Insignia Lyla - egg vibrator by LELO - review by Shellz31

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Houston, We've Lost Contact

I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking this one would be the elite remote controlled bullet that could be worn in public while your partner teases you. The idea of having a Dom building me up while out and about, preparing me for what's to come when a quite area can be found, is highly arousing. But even after experiencing Lyla, I'm still searching for one that is quiet enough and has the ability to operate without fail.
~ Silky smooth
~ Powerful
~ Great potential with motion sensor
~ Rechargeable bullet
~ Will be heard in public
~ Bullet stops if legs are closed & remote isn't held against pelvis
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review



As one of Lelo's biggest fans, when I saw a new range of toys come available I knew I had to have at least one of them. Originally I had my heart set on Tiani, but after reading the first review I changed my mind. That's when I set my sights on this large sized bullet.



When it comes to internal vibrating fun, this one is just for the girls as it's not suitable for anal use. As much as it has a cord for vaginal retrieval, the thought that it has potential to possibly break it applying a reasonable amount of pressure isn't appealing to me. Some may like to take the risk, but honestly, it's not really worth a trip to the hospital if an accident was to occur. That doesn't mean that guys couldn't still use this one to tease the penis, scrotum, perineum, nipples and anus. Depending on your (girls) anatomy for internal use, this one really is suitable for anyone, no matter where you are on your toy journey. If it's too large for inserting, then use the bullet or controller to stimulate your clitoris and other erogenous zones.
If you wish to share it with someone you're not fluid bonded with, a small toy cover or condom is advisable.

Material / Texture


Lelo's Insignia Lyla is designed and developed in Sweden, but actually assembled in China. It's created using premium silicone and ABS plastic. Being that it's hypoallergenic, food grade, latex and phthalates free, it comes with a safety rating of 8 on Eden. If you happen to require some lubricant for inserting the bullet, only use water based. Silicone lube can destroy the quality of the toy. There is a very slight silicone odour, but nothing offensive and can only be smelt if held up to your nose.


The silicone Lelo has used for this set feels very similar to the velvety coating over certain plastic toys. It's matte with a very soft, smooth feel on both the bullet and controller. There's no drag at all against the skin. The plastic areas are smooth, shiny surfaces that have a mirror effect. On the bullet is a mild seam that runs on each side of the length of the toy. It's barely noticeable to the fingers or eyes and not felt at all when inserted. The smooth, thin, round polymer cord has no seams or joins.



Design / Shape / Size


Lyla's controller looks like a disc with the top and sides in silicone. The top has two levels which creates a raised almost half a moon shape on one half and a flat surface where the control buttons are located finishes off the disc. The base is made up of a plastic cap with two indents on either side for finger placement when opening to change the batteries. These are virtually impossible to use as the smooth plastic allows your fingers to slip. This is why Lelo also placed a small slot in the centre of the cap for the key to fit into, making opening and closing very simple. At the top of the slot is an engraved LELO and below it is their Insignia symbol.

The plastic key is an oblong piece of plastic with a small semi circle on one edge. This small piece sits into the slot on the cap. On both sides is the Insignia logo.
When holding the bullet by the cord, it kind of reminds me of some sort of Christmas tree ornament with the shiny plastic cap at the top. From the side view, the front edge perfectly curved from tip to the corded end. The back edge is virtually straight the length of the cap and then bulges out, as though the bullet is pregnant and comes back in for a rounded tip. When looking at the bullet front on, it is oblong with a rounded point at each end.

The cap end features a 3 ½” long retrieval cord.
The bullet is 4” in girth and 3” in length. Coming in with a circumference of just over 8”, the controller measures a smidge under 1” in depth.




I chose the black, but Eden also sells them in pink and rose. Each one has a small touch of silver/gold on the plastic sections. In some lightings it looks gold, other times it appears more silver in colour. This two tone colour scheme makes them look sophisticated.

Functions / Performance / Controls


Insignia Lyla's controller features three buttons; +, - and () all in the shape of the Insignia symbol. The bullet only features a small ((.)) symbol on the back near the cap which tells the toy to connect with the remote when pressed for a few seconds. A LED will flash to alert there is a signal being sent out from the bullet. Once the bullet is activated, press the + on the remote to emit a steady orange LED. The bullet and remote will start to vibrate within a few seconds. When the remote is laying flat, the vibrations in both are very mild; in fact they are pretty much non-existent in the controller. The motion sensor remote operates the steady vibration speeds by the angle the user places it on. Turn the remote directly on its edge for the most powerful of speeds. Naturally, the noise gets louder as the power increases. The + and - buttons simple turn the controller on and off. The middle button () on the controller operates the patterns. The first press pauses vibrations on both the bullet and controller. Pressing it again will start the steady vibration again. To move to the patterns, simply press the () again until you find the one you want. At any time, the - can be pressed constantly to stop all vibrations. Unfortunately, there is no going back if you bypass the pattern you want, you have to go around again. Below are the patterns on offer.

