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Wild African Lily

Just like the actual Calla Lily, this vibrator oozes magnificence and true beauty! Not only is she a piece of pure art with the delicate shape, but she has the ability to produce earthquake shaking orgasms with a variety of patterns. And just so Calla doesn't slip from your hand with the ultra strong vibrations, the great people at Fun Factory gave her a nifty loop in the handle! Like the flower which can be fatal if ingested, the Calla has poisoned my soul with her amazing-ness.
~ Silicone
~ Ultra powerful
~ Boost button
~ Patterns
~ Peach fuzz may irritate some
~ Collects lint like crazy
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


A heads up: you might want to grab a morning coffee and something to nibble as this one tends to be on the long side. I just had too much to say about my new superior vibe!


I simply can't go past a unique pleasure toy. It's an addiction where the toy constantly calls to me until I give in to the yearning desire. The Calla was love at first sight – with the bulging shaft layers, a superb rich purple color and rechargeable to boot. At the same time, I was a teeny bit concerned that it may not completely work as a rabbit vibrator for me. But considering I have had great luck with every other one I have bought so far, I was willing to take my chances. Very glad I did and highly recommend rabbit lovers to add her to your collection!



Apparently these G4 toys were made more for those who like very slow gentle movement from their toys, rather than the fast and heavy thrusting. This is due to the friction and irritation that may be cause by the fuzzy texture. I'm a big believer in thrusting and haven't had any issues even without the use any artificial lubricants. The Calla was created with the female form in mind with a shortish shaft and clit stimulator. Although it could be used anally for guys, I doubt that it would be a very thrilling session unless you prefer shallow insertion. That being said, the shaft could be used on many erogenous zones for both the girls and guys. It's neither overly large or intimidating which makes it perfect for beginners and advanced toy users.
It also has a range of vibration strengths that can cater to a variety of girls – even those who love *Wand power are sure to enjoy what Calla has to offer.

* I only own the Mystic Wand and to me, Calla on the boost level is on a par with the full steady vibration of my Wand. That's one very powerful rabbit vibe!

If you're wanting to share this vibe with someone, you're not fluid bonded with, in the same session I recommend using a condom (water base pre-lubed).
Being waterproof, you can use it in the shower or take it with you for an extra pleasurable soak in the bath or hot tub!

Material / Texture


Fun Factory's G4 Calla is beautifully produced in 100% pure silicone and made in Germany. It earns a safety rating of 8 due to the high quality non-porous material that is also hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free. Because of the type of silicone used (more on this under ‘Texture') the need for lubrication is heightened for a comfortable play. Be aware that silicone lubes are likely to ruin the vibrator, so only use water based ones. Same applies to condoms if you choose to use them. There was no odor straight from the box, nor was there any taste.




At least two of the new G4 toys comes with a fuzzy peach fur coating. Unlike the tiny hairs on a peach, Calla has a sort of coarse velvet touch, but not overly rough. This texture is suppose to cover the entire vibrator, although mine only came with patches of it here and there. I personally don't mind even though I haven't had a problem at all with this texture. Even where this fuzz is located, it's inconsistent with some patches being softer than others. Then where there's none at all there's typical smooth silicone we all love. Most of the shaft is solid and rigid with the internal components being just under a thin-ish layer of squishy silicone. It's very flexible in the last 2” of the tip and has a semi-pliable clit stimulating shelf.
The handle is a smooth shiny plastic with an indent where the three round control buttons are located. These silicone buttons are reasonably raised from the plastic surface. On the back of the handle is a raised metal FUN logo.



Design / Shape / Size


Calla has a shape that is extremely different to any other toy I have seen, let alone had the pleasure of owning. It's shaped similar to the flower with the same name – the Calla Lily which is a native to South Africa. The large flaring trumpet shaped spathe becomes the clit stimulator shelf and surrounds the spadix which is now the insertable shaft. The clit shelf sits on an angle and at a depth of ¾” at the deepest point. Might be worth taking note of this if you require full front on clit stimulation – just depends on personal anatomy. The shaft features three different levels with the tip sporting a circumference of 3 ½” and 1 ¼” in length. The next level bulges up quite drastically to create a 4 ¾” girth with a 1 ½” length. This third level is more subtle and protrudes ¾” along the shaft from the clit shelf and has a circumference of 5”. The entire insertable length is only 3 ½” and is slightly curved for g-spot stimulation. A rounded (it's not able to stand at all) base forms a “loop of love” which allows (depending on finger size) two fingers to slide in for better control.


Calla Lily

Calla from above

Clit shelf


Anyone who knows me will know exactly what colour I went for without cheating by looking at the top left corner! Yeap – grape is a winner. The colour in person as a slight hint of maroon in it than what the product page shows. Otherwise it's pretty close and such a divine shade. I love the contrast with the white handle, as it really makes the grape stand out and look professional.

Functions / Performance / Controls


There are three round buttons located on the front of the handle – each featuring a symbol: +, -, *. To start the vibrator on the lowest steady vibration press the + for a few seconds. You can either press individually or hold the button down to travel through the 5 constant vibration levels. Each time any button is pressed, it will emit the yellow glow. Once you reach the 5th speed if you continue to press the + all buttons will glow. This is where the boost * button comes in. Although you can press this at any level. The following are what you can experience with each press.

