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I Am A Rabbit Girl After All!

The Jopen Vanity Vr4.5 is a dual motored rechargeable rabbit vibrator. It has a deep and powerful shaft with a tickler for a clitoral arm. These are wonderful in combination, but with the lack of the ability to apply pressure and the tickler might not be for everyone. Sadly, like most rabbit vibrators, it might not fit all anatomies, so know yours well!
Silicone, powerful, dual motored, and rechargeable.
Won't fit all anatomies, tickler isn't for everyone, and lack of pressure.
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The Jopen Vanity Vr4.5 is a rabbit vibrator. Rabbit vibrators are designed to be used by women. They are to be inserted vaginally and the other arm stimulates the clitoris. The bulbous head that is inserted vaginally is ergonomically designed to fit the G-spot and the clitoral arm is ergonomically designed to tickle the clitoris.

The Jopen Vanity toys are unique in appearance and even somewhat confusing, but there is pure genius in their design. Their design is meant to contour the female anatomy and apply dual stimulation internally as well as externally. Each toy is crafted uniquely and each toy is different from the next. This is because they understand all female anatomies are different, so they came up with a variety of designs. Through studies and knowledge of your body; you can figure out which toy will fit your needs the best. But most importantly, you can figure out which one fits your anatomy best!

Rabbit vibrators are best for solo play, but they also work well during partner play. They can easily be handled by yourself or your partner. They can be used for double penetration if you anatomy allows it. But of course you will only be able to use the clitoral arm if your insert it vaginally during DP.

Material / Texture

Jopen toys are made out of high quality silicone. Silicone is a semi-organic man made polymer that is know to repel dirt, bacteria, and water. This is a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free. Silicone is also completely non porous, which means it won't absorb or harbor bacteria that can be harmful to the vaginal health. It also has a tight molecular structure that retains heat. So, you can soak a waterproof silicone toy in warm water for that nice warming sensation.

Jopen's silicone is very nice. It only comes in this lovely magenta color. This silicone does tend to collect a lot of lint. Silicone is known to have a bit of a drag and Jopen's silicone is no exception. However, you can fix this with applying some lube. But be sure to pick a compatible lube. The silicone is completely smooth with no added texture. There is a slight seam that runs down the front and back of the shaft, but this is very fine. I can hardly feel it with my nail.

Design / Shape / Size

The Vr4.5's shaft reminds me of the Vr8. Well, at least the head.

The Vr4.5 is smaller then most rabbit vibrators. Here is a comparison shot:

The Vr4.5 is 8" long total, but only 5.25". It has a bulbous head that measures 5" in circumference or 1.6" diameter, at the thickest. The shaft thins down in the center to 2" circumference or 0.6" diameter. Where is thins of the shaft doesn't have anything under the silicone skin. So, you can flex the shaft. Which makes this toy floppy. After the thin part on the shaft another bulb is the control unit. On the back is the charging port and on the front are the two buttons. Also on the front, but closer to the thin part of the shaft, is the attached clitoral arm. It's attached at a 50 degree angle. The clitoral arm is a ball with a tickler on the end. This arm is 3" long. The tickler is what is meant to provide clitoral stimulation, but if you insert farther you can have the 3.5" in circumference or 1" diameter ball provide vibrations to the clitoris. This clitoral arm is separate from the base so it also flex's a decent amount. This should allow this vibrator to fit most anatomies.

Should you want to travel with this toy be sure to use the locking feature. It's not the most discreet toy, so you will want to keep it in a discreet location and inside the pouch.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Vr4.5 is powered by a 5V lithium ion battery. It does come already charged, but you do have to unlock it. To unlock the toy hold in both buttons until the LED lights flash and you do the same to lock it. It takes about 2 hours to charge the vibrator and that should equal about 2 hours of play time. The charge plugs in the base of the vibrator. There is a red LED light that lights up to indicate it's charging. The light will stay steady during charging and turn off once completely charged.

There are two buttons to control your vibrations. The top button controls the shaft. You hold in the button until you reach your desired speed. The LED light will flash until you have reached the top speed. And a single click turns the shaft off. The bottom button controls the clitoral arm. You hold in the button until you reach the desired speed. The LED light will flash until you reach the top speed and then it will be steady. A single click will shut off the shaft too.

The vibrations to the shaft are stronger then the vibrations to the clitoral arm. The shaft's vibrations are deep and rumbly vibrations that make their way up to the clitoral arm. Even with clamping kegels these vibrations are not dulled. These vibrations are equal in power to the shaft of my Vr6.5. This is worthy of 4 vrooms. The majority of the vibrations are located at the fullest of the bulbous head.

The clitoral arms vibrations are mostly located at the top of the ball, so the tickler can go to town. These are meant to be light and buzzy. But they are good light and buzzy. The clitoral arm is worthy of 3 vrooms without the shaft turned on.

When both the shaft and clitoral arm are on; the vibrations are much more powerful. The shaft is still more powerful then the clitoral arm, but they are close to being equal. The clitoral arm is just more buzzy.

The Vr4.5 is completely waterproof. So, you can enjoy it completely submerged in water. It doesn't heat up or make more noise in water.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is easy to clean. You will want to wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water before and after each use. You can also use toy wipes or toy cleaner. If you wish to share this toy, you should wash it with a 90% water and 10% bleach solution. This will completely clean your toy and help stop the spread of infection if there is any. You can also use condoms on this toy, but be sure the lube is compatible with silicone. Silicone is compatible with water and oil based lubes. You should avoid silicone based lubes with silicone toys. This can damage your toy.

You should store your toy somewhere discreet, but inside the toy pouch you are given. The pouch is large enough for your toy and your charger.


This is the usual Jopen packaging. It's a white box that opens up. You can see the placement for the toy right away. Under the toy is the charger and pouch. Two paper inserts come to explain your toy and the warranty. The packaging is minimal, but decent for short term storage. It's okay for gifting, but not as discreet or nice as Je Joue's.

Personal comments

One year ago today, I wrote my first review for Eden. I'm Not A Rabbit Girl was my very first review. I have learned so much since I first came here. I've enjoyed my time here. And I've continued to improve as I go.

I wanted my one year anniversary to be marked with a published review of a similar item. I did purchase the Jopen Vr 11 to be my special review. However, due to some female issues, I was unable to use the toy properly enough to provide a decent enough review. So, I'm glad I still had my Vr4.5.


I enjoy my Vr4.5, but not as much as I enjoy the Vr6.5. The Vr4.5 lacks in the ability to apply pressure on both the G-spot and Clitoris. The shaft is too flexible. The clitoral arm is meant to be a tickler and not a pressure arm. However, they work really nicely together.

The first time I used the Vr4.5 I was blown away at how powerful the shaft was. I turned on the arm and came within the first 5 minutes. Usually, ticklers just don't do it for me, but with the powerful shaft in combination with this tickler is amazing. I can insert the shaft enough to use the ball instead of the tickler, but the majority of the vibrations are located closer to the tickler, so it doesn't work well for me.

If you are looking at the Vr4.5 know your anatomy and what you like. If you like pressure, then it's not for you. If you like to experiment with unique toys, then this is a GREAT option for you.
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