1. Medium pulses
2. Rapid pulses
3. Long drawn out pulses
4. Build up and back down pulse
5. A variety of long pulses that almost seem musical
6. This one just vibrates to your motions on the controller. Stay still and the vibrations stop. You be in control!

When in the () mode, pressing the + and - buttons will increase/decrease the power, as turning the controller doesn't do anything, except for on the 6th pattern.

If you wish to travel with Lyla, Lelo has added a handy lockable travel feature. Seen as how the bullet can't be used without the controller, only the remote is lockable. Simply hold down both the + and - buttons together until the orange LED emits. Lyla is ready to be packed safely in your luggage. To unlock, repeat the same process until the LED lights up once again.


The bullet part of this set is rechargeable via a power point (AV) with the controller being powered by two AAA batteries. In the initial charge, the bullet only took about 1hr 20 minutes to complete. An orange colour LED will light up on the bullet, just in front of the transmit signal button, while charging and stops emitting when done. The charging port can be found by twisting off the plastic end.
To insert the AAA batteries, simply twist the plastic backing off the controller and follow the +/- directions. The back can be twisted by the palm of your hand or the plastic key that's supplied in the box.

If the bullet is running low on power, the orange LED on the back will rapidly flash while in use to warn you that a recharge is required.

Both pieces are relatively quiet and won't be heard through a closed door. It could be heard if used in a semi quiet place in public or amongst a small group of people. If you have a roommate, I'd be inclined to have some very soft music going and use it under the covers.

Care and Maintenance


This little gem is suppose to be 100% waterproof, but there are no rubber seals around the cap on either piece. I wash the bullet under the tap, but I choose to just wipe the controller over with an anti-bacterial wipe. It's a much bigger issue getting a replacement, with being overseas, if water did happen to get in.
An anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water will clean this one up. A wipe will also do the trick. Sterilising via the dishwasher and boiling is out due to the motors, but a 10% bleach solution can be wiped over both. Just be sure to rinse off any residue.
Because of the type of silicone Lelo has used on this set, they aren't lint collectors at all. Nothing seems to stick to them.

I didn't notice any water under the charging cap on the bullet after washing, but body fluids can certainly get in when it has been inserted. It doesn't get actually into the charging port, but it gets in between the inside of the cap and the twist cap inside the main one – there's a cap inside of a cap.
There may be potential for water to get in the second cap if submerged. But I haven't put that to the test and nor do I intend to, for fear of ruining it.



Lyla arrived in a thin, rectangle, black cardboard box with an image of the gold plastic part of the toy fading into the dark background. On the sides is information about the toy in a variety of languages. The features the information in English. Inside this packaging is a black, firm, long lasting cardboard box. It is very discreet with only the word LELO (also in black) printed on the lid. Beneath the lid is a black velvet covered platform with moulded sections for the controller, bullet and Insignia brooch. Down one end is a flap of thin cardboard which hides the charger, plastic key, satin drawstring pouch, two AAA batteries, water based lubricant sample (glycerine and paraben free), ten year quality guarantee book, one year warranty and a user manual.


inner box

inside box





Although I'm not 100% happy with all aspects of Lyla, it's still a toy I will continue to enjoy. I had hoped it would be quiet enough to use anywhere in public and if you were able to turn the vibrations off on the controller, the bullet may have been muted enough when inserted to be able to do just that. That's just one problem to be solved. The next was that the bullet stops vibrating if it doesn't have a perfect signal with the controller - naturally.
When inserted, if I kept my legs open the controller and bullet had a constant connection. But when they were closed and the controller wasn't directly over the top or in front of my pelvis then the bullet would stop. To reactivate it again, I had to hold the controller against my pelvis for a few seconds for the signal to connect the two. I could move the controller away from my pelvis, but at a distance of 12”, the bullet would stop.

When not inserted and with no walls between the bullet and controller, it worked at a maximum range of 13 meters (42 feet). But when I closed myself in a bedroom with the door closed at a distance of 8 meters (26 feet), the bullet failed to register through a wall. The two were happy to communicate with each other if the signal only had to go around the corner of a wall. But again, it lost the connection when there were a couple of corners to travel.

So for me, this is another wireless remote controlled bullet that will just be used in the bedroom - with legs apart. Unfortunately, my Couture Collection Amante is better in the fact that the remote does communicate with the egg when it's inserted with legs closed.

I'm giving Lyla a 4 star rating. Only cause this could have been the perfect public tease toy if Lelo had of put a little extra work into this Insignia range!
Follow-up commentary
I really wanted to love this toy as it is from my favourite toy company. But the fact that it can't be used the way I had intended it to at the time of purchase, means I haven't really used this since reviewing it. I have plenty of toys that I can use in the bedroom and yes it's exciting that a partner could be controlling the egg from a distance, as long as it's not inserted, but for me it would be far more thrilling to have a partner in control out in public.

I'm hoping Lelo will bring some new toys out this year that don't use the motion sensor remote or at least one that actually works, to bring my faith back in the company. This one has let me down and is way over priced for something that doesn't work the way it's suppose to.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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