Insignia Lyla - egg vibrator by LELO - review by Naughty Student

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The Lyla is quite the disappointment, when you love and know the quality of Lelo, getting a sub par item really brakes your spirit. I was so hoping to have a great toy that my partner would be excited to use with me out in public. But overall, the bullet doesn't work as it is intended to work and the remote vibrates which makes using this in public impossible as everyone can hear the remote, which makes it less than subtle.
Silicone, rechargeable, easy to understand
remote vibrates, doesn't vibrate when bullet inserted and remote is not against pelvis
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The Lyla is a bullet type vibe that is intended to be used inserted in the vagina, however it can be used on the clitoris also. This toy can be used with a partner or on your own. This product should be quite exciting to use out and about in public, at the restaurant or at a club, however, it is not ideal for this purpose. It is probably going to be used mostly at home more than out in public, sadly.

The shape of the bullet is great for reaching the sweet spots while inserted, it sort of reminds me of the Siri but in smaller. And the controller is quite small and dainty, easily fits in the palm of the hand. The bullet is stronger in terms of vibrations then the controller is, so if you would like this product to use both items simultaneously, then this should be good for someone who only requires mild vibrations in order to orgasm. Important to keep that in mind.

I am so grateful I was able to review this item, it is me 100th review gift item, so thank you Eden Fantasys and all the contributors for the support!

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    • Couples
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    • On a bed only
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

What are Lelo toys usually made of...not sure, why yes! The most velvety silicone eva!

The Lyla comes in black, pink and purple. The silicone is of very high quality, it has a matte finish, it is smooth and velvety, smells nothing and tastes like nothing. It is seamless and over all pretty darn awesome. It is a rigid type of silicone.

The bullet is mostly made of silicone, but the silver tip that detaches in order for the vibe to recharge is made of plastic coated with a silvery paint. Half of the controllers surface is made of silicone, the under half is made of the same silver colored plastic.

In practice the bullet is so smooth on the surface of the skin. It can sort of be grabby if you rub it around your labia without lube. If you like a bit if friction, without any discomfort you won't have to add lube to use this clitoraly. I do recommend, however, to use lube in order to insert this little gem.

The advantages of having a silicone toy are numerous, they last much longer than other cheaper materials, you can also share your toy with a partner as the toy can be sanitized with a 10% bleach solution. Also, it is nonporous and phthalates free. The one downside is that it can not be used with silicone lube as silicone lube will damage the toy and it will forever be warped and ugly. So to keep your silicone looking good, use water based lube only. The texture of this toy will be enjoyed anyone who likes quality toys, who likes smooth and easy to care for toys. It can be for beginners or more advanced users alike.

This vibe could be used in the shower if you wished to use it this way as it is waterproof, however I have not and do not intend to use it as a shower toy.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The bullet, is as I mentioned above, very similar in shape to the small clitoral vibrator Siri, also by Lelo. The bullet is a little bigger then tradition remote type bullets. It is 6 and 1/2 inches long from the tip of the bullet to the end of the cord, the bullet itself is 3 inches long and the bullet has an 1 and 1/4 inch width at its widest part. It is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, it is about as big as the Ami 1 by Je Joue. If you can comfortably use the Je Joue vaginal balls, then this toy should be quite comfortable to use inserted.

The recharging port is found inside the silver cap which you must twist off in order to access the port. It is fairly easy to put on and off, it might be difficult for someone with arthritis. The bullet turns on and off by pressing a small little button on the front of the toy near the silver cap.

The Remote has a disk-like shape to it. It sort of looks like an image of the moon that is waxing (or waning, not sure which is which). The disk is almost 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter and it is about 1 inch thick. So it is fairly small. The controls are on one side of the disk, the controls consist of a (-), (()), and (+). The buttons are quite ergonomically placed. They are easy to press and it is easy to use and control the bullet with the remote.

In order to place 2 AAA batteries which are required for the remote to function, one must use a "key" in a slot located on the silver cap on the back of the remote. It can be tricky the first time you attempt to remove the silver cap in order to insert the batteries but you get the hang of it quickly. It might be more difficult to do for someone who has arthritis in their hands.

Functions / Performance / Controls

In order to turn on the bullet you must press and hold the little antenna button located near the silver cap of the bullet. Once you press it a yellowish orange light will glow intermittently through the silicone to indicate that the bullet is on. It will blink continuously throughout usage. I have noticed that if the remote and bullet are not in sync the light on the bullet glows constantly without blinking but if it is perfectly synced the little light blinks.

In order to turn on the remote you must press and hold the (+) button and the remote will automatically start to vibrate and will connect with the bullet and vibrate in sync with it. A similar little light will appear above the function button on the remote.

