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Epic Calla Fail

This is a rechargeable and high powered vibrator with multiple vibration patterns and a whimsical design. Unfortunately none of that does you any good if the vibrator does not work as intended.It may be high powered, but it is also high drag, and whimsical is certainly not synonymous with stimulating. This is definitely one of the more disappointing toys in my collection.
High Power
Little If Any Clitoral Stimulation
Serious Drag
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The intended use for the Calla is dual stimulation focusing on the vagina and clitoris. I find the Calla does nothing for me upon insertion, and the clitoral stimulator though attractively designed, is not exactly useful. What I WOULD suggest this toy for, is simple clitoral stimulation, it easily carries enough power to give you some great stimulation if rubbing the shaft against your clit or vulva.

Theoretically this can be used anally as well. For anal stimulation it would be used with the clitoral portion focused on the taint; the handle, and wide base on the insertable portion, do indeed ensure easy retrieval (which may be the highlight of the whole experience since you may consider this too highly textured to be pleasant.)

Honestly, I think this is a toy that might be better if used with a partner because it is frustrating enough that you are probably going to want somebody else to do the work. If you are using it as a clitoral stimulator, you are likely going to want alternative penetrative stimulation, and since the Calla is surprisingly heavy, your arm will likely become tired quickly.

Material / Texture

The Fun Factory G4 series are made with a hard smooth plastic handle and a food grade silicone shaft. Both materials are non porous, phthalates free, latex free, hypo-allergenic, and both can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. Both are flavourless and odourless once washed, and though it is certainly not as bad as jelly or rubber, this silicone will pick up some lint and hair and hold onto them for dear life.

The plastic is plastic, there is not much more to say about it than that. Smooth, glossy finish, nothing special. The silicone is not what I would have chosen for a sex toy; for silicone, it is what I would consider highly textured; in one direction the surface feels smooth to the touch with a mild drag, in the opposite direction the surface has a slightly rough texture and some SERIOUS drag going on (think RuPaul's Drag Race on steroids), enough that you will probably be using a ton of lube in order to counteract this issue.

The silicone is firm enough to get some "squish" out of, but also relatively firm, and because of the motor running up the centre there is not a whole lot of flexibility.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

I really, really DISlike the design of the Calla. I found it to be too short (5" insertable length) and to make things worse, the insertable portion widened so rapidly (and the drag did NOT help), that I had difficulty inserting it all of the way and it is not even the girthiest toy I own. This may have actually made a slight impact on my opinion of the clitoral "petal". The petal is in no way "designed with a woman's body in mind". At least not mine. The petal sits flat across the clitoral area of the vulva, stimulating the whole width. Unfortunately, if your vulva are large, or your clitoris is small, this means that no matter what you do, it will not receive any direct stimulation. BIG THUMBS DOWN as far as the intended clitoral stimulator goes.

Back to the insertable portion of the vibrator. This is also awkwardly shaped; aside from making full insertion difficult, the tapered shape actually negatively effects g-spot stimulation (which I hoped might be one of the high points of this design). There is actually a full inch difference between the tapered end of the toy, and the base of the insertable portion. Basically, what I found to happen, was that the wider portion (1 5/8"), forced the muscles apart so that the narrow portion (5/8" to 1" at the widest point), could not rest firmly against, or put pressure on the g-spot. What is worse, due to both shape and texture, thrusting was relatively uncomfortable (if not impossible). Rocking also did not elicit a notable physical response.

In summation, though this design LOOKS really cool, I did not find it to be practical in any way, shape, or form.
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are 6 power settings, which increase in a smooth escalation when the + or - is held down but can be selected one after another when the button is pressed quickly. As you would probably guess the + turns the vibrator on and increases the power, and the - functions as the off button and decreases the power. The * button controls the patterns, but also works as an on switch. They begin with one VERY fast pulsing pattern, which is almost a steady vibration, followed by progressively slower pulsations as you continue for the next 2 settings and the last pattern is simply a pulsation which begins at the slowest pace and escalates in speed then repeats. There are no fancy *two pulses, long vibration, 6 pulses then escalation and back again before repeating* type patterns. No rollercoaster or music driven vibrations. But really, does your clit/vagina really know the difference anyway? Unfortunately, you cannot control the power intensity on the pattern functions. They all run at the same power level, so they are either on, or off.

The vibrations are very intense, they are low and rumbly, but so intense that they are liable to make your arm and a bit itchy. Depending on the setting my arm would become tingly up to the elbow. Aside from the itchiness of the Calla, the vibration power was quite delicious. Also, once charged, the Calla remains functional for quite some time before needing to be recharged, far longer than I expected.

There is something of a lock function on the Calla, to turn it on you must hold one of the power buttons down for 3 seconds. To turn the vibrator off, you can either cycle backwards through the power settings by either tapping the button or holding it down for 3 seconds. Something that I find curious, is that the control panel lights automatically turn on when your fingers are on the back of the handle and the button panel is covered by your hand, whether or not you have touched any of the buttons.

This vibrator is completely water proof, there is not (or at least there is not supposed to be) any area of the vibrator into which water can seep. The charger does not plug into the vibe, but instead connects magnetically. The only problem I found with this, is that sometimes I had to fuss with the charger to get it to sit in the right position and not pull, or slide to the side and stop charging. I had the vibrator cord weigh the charger down a couple of times, and subsequently pull it out of place, ceasing charging before it had finished.
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Calla is an easy enough toy to take care of. You have the choice of using a mild soap and water, antibacterial toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach and water solution to clean it with. It is fully waterproof and therefore can be fully submerged while cleaning, and has no battery compartment or plug port to worry about knocking open. The only thing I would suggest is being thorough; silicone may be a non-porous material but the texture of this particular silicone might lead to areas where bacteria can cling or hide (which is why it is awesome that you can sterilize this sucker).

Storage is easy if you do not mind keeping your vibrator in the original packaging, but if you would prefer to keep it elsewhere, any pouch or toy box will do. Just be sure that you keep it separate from silicone composites which have the potential of reacting, causing the breakdown of materials and deterioration of both.

The Calla is strictly a water based lube only toy. Silicone and oil based lubes can cause the same problems I referred to above.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Calla comes in a cardboard package that makes it look exciting and funky. Though it could probably pass as temporary storage, I wouldn't recommend it for anything permanent. There are no pictures of naked women, but there is a clear plastic window displaying the vibrator.... not that seeing it would really give it away as a sex toy. The box is interesting, but not anything spectacular, certainly not anything I feel a strong desire to hang onto.

Included are a sample of Fun Factory Toy Fluid, and an instruction pamphlet that looks informative, but really isn't more than a few paragraphs in a number of different languages. Information about charging, controls and functions as well as some cleaning tips made up the greatest part of the paragraph.

Personal comments

NOTE: Video review will be added soon.


I will not kid myself, nor you, I must admit that my experience with the Calla was partly hampered by my anatomy. With a tiny clitoris that is practically tucked away in labia majora, something which rests across the surface, is obviously not going to be as stimulating as a smaller, pinpoint style stimulator.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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