Mood powerful vibrator large - traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by DreamWolf

For those in the mood for a pretty mighty little one

I was quite surprised to experience that Mood Powerful Large isn't as loyal to its name though, but it has more power than you would expect from a 2 AAA vibe. The material is excellently safe, the design is enchantingly beautiful.

The two disadvantages are the royal pain to get the batteries out of the vibe, and the highly sensitive push button on the bottom, which you want to avoid to touch accidentally - ending up in truly uncomfortable ways to hold and maneuver this little one somehow.
Material, Waterproof, Functions, Size, Not that weak, Beautiful, Versatile for DIY projects
Push button, Too tight battery case, Can be uncomfortable to hold
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The unknown vibe popped into my offered free assignments, just saying, "Hello, may I become one of your cherished toys?" I answered, "Oh well, why not?", and accepted the little one. I expected it to be kind of weak and a vibe of acceptable quality.

The little one arrived. This one stared at the funny looking and quite informative package, and thought that "Hmmm-hmmm, it will be alright to use when it is being the handiest traditional vibe within reach."

Finally, after a few days of anticipation, I got it out of its box, and oh my...! I was quite damned surprised!

It is a long and very slim traditional vibe, with the size and the reliable material offering both vaginal and anal uses, and of course the always desired clitoral pleasures as well, if that is the desired use of this blue beauty. Everything encourages the shy beginners and the advanced lovers of sleek design to enjoy the Mood Powerful Large, with its 7 functions and the purrrfectly body-friendly construction.
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    • Couples
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    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

It isn't just plastic! It is velvety, smooth, plastic!

The level 8 safety plastic is known to be an excellent non-porous material, and this blue beauty is food-grade, hypo-allergenic and latex and phthalates free as well.

The smell is something I couldn't call unpleasant, but it isn't among my most preferred odors either. It rather smells like some of the plastic items you meet in your daily life; rather a neutral smell what we don't admire, and don't dislike either. That "cold and remote" kind of plastic smell - I can't find better words for it, because they are simply what thoughts it raises in my mind. But as you can sense it only at a very close sniff, even those who are very sensitive and picky won't mind this factor.

There is no taste at all you could recognize by the way. One more reason to rejoice for the material!

The total velvety smoothness is a true pleasure to feel on your skin, and those who fear the scary textures will happily welcome the gentle sensations to tantalize their precious flesh with. Those who prefer rough and exciting textures should not be disappointed either, because I am more than sure that there are countless sleeves AND vibrator sleeves out there to slide on this skinny little one and give that extra what you, cravers of roughness, desire!
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The rigid blueness ornamented with adorably aesthetic floral design is small but mighty!

The 5 1/8 inches of total length offers 4 3/8 inches of insertable bliss, with the adorable 5/8 inch of diameter. (Yep, I measure everything myself all the time, informing you even better than the basic descriptions!)

The long and slim shape can be imagined for lighter tease for the pleasures of your hungriest flesh, and ideal like a dream to test in your rear regions too! (With enough attention of course, as it has no flared base!) For clitoral use it is a surprisingly versatile little one, because the vibrations aren't equally powerful along the shaft - meaning that sliding it over your spot it will offer different levels of strength!
G-spot use may not be what you will have this little one for, though with adept maneuvering you can tilt it in the right way to excite your inner spots. The most amazing use I found out for it will be mentioned in one of the last sections of this review though, so expect a little surprise, dear reader!

The friendly size is something what a beginner would probably like to try first, and I am sure that the advanced lovers of cute little toys already know how they could enjoy the blue beauty.

The small size is lovely news for those, too, who worry about keeping their precious toys hidden!
It does not have an overall discreet size though, but the slim shape lets you dive it between two whatever! Yep, two whatever means here that if you have long enough space in your drawer, toy chest or other chosen spots, then the width of this beautiful lil one won't start a fight with others for more room!

Traveling is obviously managed in the same way. As long as you have enough room for the length nobody will spot what in the world you have hiding in your purse or glove box! Do you love to carry beautiful multi-function pleasure toys around? There you go!
    • Beginner
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Yeah, I know, I know, you have been waiting to get to this section, unless you already know which are the 7 lovely functions this mighty little one has!

But let's start with other info first, and leave the goodies for later...

