I Want to Set the Record Straight About Lyla!

I do find that the price could be a little steep for a beginner. This is my first remote egg vibe and I love it! I love LELO and that product guarantee and warranty kinda makes it worth it in my opinion. What really did sell me on the vibe was that I can turn off the remote and definitely play with my partner in public! It is so pretty and just a wonderful addition to my toy box.
Great vibrations, connectivity and range; silent option for public use
Sketchy waterproofing, effort to keep clean, remote requires batteries, connectivity CAN cut out
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I HAD to review the Lyla sooner rather than later because it is making me sad to read about all of the people getting discouraged about the SenseMotion technology; I had to add my two cents and hope that I help a few people out.

The LELO Lyla is from their Insignia line. Characteristics of this line are the jewel tone colours, waterproof capabilities, 3 button interface and shiny plastic components. These toys are made of body safe, shiny ABS plastic and smooth, silky silicone.

There are two components to the Lyla; one battery controlled remote and the egg shaped bullet. The bullet itself unscrews at the bottom to allow for recharging and thorough cleaning.

I really want to tell people that they should get this vibe, but I owe it to people to be honest about this product because it is a lot of money to spend and like all toys, will not be for everyone. I really hope this review helps a lot of people make the right decision for themselves!
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Lockable
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    • Clitoris
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Material / Texture

Like all LELO products, the silicone on the vibe and the remote is silky smooth. It feels absolutely luxurious and I find it very comfortable to wear. It is matte silicone, so some lube may be required, but you really will not need a lot.

The shiny stuff on the vibe is not metal, it is plastic. Now, I know that a lot of people will think that for the price it should be metal and I understand. Please try to think of it this way though; a lot of us have skin that is sensitive to metals. I myself cannot wear anything that is not pure silver or another pure element. Metal would also make this a more expensive product. For these reasons, I agree with LELO's choice not to use metal; it becomes a safety issue. The plastic and pain used is body safe. If you have any concerns about the materials, contact LELO customer care, they are really very pleasant to deal with in my experience.

There is a slight smell upon opening the box, but I actually discovered that this is from the packaging foam in the box and not the vibe or remote itself. The smell goes away within minutes and I do not believe that there is any reason to be concerned.
    • Pleasant texture
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

So the design for the remote is beautiful and fits very nicely in the hand! I would compare the size to...oh I don't really have an accurate comparison, but it is extremely comfortable to hold and fits perfectly in my palm for easy holding. It would not take up much room in a purse at all. It is flat on both sides and 2.5 inches in diameter. The button interface is seamless which means no water is getting into the gaps and ruining the remote. The other side of the remote is a cover of shiny ABS plastic that you use the provided "key" to open. I think this is a great feature, you can really feel the cover close securely. It will not pop off with use. That being said, you will need some effort to open it; if you have weak joints, you may have difficulty. The inside of the remote is a white ABS casing that housing the place for the 2 AAA batteries needed to activate the remote.

Now, the next part is hard to describe, but I'm going to try. This product is supposed to be waterproof (including the remote) and to that end, I can tell LELO has designed the product with this in mind. The battery housing is set deep in the remote and there is built up sides surrounding the batteries. On the underside of the cover is a corresponding design that means when the cover is put on correctly, there is the casing for the batteries and a reinforced inner casing preventing moisture from getting in and damaging the remote. If you choose this vibe, you will understand much more clearly what I mean. A potential downside to this design is if you misplace the key, you may have a ton of difficulty opening the cover or closing it properly. However, the key is quite large as it is 2 inches long and black.

Now for the egg! It is quite large upon first glance. I was a little scared however, I soon realized that at its widest, it is only a touch bigger than the LELO Luna beads. You may need a touch of lube to help you out (always water-based for silicone toys!). It is approximately 3.5 inches long not including the retraction cord. The retraction cord is the same length as the egg. You will not lose this vibe inside you! The retraction cord is plastic and therefore easier to clean. The silicone covered head is the same texture and feel as the remote and any LELO toy. The head is actually the same design and size as the LELO Ina or Mona's head. It is firm as it rests against the G-spot. Also, I have found (and I am small) that when I sit down, I do not feel too full with this vibe inside me, it is very comfortable to wear so long as the cord is in the right spot for your body.

