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This is a rabbit vibe that quickly made me wonder if I should keep all the others! Seriously, I wasn't all that impressed by the Jopen line until I tried this little baby. If I had received this as my first 'rabbit vibe', I would probably have never looked for any other. It's that good.
Good quality silicone materials, great vibration strength, lovely design.
Battery can wear out quickly.
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The Jopen Vanity Vr4.5 is a rabbit vibe with a twist. Far from being the usual straight shaft with a vaguely penis-shaped top and cute little animal attachment, this is a full on, built to please orgasm machine!

This toy's bulbous shaft powerfully stimulates the g spot, and the 'rabbit' portion actually reaches even the highest placed clitoris, which it also powerfully stimulates.
My camera is totally awful but you get the general idea. The color of the toy is actually much brighter and more reddish purple than what it looks like in my picture.

This is a toy I would be proud to hand to a complete toy novice as well as a seasoned player, as it is user friendly, powerful and quiet. It isn't threatening because of its size, but it will please even the most demanding size queen. There are no 'mushroom' shaped tips or smiling animals on this vibe, making it a bit more discreet than its bretheren, so that at least you won't feel completely embarrassed if your Mom or kids catch a glimpse of it resting on your bedside table!
Though pricy, this is a toy that could obsolete other rabbit toys, so it's worth saving up for!

The Vr4.5 shines as a solo 'star of the show' type vibrator but can also add something unique to couple's play. It won't fit easily between your two bodies but, man oh man, does it make double penetration something amazing! This is a very high quality silicone toy so it can be used as an anal toy to stimulate the P spot while gently, or even not so gently, stimulating the perineum. On low speed this feels good but on higher speeds it can be a bit rough for the testes!
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Material / Texture

The Vr4.5 is composed of velvety food-grade, hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free silicone. The entire toy is covered in the velvety silicone with just one tiny little port for the recharging plug. The port opening for recharging is built to completely seal after the port has been removed, rendering this a toy that can be used in a tub or shower.

The smooth and velvety feel of the silicone means there is some pretty significant drag unless you use a touch of lube. Once a bit of lube is added to the surface, however, the drag is reduced to nothing and it becomes very slippery. This effect lasts for quite a long time, making reapplication unnecessary for most play.

This is a texture and material that appeal to the widest range of users, from beginner to experienced player.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The toy is designed to appeal to a wide variety of users. It offers flexibility, firmness, girth and slender areas all in one toy!

The Vr4.5 measures 8 inches in total length and 5.5 inches around the shaft and rabbit portion. It's not a huge toy, but it's not one that will roll into the bedclothes and get lost.

The toy's shaft has a rather large egg type vibrator located in the tip, and the shaft follows the contour of the egg vibe, giving the user a pleasant bulge for vaginal/anal use right off the bat. It flares to approximately 5 inches around at the widest point, which is sure to please even the most demanding size queen. It has a gentle curve to it, so that ladies who prefer a less girthy toy can slowly work it in. It does mean, however, that it is not the best toy for anal novices because it has such a wide girth.

Just after the bullet, the toy quickly tapers to a mere 2 inch neck. This neck it very flexible and can be bent completely double, though it will not retain this shape. This can make insertion of the larger egg shaped tip tricky. With a touch of lube, however, it can be done! This neck allows the muscles of the vagina or anus to really clamp down on the toy, and allows the toy to vibrate freely when it's inserted.

Next comes the 'rabbit' arm, and I am so totally taken with the shape and working of this part of the toy! It is shaped much like the top of the shaft of the Vr4.5, in that it is egg shaped. This bullet is a bit smaller than the on in the shaft, measuring only 3.5 inches around. It is a rather long rabbit, measuring about 3 inches from base to tip. Now, the design of this portion is very unique and is the best feature in my opinion: It has the egg shape to the base making it sturdy, and then has a flat piece of silicone that vibrates back and forth very vigorously. It adds a dimension to the rabbit that is quite unlike the usual 'tickle' of rabbit ears. This thing will beat your clit into submission on higher speeds! Luckily you can customize just how much sensation you want easily.

The rabbit arm is quite long, and can reach even my very highly placed clitoral bundle easily and allow me to actually place the vibrations exactly where I want them most. It can be safely bent about 1.5 inches or so away from the shaft, and the shaft neck is so flexible that you can increase the bend even farther if you bend the toy from there.

The base of the toy follows the egg shape graceful look of the rest of the toy and provides a great place to hold the toy for some thrusting. The two buttons that control the independent bullets are located just under the rabbit arm, in a comfortable place to be manipulated during play.

The toy shuts off with just a quick push of either button, which is great if you are likely to be interrupted, but not so great if you are in the middle of play! Still I found that if it is used 'hands free' the user is unlikely to touch the buttons even if he/she is thrashing around.

Since the toy neck and rabbit arm are so flexible, you can actually thrust this toy rather vigorously without banging into your clit or rubbing it unpleasantly. The tapered tip of the toy won't poke your cervix or cause bruising if you, or your partner, should get a bit rough.

There is no way this is going to be able to be passed off as anything but a sex toy. Still, it doesn't scream lewdness, and you will probably be viewed as sophisticated rather than crass for owning such a graceful toy. It can be easily slid into an overnight case or rolled into a pair of pants as you are packing your bag.

I am in love with the design of this toy: it is visually appealing and intuitive in use. While very expensive, it would make a lovely first toy or an amazing addition to a true connoisseur!
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls of this toy are push button. This is what the control buttons look like:
Push and hold to increase the vibration speed of the toy; one quick push will turn off the corresponding bullet. Simple as that! The vibrations are all straight vibration without patterns but, as you will see later, this is genius on the part of Jopen.