You start off by unscrewing the bottom and then slide out the small plastic battery case, cherishing 2 AAA-s to run the little one. On the case you see how the +/- ends lay in, and which way to slide it back into the butt of the vibe. (Speaking of anal pleasures previously - vibe pleases you, so vibe deserves to be pleased too!) Even more interesting it is that there is a piece of paper rolled into the body as well, showing you the same things the case does ((-) 1.5 V AAA (+)), just without the arrow. It even asks you not to remove it, and it is especially funny because the edges of the paper curling up a little seem to just beg for removal! But oh well, as there must be a damned good reason to leave it in we won't make a big deal of it.

I would like to mention one more note on the batteries.
While you could just slide a nail gently under the battery case's little plastic "ear" to pull it out with greatest ease (which, as I see, is only because I tend to slide it back the other way accidentally, every single time I take the batteries out), managing to get those two slim batteries out to put them to rest is a hellish struggle! The little, long plastic case ends up flying on the floor almost every time as I shake the vibe to have the case slide out millimeter by millimeter, except when I can catch it somehow or have it land on something softer and higher.

Those who appreciate such a construction of sure and tight design must be glad to hear such news now (and giggle what a big muff I am for not being so experienced with batteries yet, but those who can't stand this cursed safety of design must be hissing already.

Aside from that single thing I hate from the bottom of my heart in this vibe, I can say mostly good things about the rest.

Mood Powerful Large has a small and shiny smooth push button on the bottom, for an easy to understand use.
Handling isn't among my favorites though, because: you have to hold this lil one somehow, and as it is in your flesh you have only two options.

First option is that you hold the bottom, meaning that you have a great chance of accidentally hitting that friggin' button quite damned often! The second option remaining is, that you hold the bottom encircling it with your fingers, causing tremendous pain after a while because of the small size!
I even noticed it that it is long enough though, but not too long to prevent you from enjoying its full length! Meaning that in such cases you will have only a tiny rounded bottom left to hold and move around. One more reason for the hands to be "quill-ruffling" around and hating the design.

But let's move on to the main part anyway...

It has seven functions, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!
Not that I ever use any than the highest constant vibration, and I do try to lead myself to wanting the more special patterns - but those who are crazy for so many options love the fact that this blue little one isn't a multi-speed vibe only.

Here they are, rejoice, rejoice!

1. constant low vibration
2. constant medium vibration
3. constant high vibration
4. slow roller coaster
5. rapid pulsing going down (and probably slows down a little bit too, I'm not sure), repeated always
6. medium-speed but quite fast biker vrooming, going from high to low fast, then in a moment doing the same, on and on
7. fast medium pulsation

The next hit of the button will turn it off, but you can instantly do it too by holding the button pushed for a few seconds. It doesn't have a memory chip, meaning that each time you turn it on, it will start with the first pattern (constant low vibration), not remembering your last chosen pattern. It isn't a problem though because the button seems to be hyper-sensitive, and with a soft touch it already changes to the next pattern! It is also the curse of this vibe in some way, because it dooms you to hold it around the bottom and not over the button, summoning the already described hellish discomforts. Or you can just choose the more comfortable way, and learn the art of highly ornamented cursing in your pleasure sessions.

The vibrations aren't equally strong over the length of the vibe like I said. You can feel the strongest vrooms in the tip, and, surprisingly, while they are the weakest near the ring separating the two parts of the vibe, in the bottom with the button you will feel the greatest power as well! Should we call it from now on a double-motored vibe?

Oh and if you knew the silence of this mighty vroomer! Even on the highest, loudest speed even I barely can hear it, and inside the flesh it is virtually non-existent!
The wonderful fact means that as soon as you slide it into your craving flesh, you will be able to enjoy your time while your precious one or roommates are sleeping away right next to you! I could say that yep, it can be heard from a few feet away, but not with a blanket on, and your lush rich delicious thighs embracing the lil precious toy of course.

Oh and I assume you already figured out that Mood Powerful probably isn't among the vibes its name suggests, but it has a healthy level 4 vroom which was a quite satisfying pleasure to revel in even for me, a rabid power queen demanding more even from the almighty Hitachi Magic Wand! Used as an internal vibe of course, because I just chose other lovely pleasure objects to have my spot basking in the bliss it always starves for. With the maximum power it could still be a fine clitoral teaser for those who are more sensitive.

And let's not forget that Mood Powerful is a waterproof lil one, and the small, beautifully matching rubber ring is the proof that it is supposed to be purrrfectly built for such delights.
I haven't tested it that way yet though, but looks like cleaning doesn't cause any problems, and I do think that it looks reliable enough for such purposes.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

As we know plastic is a blessing when it comes to toys, being completely non-porous, one of the safest materials out there. Such a wonderful quality is coupled up with the ability to handle any lubricants, be it water-, silicone- or oil-based - in theory!

