Jenna's velvet G - g-spot vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by PassionQT

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Hits the Spot, Misses Elsewhere

Even though I was able to climax with this toy, several apparent flaws are present, from the rigid design to the weak intensity of the vibrations. It certainly isn't a toy for beginners and even advanced users may need to adjust to the "swing" of this oddly-shaped club G-spot vibrator.
Pretty colors, velvety soft texture, waterproof, and eye-catching design
Lacks power, stiff, seams open to hiding germs?
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I begin this review with my face still flushed and blood coursing through my veins from the climax I just experienced using Jenna's Velvet-G by Doc Johnson. I'm not saying this to brag or because I think this toy is outstanding by any means, because honestly, it is just average and has some kinks that could be worked out. I'm just astounded that it actually worked for me, considering the fact that I've never had much luck with g-spot toys. Achieving orgasm with this awkward toy wasn't the most enjoyable experience ever, but it wasn't entirely unpleasant either.

Use of this toy is best done solo, because it does require being able to position it just right. I always tell myself that no matter how good my partner's intentions are, no one knows where the magic spot is better than myself! If you do attempt partner play, just make sure he/she is good at taking directions, listening, and stopping when you feel discomfort.

Packaged in a simple, yet tasteful disposable or salvageable (for storage) plastic box was my purple Velvet-G. It really didn't have any distinct smell; it was just kind of plain like its appearance, but the alien design had me wondering how on earth I was supposed to insert it! At the end of this review, under the Experience heading, I've left a "how to" tip, in which I describe how I comfortably inserted this toy.

Material and Design
The Velvet G is constructed of a rigid plastic base, with an outer layer of Velvet Cote, a non-porous and phthalates-free material that softens the blow of this hammer-like toy. This smooth coating has a matte finish and almost a rubbery feel, which provides some drag during play. It's also a fairly safe option for anyone who is sensitive to other types of materials. Temperature-wise, it wasn't as cold as some plastics or glass, but closer to room temperature.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique G-spot vibrator designs I have seen. It resembles a hammer, a club, or even a crotchet hook to some degree. And it's stiff like those objects too, with absolutely zero flexibility, something I think it could use a little of so that it is a bit more ergonomic with multiple body positions. The bulk of the toy is the handle (1.5 inches at its widest) with a small oblong-shaped pedestal located at its tip, which cradles a single, angled bullet motor from where the vibrations originate. I was able to feel a bit of the pedestal's lip during play, which sometimes grabbed at my pubic bone, but this wasn't painful, it just required an angle or slight body adjustment. A noticeable seam dissects the bullet horizontally, which makes it obvious that the toy isn't one single piece, but rather several pieces held together by an adhesive or other bonding method.

The battery portion takes up the remaining 1 inch of the 9-inch total length of the toy. The control is a simple twisting mechanism at the base of the compartment.

The main powerhouse of this toy is the elongated, egg-shaped bullet at the top, from which weak to moderate vibrations radiate down the shaft. Even at the highest setting, I was left needing more, considerably more! It's almost as if the toy only has two settings, "low" and "medium".

Power is supplied by two AA-batteries. Starting the toy is as easy as twisting the disc at the very bottom of the base, being careful not to unscrew the battery compartment at the same time, which is protected by a waterproof seal in case one decides to have a bit of fun in the shower or the tub.

Cleaning the toy was very easy, in fact much easier than most toys I own. It can be wiped with isopropyl alcohol to disinfect it, washed in warm water and antibacterial soap, or an antibacterial adult toy cleaning spray can be used. Boiling hot water should be avoided on Velvet Cote. A good water-based lube or silicone lube will do, but you may want to use more than usual because of the odd shape of this toy and the drag of the material.

I wouldn't exactly call it discreet and it wouldn't be my first choice to take with me on a trip, but it definitely makes an interesting conversation piece should it be exposed!

Jenna's Velvet G loses two stars from this reviewer as it's somewhat troublesome insertion procedure and for its lack of power. It delivered, so I'll let it keep the remaining stars. I'm glad I was able to experience a G-spot orgasm with it, but I'm going to keep my eyes out for something a bit more flexible.
Once this toy is in, it's best to leave it there until the job is done. Even removing it is a bit of a challenge, as the bullet catches on the pubic bone. Just relax and do it slowly. This toy isn't meant to be thrust in and out at high speeds, but rather vigorously rubbed over the g-spot with firm, gentle pressure.

Like a crotchet hook, this toy is best inserted by turning it sideways, sliding it in, then turning it 1/4 back so that the head is touching outer wall of the vaginal canal. I then applied pressure with my hand right above my pubic bone and pushed inward, so that I could feel the toy rubbing inside of me. At one point, I was thrusting a bit too hard and experienced some discomfort when the toy grabbed/hooked itself on my pubic bone. I quickly resolved that by adjusting my body so that my vaginal canal was as horizontally aligned as possible. By slowing down and controlling the movement more, concentrating on the g-spot, I was able to reach climax in about five minutes.
Follow-up commentary
I've retired this one. Although I could cum with it, it was just awkward and didn't work for my anatomy. Since then, I've picked up the Harmonia which does just as good of a job, but much gentler.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Tori Rebel
    I had the same exact experience on this one - it did its job as a g-spot toy but every other aspect of it was just uncomfortable and awkward! Great review
  • cherryredhead88
    Excellent review!
  • PassionQT
    I just used it again and added a few comments. It took me a bit longer to climax this time, maybe because the "new toy smell" has worn off, but I still came. It just stuck some when I was trying to pull it out.
  • *Ashley*
    Thanks for the review. I've been looking at this, mainly for all its pretty colors to choose from. I may just pass on this toy though. Great review!
  • Alan & Michele
    Dang, and I was hoping that this one would work as a clit toy. Doesn't sound like it would be strong enough for me for that though. Thanks for the review
  • PassionQT
    It didn't do anything for my clit, the vibrations were amateur league for me, but everyone is different, so you never know.
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