1. Boost is an ultra powerful steady vibration
2. Rapid medium strength pulses
3. Medium powerful pulses
4. Slow mild pulses that gain in speed and strength

Naturally the - will decrease the levels at any stage. By pressing it while in the boost mode it simply takes you back to the steady vibrations. There's no back button in the boost section, but being that there are only the 4 levels here, cycling through isn't a major task.

Whenever you grip onto the handle the control buttons each flash the yellow glow – very handy feature when in the dark. This is what Fun Factory calls their ‘Magic Touch'. At first I couldn't work out how to stop this happening – I've never been one to read a manual straight away! I soon realized I just needed to stop fingering my new toy and she would stop flashing at me.

The Fun Factory book and others have said there are only 8 speed/pattern levels, but when I went through mine there is definitely 5 (I even multi checked to make sure) steady vibrations. Then the first boost * press makes yet another speed followed by the 3 patterns. Calla has the deep rumbly vibrations that really penetrate, rather than the buzzy surface type.

I haven't found any information on any kind of travel lock on Calla in the booklets and nor was it locked when it arrived.


Calla isn't the most quiet of vibrators I own, but she is definitely not the loudest either. I'm giving her a bee rating of 3 cause if someone was outside your bedroom door trying to listen, they would hear a faint deep rumble noise going on. I personally turn the tv on an average sound level and feel confident enough to lose myself in the fun. It's probably not really for those who have to share a room unless you get periods of time to yourself.


As far as I'm aware Fun Factory is the only company who uses a click ‘n' charge AV recharging system. The flat charging plug features two small round magnets that attach to the raised metal FUN logo on the back of the Calla handle. As long as the cable or toy isn't bumped while charging, it will maintain a steady connection. When Calla is charging the Fun Factory symbol on the charging plug emits a red glow. At the same time, the control buttons take turns in repeatedly glowing a yellow shade. Once the charge is complete the little red glow disappears. Mine arrived with about 7 mins of battery life and only took just over an hour for the first charge, but the booklet says it can take up to 4 - 6hrs. On full boost speed the battery will apparently last around 30mins. Calla will not work while plugged in charging. Also stated is that the G4 batteries last approximately 500 charging cycles.
I personally choose to only charge my vibrators when they really need it.

The battery protects itself from overloading or totally discharging. The charger and FUN logo should never come into contact with other magnetic strips such as those on credit cards or metallic surfaces. Care should also be taken when around pace makers as the magnetic field can disrupt some electrical items, but it has to be pretty close.


magnetic charger

Care and Maintenance


You simply can't go wrong with waterproof vibrators! When it comes to washing use anti-bacterial soap and warm water or toy cleaner. Wipes could be used, but I never find they do a thorough enough job on silicone toys for my liking. Because Calla has a motor it can't be boiled for sterilizing. Normally a 10% bleach solution can be used on ordinary silicone and I'd imagine the G4 range would be the same. But I'd be inclined to do a patch test to make sure it is fine to use on the fuzzy type of silicone.
Once cleaned be sure to place the vibrator in a lint free place to thoroughly dry. I think Calla feeds on lint going by the amount she feels she needs to collect.
Always store your silicone toys away from others so there's no risk of lower quality materials melting and bonding with them.



My Calla arrived in Fun Factory's typical cardboard box packaging with the see through front and a magnetic flap in the back. Due to the fact that the front is exposed and there is a large image of the vibrator on the back, the box isn't discreet at all. On the inside of the flaps is information on the range of G4 vibrators, as well as facts specific to Calla. Inside the packaging is a plastic clam shell moulded in the exact shape of your new toy. This plastic shell could be used to store Calla as it clips closed, but it may not last long term. Unfortunately there is no pouch included.
Also in the box is an instruction manual, booklet advertising all of Fun Factory toys and a sample of water based Toyfluid lube.

The magnetic plug is stored in a separate mini box with a book on how to charge your new toy. This box is standard so it can be used for all the click ‘n' charge toy range as the plugs are universal.


inside box



With this gem I feel as though I have been on a world tour with each use:

* Made in Germany
* Shape ~ Calla flower originating from South Africa
* Calla name ~ meaning ‘Beautiful' in Greek

Although Calla has 5 vibration levels I have only used it on the second one, due to the powerful punch she delivers.
The clit stimulator actually sits way above at the top and side of my hood rather than near my actual clitoris. Although this doesn't bother me at all cause I don't like direct stimulation, it may be an issue for others. I also found that I was able to hit my g-spot and clit at the same time. Those with a deep sweet spot may be disappointed in this aspect, but the power will hopefully make up for that in other areas.

Honestly, 5 stars just doesn't do Calla enough justice!
Follow-up commentary
Fun Factory has out done Lelo with their perfect Calla. It has taken over the number one spot in my vibrator selection.
I'm still not bothered by the peach fuzz and still love the fact that the clit shelf hits above my clit; not making direct contact.

Well done Fun Factory!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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