The Lyla works with the very cool sense motion vibrations. It means that the vibrations will vary depending on how you position of move the remote. Very cool! Essentially, for the first mode, the more you orient the remote vertically the stronger the vibrations get in the bullet. Second mode, the more you shake the remote the stronger the vibrations get, it requires a bit more energy to use this mode. Modes three to 7 are various vibration modes going from the simple standard vibe to waves to the random mode.

In terms of how powerful the vibrations are the bullet is pretty moderate. I can orgasm with the bullet but I have to be in the mood for more soft vibrations, and I have to use it on my clit in order to orgasm. I could not orgasm with it inserted and without any stimulation on my clitoris. That's just how my body is, it's not a problem with the toy.

I tried to use the bullet inserted and to use the remote on my clitoris simultaneously but the remote is so mild that it could never make me orgasm unless I was REALLY desperate and was willing to wait one hour to get there. I've done it once...never again, I'm too lazy to have to wait that long!

The bullet is more quiet than the remote is and the bullet is completely silent when inserted. It is not the ideal toy to bring around in public unless you don't mind having something constantly vibrating in your pocket or purse, where ever and however you chose to use this.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is made of silicone it is really easy to clean and care for.

You can wash it with a 10% bleach solution, personally, I simply use sex toy antibacterial spray. Since the buttons are covered with silicone, no open cracks anywhere, the toy is fully submersible.

All Lelo toys come in a sleek and sturdy black box. I store most of my Lelo toys together in my toy drawer but it is also possible to keep it within the box it came in. The toy does come with a storage pouch, if you wish to carry it around.

It is sort of annoying to clean fluids out of the antenna button on the bullet, fluids are hard to get out of the little grooves. You need to pay extra attention to this area. Also, dust tends to get in the grooves where the buttons are on the remote. The silicone isn't very lint magnet-ish. It does attract a bit of lint but I have other toys that are worst.

When cleaning the bullet I always remove the cap after having washed it and I delicately use a humid wash cloth just to clean the rim of the bullet where the cap attaches, because I have noticed that fluids can get there and make an ugly dirty ring of dry fluids. So, I always wash that off. Also, if you are not going to use your toy often, make sure you remove the AAA batteries from the remote to prevent any leakage or damage to the remote.

Personal comments

I want this to be very clear, the remote ALWAYS vibrates there are no modes where only the bullet vibrates, the remote always vibrates, which I had not clearly understood before I requested this item. If I would have known this before I probably wouldn't have requested this item. I wanted a vibe that M could bring around with him to a club or the restaurant for a little night for two with kinky pleasures in store. But, since the remote vibrates, there is no way to use this toy in public very subtly. The bullet is not heard when it is used inserted but the remote can be heard, especially if you are somewhere classy and quiet. So I am more than disappointed for the simple reason that I cannot use this as I was hoping to use it.



So I did not really get the chance to use this with M out in public or even at home, just to enjoy it as a couple. M has seen the bullet and remote, he is just amazed by how sex toy technology keeps evolving, it amuses him, ha ha ha.

I really enjoy this bullet for moments where I want to take my time, or that I need something more mild. The bullet is pretty strong for something so small. The vibrations are deep and rumbly which I love. It is still slightly weaker than the Liv, which I use religiously. I will usually use the bullet on my clit, set the mode to the standard constant vibration mode, put the remote aside and use a dildo on my g-spot. The remote can be distracting as it makes additional noise, it vibrates next to you, it can be sort of annoying, depending on the person of course.

I have used it out and about, and it failed badly, which is sad to say as I love Lelo products and the performance of this toy is way below what you would expect from a luxury item.

In my experience with it inserted I have come to find that, the bullet won't catch the signal of the remote unless the remote is right next to my pelvis. The bullet vibrates better if I keep the remote in my pant pocket compared to my jacket pocket, not a major distance but it made a huge difference.

Also, the vibrations get cut off if you are walking, you need to be quite still with your legs slightly parted. I tried to leave the remote in my purse and walk around away fro my purse, but as soon as I was more than a meter away from my purse the bullet stopped working.

Major disappointment on many levels, even if I did have the courage to try this out in a public situation, it probably wouldn't even work. I am glad I tested it on my own, because if I would have tried it with M in an actual sexy situation, it would only have led to frustration and it would have ruined the mood.

Although it really bothers me to do this, I am giving the Lyla three stars. It doesn't do what it is marketed to do. It fails at performing adequately while inserted and the remote vibrates which doesn't make using this out in public very subtle. It is a high quality toy, it is rechargeable and it is made of a great quality material, but it doesn't do what it is supposed to and that is why I am giving it a 3 star rating.
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    thanks for the review
  • Wicked Wahine
    Its's a shame this has a crappy remote! I saw the hack a woman made in the discussion below & maybe Lelo will fix this problem. Thanks for such a detailed, well written review, complete with beautiful photos!
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