The vibrations for the upper egg in the shaft of the toy are easily felt all along the bullet, but if you use just the tip of the toy the vibrations are concentrated there. The flexible neck of the toy makes the vibrations much more powerful if it is not inserted. If it is inserted, the toy begins to thump rather than buzz.

On the lowest setting this egg is deeply toned and really thumps, and is gentle enough for the most sensitive clits. My medium sensitive clit likes this speed as a warm up, and it felt great on my nipples as well. It feels good run over the anal sphincter, scrotum and taint. Ratchet up the speed and it does become a bit more buzzy and surface, but never gets into the clit burning buzz that many women find extremely unpleasant.

This egg shines when it is inserted, though! It reaches my easy to find G spot easily, and the shaft is long enough to reach the back wall of the vagina if you snuggle it up there. As you increase the speed of the vibes and you naturally clamp down around the egg, it begins to thump. It changes the tone of the vibration and almost seems to move around all on its own! What is happening is you're being encouraged to work different muscles around the egg, and so you are being stimulated all over the vagina. It is an incredible sensation. This happens on lower speeds but is less noticeable, at least for me.

Now the rabbit portion; The egg on this section is controlled by the second button and again, press and hold to increase the speed, and a quick push will turn it off. The body of the egg carries the vibrations very well and the tip whips back and forth vigorously even on the lowest setting. This will not cause pain to the sensitive clitoris, though it will really excite even the hardest to please. The user can position the this arm to wherever it feels best easily. On the lower settings it is also deep and thumping, though it does get a bit buzzy on the highest setting.

I didn't notice a significant loss of power when I used both eggs in tandem, and I will admit that I love to turn it on full blast and go hands free! This wears out the battery quickly, however, and it will just stop with no warning when this happens.

This is a relatively quiet toy even at full blast. I have used it in the bedroom with my family sitting in the living room which is right outside my bedroom, with no one the wiser. If you use it with your partner in the bed beside you, he/she will most likely hear the toy but it shouldn't disturb them.

This toy is definitely waterproof despite concerns about the port possibly leaking water. I used it in the tub, fully submerged and I haven't noticed any leakage.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

This is an easy toy to keep clean! Hot water and soap, commercial toy cleaner and rinse, 10% bleach and water solution are great ways to keep your toy clean and germ free. Obviously, it can't be boiled or tossed in the dishwasher, but given that it is high quality silicone a simple washing will suffice.

If you plan to be much more selfless than I am and share your toy, wiping it down with a toy wipe will stop you from sharing less pleasant things with your lovers.

The toy can be kept in the lovely box it arrives in or stored in a nice pouch or box built for sex toys. The silicone does pick up lint so a quick rinse before use might be a plus.

It is rare to find a high quality silicone like this toy actually interacting with other toys but I would recommend keeping soft jelly or soft rubber toys away from the Vr4.5. Spot test silicone lubes that you feel you must use in an inconspicuous spot before slathering them all over your toy. It is unlikely it will have any deleterious effects on the finish of your toy, but better safe than sorry.

Water based lubes are, of course, safe to use.

This is a rechargeable toy and comes with it's own charger.
back view
The charger plugs into the toy through a port in the base of the toy. The port doesn't allow water to seep into the toy, and it takes about 3 hours, initially, to fully charge the toy.
There is a red light that lights up when you plug in the toy for charging. When the toy is fully charged it goes out.

This toy will not vibrate while it is plugged in to the charger.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The toy arrives in a beautiful little box that is very discreet and perfect for storing the toy, unless you have a two year old who loves to tear up such pretty boxes! The top portion has a cut out shape that protects the toy wonderfully well, and the bottom portion stores the little owner's manual and the charger.

This would make a thoughtful and amazing gift for any person you would normally exchange such toys with. The box is rectangular and would be easy to wrap!
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I found that I can get one play session from start to amazing finish, but then I have to recharge the toy or it will die halfway through the next session. A session with this toy lasts about an hour at full blast, so more moderate use will see the battery charge lasting significantly longer.
I like to squeeze the dickens out of my toy with my vagina muscles, so this is also a factor in how long the toy's charge lasts!


I have not had much luck with rabbit vibes. I wondered what all the hype was about. I mean, seriously? How could a woman swear off men in favor of her vibe? I am starting to understand the sentiment!

The rabbit part of the vibe is so unusually shaped that it just called to me from he first moment I saw it online, and then I had it in my hands and...just wow! The little vibrating tip whips back and forth with such ferocity that I was just praying it would work with my anatomy and actually reach my clit. I'm not a woman that needs a jackhammer strength vibrator to orgasm but I can appreciate a powerful thumping vibe nonetheless!

This is just the perfect vibe for my body. The bulb tip of the shaft sits squarely on my g spot, and this bullet THUMPS even on higher speeds. The bulb of the rabbit rests just under my clitoris, and the flexible tip reaches just where I need it to. This is the first rabbit vibe I have not had to contort myself or the toy to get it positioned exactly where I needed it to be.
For the first time since the first rabbit I ever bought, I was nearly there in the first five minutes, seriously! I am frustrating to my guys at times because I am so finicky about where I need stimulation, so it usually takes me a bit to settle and actually get going. I'm also getting older so I am not as hair trigger as I once was. It was a LOVELY surprise to find myself actually saying, "Hmmmmm, oh.....HOLY.....WOW....YES!" I couldn't form coherent sentences, and for me that is extreme high marks to the partner or toy that can reduce me so far.
Follow-up commentary
This is probably the only toy of this line that I actually still like! It has held up well, charges fully, and sends me over the moon each time I use it. The silicone still looks like new and I have yet to find a silicone lube that causes any sort of reaction with the finish of the toy. This is still one of my favored rabbit vibes!
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