Like the remote, there are two pieces to this egg and it was designed with waterproof in mind. The shiny plastic cap at the end of the egg unscrews to reveal the charge port. Like the remote, the charge port seems to be a casing within another casing for extra security against moisture. The retraction cord seems very secure as well. There is one seamless button on the vibe to turn on and off.

Honestly, the egg and remote are small enough to be relatively discreet. No one would know what the remote was if they saw it on its own. I suspect the egg would be a touch less inconspicuous buy, it is so pretty that I really wouldn't worry about it. It comes with a black satin bag that is big enough to fit the egg, remote, batteries and key very comfortably.

The Lyla comes with the signature Insignia brooch that is actually quite pretty. I said this in a discussion and I'll say it again: it reminds me of the pin given to Meryl Streep's character in "Death Becomes Her" by the immortal woman after she has drunk (drank) the special potion. It is like you belong to a secret society of LELO lovers. If you don't want to where the pin, then you can attach it to the satin bag. That looks very pretty as well.
    • High quality desgin
    • Partner play
    • Pretty and sleek

Functions / Performance / Controls

Ahhh, the part everyone really cares about right? Alrighty! So, the functions of the Lyla are initiated by the remote. Pushing the + button will turn on the remote and it will start to vibrate immediately. After you get that going, you push the button on the egg and the light should blink. Within 10 seconds, the two should sync up and you have started with mode 1. After this is started, you can go through the SenseMotion modes (there are two) and then on to the stimulation modes.

The SenseMotion modes are exactly what they sound like; motion controlled. Mode 1 increases the intensity of vibrations when you tilt the remote. Holding the vibe horizontally will stop vibrations in the remote, but I have found keeps the vibrations in the egg itself at a low rumble (this is actually very enjoyable). When held at a 90 degree angle, the vibrations are at their most intense. Mode 2 is a bit more difficult to control and is activated by pushing the middle button on the remote. Do not be alarmed if you feel the vibrations in the remote and the egg stop upon initiation of this mode; this is normal! To start the vibrations, shake the remote and get the vibes going, after that, any movement you make will create a vibration. The more vigorously you move, the more intense the vibration. Now it must be said, if you are moving too slowly the remote and the egg will not respond. The movements need to be quite exaggerated to trigger vibes.

Pushing the center button again will trigger the stimulation modes, of which there are 6. Pushing the center button will scroll through these. The patterns are pretty standard, but my favorite is the "sing-song" pattern that essentially chooses randomly, the length and intensity of vibrations. You never know what it will pick!

The remote does vibrate along with the egg and is way noisier than the egg due to the batteries. However, the batteries will last a while if you a) lock the remote or b) take them out between uses. And I do find that the noise can distract me from the vibrations of the remote. I can manage to tune it out if I am cycling through modes and vibrations, but if I leave it on one pattern for a while, then I like to turn the remote off.

Oh, did I mention that you can do that? Well you can! And it is really simple! Just hold down the center button until the remote stops vibrating. There seems to be a consensus that you can't turn off the remote while the egg is working, I just wanted to clear up that you can and all of these functions are very clear in the user manual that you get with the Lyla. And even when the remote is not vibrating, you can still control the egg by pushing (but not holding) the center button. I just tried this out last night and it works great. This means that this vibe can definitely be used in public with no problems at all! And let's face it; is that not what we want this vibe for?! Also, the light on the remote will light up in time with the vibrations of the egg, so your partner/you can tell what pattern you are feeling.

So how does the Lyla perform? I find the vibrations moderate to strong. They are not overwhelming, nor are they nonexistent for me. Honestly, different bodies will interpret the vibrations differently. If you are planning on wearing the vibe for extended periods (out on the town), too hard vibrations can actually hurt. I personally like the vibrations on this vibe.

