Colt xtreme turbo bullet - classic bullet by Cal Exotics - review by Backseat Boohoo

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Enough horse power to get you off in 5 minutes flat!

Don't let this bullet's simple appearance fool you: this is a good toy! Its powerful vibrations and easy interface, as well as its low price tag, are sure to please most toy lovers.
Powerful; waterproof; simply designed and easy to use.
Only has 2 speeds, which may be too strong for some people.
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I originally ordered this bullet for a friend of mine (often referred to as "Thing 2" on my blog) on "vibrator day," a day that occurs several times a year when I am feeling especially generous and just want to get my good friends off.

Thing 2 was ecstatic when she received this simple but sexy bullet... until she turned it on. As the owner of a rather sensitive clitoris, Thing 2 knew she could never handle this toy's intense vibrations, so we struck up a deal: I would give her a much gentler bullet that I was not impressed with if she would give me the Colt bullet. After a few forget months, Thing 2 pulled through on her side of the bargain and handed over the Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet, brand new but for its lack of packaging.

When this toy really WAS brand new, it arrived in plain plastic packaging. The backsplash was red and black and simply pronounces the toy's name in bold letters. This gives the toy a more "masculine" feel, which is appropriate when you consider that the Colt line is marketed towards men.

The toy itself is equally simple. The battery pack is shaped like a lima bean, which makes it easy to hold in a clenched fist, and is about the size of a standard cellphone. It is primarily black, with gray half-circles decorating the sides of the pack. One of these gray half-circles features two raised ridges to provide a better grip, and the circle pulls off to reveal the battery compartment. The black power button rests on the other gray half-circle.

The cord, which is attached directly to the battery pack, is a milky white color and is rather short, measuring in at a little under 2 feet in length (despite what the product description says). The bullet itself is small and chunky, similar in size to a small walnut, and is designed to look like it is made from a shiny silver metal. This shiny service makes the bullet easy to "dirty up" with fingerprints and bodily fluids, and the slight seam in the middle can collect a lot of grime, but because this toy is made from plastic, it is easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner.

The Colt bullet is easy to operate. Simply insert 2 AA batteries in to the battery pack and push in the black power button, and presto! Instant vibrations. Actually, it'd be better to say instant POWER vibrations, because this toy is pretty strong. There are only two settings, and since I'd rate the first at a strong 3 "vrooms" and the second at 4-bordering-on-5 "vrooms," I wouldn't recommend this to more sensitive people. Also, the power button is also the speed control, so you will have to turn the bullet back off if you want to switch between the two speeds.

For all of its power, this toy is surprisingly quiet. You can hear it through blankets on its higher speed, and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody standing right outside your door could hear a very faint buzzing if they listened hard enough. It's not a jack hammer like the Hitachi Magic Wand, however, and noise shouldn't be an issue unless your walls are super-thin.

One of this bullet's best features is that it is waterproof. The rubber ring protecting the battery pack is glued firmly in place and is very thick; I submerged the whole vibrator in a bowl of water for a few minutes, and none of it ended up inside.

This bullet is a real powerhouse for its price, as well as an easy-to-use waterproof toy that is generally reliable. However, I have to knock it down a few notches BECAUSE it is so powerful: unlike the Xtreme Pack Bullet, which features a wide range of speeds and functions and is therefore more universal, the Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet only has 2 super-powerful speeds that make it unusable by more sensitive people. Still, it's a shame that Eden Fantasys doesn't allow us to use half-stars, because I'd definitely rate this bullet a strong 4.5!
After an especially long and grueling day that included hundreds of pages of reading and half a dozen summaries, I was ready for some relaxation. I decided to put off my short essay for another hour and enjoy a little "me time." Equipped with a dollop of my favorite arousal cream and an incredibly hot porn clip of two men banging the crap out of a gorgeous Latino woman, I shoved a towel under my dormroom door and prepared my Colt Xtreme Turbo for action.

I actually started out my session with my hands, since the Colt Xtreme Bullet is just too strong for me to use right away. When I was really aroused, I pressed in the power button and began using the Colt bullet on its lower speed. The bullet felt great when it was pressed up hard against my clitoris, and the vibrations were so strong that I gained just as much pleasure from dangling the bullet over my outer labia.

Barely halfway through my porn, I was ready to come. So I decided to press the power button again and put the toy on high speed. I pressed the Colt bullet against my clitoris and rolled it around the top of my vulva with several of my fingers, providing both pressure and powerful vibrations. The resulting orgasm was so intense I clenched my teeth up, although I had to jerk the bullet away from my sensitive clitoris soon afterward because the vibrations were too strong.

All in all, a very satisfying toy that doesn't quite match up to the glorious XTreme Pack Bullet, but still manages to look like its sexy younger brother.

Please do not use this toy for anal play! The cord can separate from the battery pack and get lost. If you absolutely MUST use it for insertion, please cover the bullet with a condom to provide a back-up retrieval method in case of emergency.
Follow-up commentary
Over the past couple of months, this bullet has really grown on me; probably because of its power, and I find myself using it very regularly. However, there are two quirks I'd like to mention. First, the toy tends to get much louder if you tilt the bullet a certain way; probably because of the way the inner motor clatters against the plastic. Secondly, I've noticed that if you tilt the battery pack in a very specific manner, the batteries will jostle and the toy will turn off. This is a rare occurrence and is easily fixed by giving the battery pack a little shake, or by readjusting the batteries.
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