But as the package states that only water-based, silicone-based and water/silicone hybrid lubricants are advised, let's not risk to ruin it with oils!

Cleaning is especially easy because it's completely waterproof, and you can use antibacterial soap and hot water, or wipe it with isopropyl alcohol.

And as mentioned before, storing and traveling are both like a dream with this blue little one. It is long but slim, being able to find a place to be pretty much anywhere.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


If you haven't seen the package style of the Mood vibes then you will probably be surprised what a design it has! When I received it I wondered how I should call the colorful dots on the black background: funky or groovy? It has this funny disco style reminding you of the 70s, with the rainbow colored dots all over, even on the white background of the inner part of the package!

You can see your new fine vibe resting in a transparent plastic cradle inside the paper box, and the arranging of the whole setup is quite elegant and harmonic in my opinion. On the left the black paper covers the cradle, but the blue vibe is placed on the right, the brownish gray floral ornaments matching the shiny shade of black vines on the box, in the same shapes.

You see info on the wider side of the box (yep, because one side, of the left covering part, is wider than the other), and the back...! The vivid dots arise to have a meaning, and it turns out that each color belongs to a quality, depending on the sections of the description!

These are (and I am going to put a + to the marked ones, standing for Mood Powerful Large):

features: vibrating +
waterproof +
velvet touch +
whisper quiet +
shatter proof
dual materials
multi-function +
separate on/off

material: glass
plastic +
phthalate free +
latex free +

batteries: AA
AAA 2 (marked this way)
AG13 cell

cleaning: soap water +
dishwasher safe
boil safe
store w/ powder

lubricant: water based +
oil based
silicone +
water/silicone hybrid +

functions: 1
7 +

Such an excellently satisfying unity of informing and somewhat advertising of the other Mood products makes me say that the funky look gives more back in return for your patience to look at such an unusual (and, for others, probably very much appreciated), goofy looking design. (And I do love the "Feng Shui" of the package shape.)

An extra funny and mildly entertaining way is used to show you which color your vibe has - as the three bar codes of the other colors are crossed (with a dark red shine of the black crossing if you turn it in the right angle), the one bar code for the actual color remaining.

All in all, a small and sleek package which would be good for storage too, though it takes up way more space than the vibe itself. You decide how you want to keep your vibe.

And if you want to give it as a gift? I am not sure who could figure out and who couldn't if this is a vibe or not, but don't forget to inform the chosen one anyway that (s)he is going to receive a cute and beautiful looking lil toy, wanting to be careful enough who sees it in her/his hands!
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I would dare to say that a 5/8 inch diameter howls to be used as a vibe for DIY toy projects!

All you have to do is to get a thick enough silicone dildo, carefully screw a right sized hole into it (yeppp, it's manageable, have heard about such projects being successful like a dream!), or you could use wood too if you are more adept at such crafting already! The vrooms aren't oh-so-strong, but more powerful than I excepted them first, and it would likely be a purrrfect amount to be usable under a silicone or wooden sleeve for the more sensitive users! And let's not leave out those who don't need such a strong vibration internally, and those who are fine with casual, non-vibrating dildos! There's your extra oomph you were looking for!
With the excellent skinniness of the size (even slimmer than the pretty usual 3/4 inch diameter) it stands to be a wonderfully versatile little vibe, to use by itself or with any sleeves you obtain or create by yourself!
    • All over body
    • G-spot
    • Rigid


Well, my experiences with the blue little one are only positive as you read, other than the cursed-tight battery case and the impossible push button I still stare at with disbelief in my eyes (how in the world could they create it in such a silly way!) - but the cozy size, the unexpected amount of power and the admirably soft smoothness gave such lovely moments, woo hoo!

Have tried it 2-3 times so far, using it with various clitoral vibes, and the lovely teaser size was oh holy cows...!!!

And here is the use I promised to tell you dear readers...
If you haven't experienced such a pleasure yet (which I highly doubt, but who knows) - if you apply some pressure on the bottom spot of the entrance of your flesh then it will be sooooooooo sweetly intense that you won't even miss the addictive delights of G-spot bliss! With this little one you will probably have to rely on such methods anyway, but the slim size sliding with ease will help you even more to achieve such mesmerizing pleasures!

I think you are a keeper, dear Larger of the Powerful Moods - yep, no question about it! Gotta keep you handy within reach all the time! Because sometimes less can give much-much more! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...!
Follow-up commentary
I am still in love with the shape and the power, though this blue beauty has been resting lately, simply because of being battery run. That's the only reason why I haven't enjoyed this loveliness nowadays!
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