy. I did a little research and concluded that Pvc is pretty darn porous, meaning it has the potential to make a nice home for bacteria and other baddies out there. It also has a significant drag, a medium odor, and has a film on it.

The film is felt if you press on the toy and drag you finger across. If you rub your finger together you can feel the sticky, tacky film. I've washed it a couple of times but it doesn't seem to completely disappear. Conclusion: this toy is not for the OCD. At all. Or anyone who cannot stand films on toys.

The base of the toy is basic plastic.

The shape of the Deep down'n'dirty provides texture. It has three bulges that pinch in a little between each bulge. It adds stimulation to insertion and allows you to tease the vaginal entrance. There is also a distinctive nub at the top of the toy. It is very flexible, so it can only tease what it touches at best. If it was a little firmer, it could be a good clitoral stimulator. One the other side of the toys tip is a flattened oval with raised edges that you can fit your thumb on. I'm also not to sure on its purpose other than increased stimulation at the bottom of the vagina (which has few nerve endings compared to other parts, but okay...) Here's a picture of that and the nub.

And how can I forget the bunny? If you look at him, he seems kind of pissed. Don't believe me? Check out his picture:

The bunny is pretty detailed. His ear move like crazy when vibrating to please the clitoris. The bunny is pretty flexible. You can bend him back and and forward with ease.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Deep down'n'dirty is... special? Is that the right word? If anything, they did try and be innovative with the nubs and random textures. Still, it can be inserted and the bunny should stimulate most clitorises. This bunny is a bit girthy, clocking in at 5.5 inches around at its widest point. People new to vaginal toys might want to get a smaller toy to see what their preferences are before getting this guy.

The Deep down'n'dirty is also pretty long, with an insertable length of about 7 inches. Here's a picture with it in comparison to a pencil and the Dream massager G.

So overall this guy is pretty sizable. It's important to note that before you decide to buy him. It is frustrating that the length is so large because women with shallower G-spot will be out of luck if they are looking for G-spot stimulation. Because of the drag on the material, I would recommend using a little lube with this bunny.

It terms of travel, there are better toys suited for moving around. The Deep down'n'dirty is a toy that is meant to stay home. If you must travel with him, it's best to remove the batteries so he doesn't accidentally turn on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Deep down'n'dirty has two buttons. The are marked by one that bulges out and once that is indented. The bulged one is on the left if you are using it with the bunny on top.

The indented button serves as the ON/OFF button. The Bulged button also turns the toy on and lets you cycle through 10 different vibrations and patterns. They cycle, but here are all 10.

1. Strongest Plain vibration: 3-4 Vrooms
2. Medium Vibes: 3ish Vrooms
3. Low Vibration: 2 Vrooms
4. Short escalating (roller coaster): 2ish Vrooms
5. Little machine gun (dun dun dun dun dun): Low 2 Vrooms
6. Rumbly, medium paced pulse: 2-3 Vrooms
7. Slightly stronger machine gun: 3 Vrooms
8. Quick medium pulse: 2-3 Vrooms
9. Longer, stronger pulses: Solid 3 Vrooms
10. Weak quick pulses: 1-2 Vrooms

The one things about the buttons is that you have to cycle through all the patterns to hit the setting you like if you skip it. However, if you like it at a certain setting and turn it off, it'll still be on that setting when it is turned back on with the indented button. Pressing the bulging button with shift it to the next setting. So, while the buttons are easy to get, they are annoying. Still, there are a variety of settings to choose from.

Now, I know the Deep down'n'dirty is labeled is waterproof, but I don't think you should put this bunny in water. My bunny has a hole/gap at the base of the toy where the Pvc connects to the base/battery case of the toy. Here's a picture:

That's a disappointment if you wanted a waterproof rabbit. This shows that the toy (even if mine is a bit defected) is not made to last and will break down in a rather short time. If waterproof is one of your requirements, this bunny isn't for you.

The Deep down'n'dirty is louder on some of the lower settings (the toy rattles) and when not inserted. The total noise range of this toys is 2-3 bees.

Another annoyance is that the battery cage is annoying to get out of the toy. I think it will kill your nails of a pen if you try to fish it out like that. I stand over the bed and shake the open toy down so the battery cage lands on the bed. If any Deep down'n'dirty have better techniques, let me know.
    • Multiple settings
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Care for this bunny is above normal. The material itself has a residue to it, so it never feels completely clean to me. To clean, you can wash your Deep down'n'dirty with soap and water or toy cleaner. If washing in the sink, its best to remove the batteries and watch the water around the base of the toy.

This bunny also collects debris. Its easy to see the little film of dust if you look in the light. So its best to wipe it down before use.

Please be proactive when cleaning this toy. I know there are some of us (I do it too) who wait a bit before cleaning our toys for the next use. This might be okay with silicone toys that can be sterilized, but it's not good for a porous material like Pvc. After cleaning, make sure it is completely dry before storage. Moisture can help bacteria and other microbes grow. Once dry, store the Deep down'n'dirty without its batteries in your usual toy storage.

Water and silicone based lubes can be used with the Deep down'n'dirty.


The packaging is not discreet in the slightest: here's a picture.

Personal comments

So where does this bunny leave me? The bunny is detailed and cute if you like cute animal attachments. There is a motor in the bunny itself, so the vibrations are stronger for the clitoris. The shape is just weird. That's the best way to describe. I don't think I'll get the complete purpose for the shape of this bunny, I almost want to put a little oval picture on the flat part at the tip of the toy.

I'm glad I get this guy for free, otherwise I wouldn't be very pleased.


Just looking at this bunny and testing the vibrations and feel with my hand, I knew it wasn't a keeper for me. I used condoms with it to keep it as clean as possible. This is because I was certain I was giving the Deep down'n'dirty a new home. And my intuition was right. I'll be giving it to a friend who is more of a rabbit fan. Maybe she'll get enjoyment out of this bunny (and hey, maybe her first review!). It didn't do much for me. If anything, this bunny might be useful getting my friend more into Eden.
Follow-up commentary
I don't think I'm meant for traditional rabbits. This was my second attempt. I think it was just to big for me. It was also awkward looking and the shoddy construction on it killed me.
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