The batteries in the remote are supposed to last up to 10 hours. This will vary depending on length of time used and on which mode you choose. Also, you can help the batteries last longer by locking the vibe so it does not accidentally turn on and by taking them out if you do not use the vibe for extended periods. This also protects the vibe from corrosion. The charge on the egg is supposed to last for 2 hours. I have used it for longer if I combine the times I've used the vibe since I've had it and have not had to charge the vibe since the initial charge when I received it. I consider this a great feature.

The connection between the remote and vibe is ... spotty at times. At first I was worried because each time I tried to sync them after a day between uses, they seemed unresponsive. I read the instructions again and figured I'd do exactly what they said, so here's my tip in simple language: Turn on the remote first and get it vibrating, then turn on the vibe and let it sync. You can then put the remote on a flat surface and insert the vibe. The vibe will be vibrating very subtly, but you can still handle it easily. This method has been fool-proof every time I use it. And honestly, it is clear in the instructions that the remote should be on first. So this connectivity problem was my mistake as far as I am concerned. The user manual states that the devices should sync within 10 seconds. I have found this to be accurate. If you have problems, contact LELO customer support; they are very helpful.

While using internally, the vibe can temporarily lose connection when switching between modes and vibration patterns. I have found that connectivity returns within five seconds in most instances. Only occasionally have I had to power down the remote and start from the first mode. I understand that this could frustrate some people, but it happens so rarely that it does not really bother me. I understand the controls so well by now that I can get back into action fairly quickly.

The range stated in the user manual is UP TO 39 feet. I have tested this wearing the bullet and walking away from the remote and have noticed no problem with losing connectivity. I have also walked away from the bullet, leaving the bullet on a table so I could hear it, with the remote in hand and have noticed that the connectivity is the same as if it were in the same room. In fact, it vibrated so much that it fell off the table (onto carpet so thank God it was safe)!

As far as waterproofing is concerned, I am...very cautious. I can see the steps LELO has taken to ensure that both pieces of Lyla can be used in water. However, when cleaning the egg portion of the vibe, I noticed something that is cause for concern. Moisture and fluids can get between the seam of the cap and body of the vibe. While I have no problem unscrewing the cap to clean the vibe, it does make me question the waterproof potential of the egg and remote. I have gone in the shower with the egg and am confident that that is fine. I am extremely reluctant to use this vibe in the bath or pool and am even less confident about submersing the remote. However, this is not a huge problem for me. I love giving my partner the remote when I go for a shower, he can control it from the bedroom while I shower. Totally fun.
    • Long lasting power
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Okay, so this is where I start to gripe about the toy and even then, my griping is only slight. Cleaning this toy is kinda labor intensive. However, I do not mind as I believe if I am going to spend this kind of money on a toy, I am going to take care of it so that it lasts a long time. So here's how I clean the egg portion:

First, I rinse the whole thing quickly in hot water to get all of the lint or body fluids off (I clean the toy before and after use). Then I unscrew the cap from the body and spray a cotton swab with antibacterial toy cleaner and thoroughly wipe the swab in and around the cap. I have never noticed fluid or moisture in the inner casing that contains the connection for the retraction cord. But, moisture does get underneath the cap, it is stopped by that inner casing. This inner casing also protects the charging port from getting wet. I swear this becomes clear when you unscrew the cap. I then get a new cotton swab and clean the egg portion that screws into the cap. Be sure to clean especially well where the retraction cord meets the plastic of the cap. There is a little groove in the plastic there. Just something to be aware of, cleans up fine with another cotton swab, just be diligent. After the swabs, I put the egg back together and spray the whole thing with my toy cleaner, wipe it off and store if it is after use or rinse again quickly with hot water if I plan on using it. I do not use my remote in the water or on my body, so I simply spray it down with cleaner and wipe it off. You can store it in the pouch provided or in the amazing box. I have timed myself cleaning this product as I found it to be a little more effort than most of my toys: It takes me 5-7 minutes after use and a minute before use.

This is a silicone toy so only water based lubes are compatible. I find that I do not need very much as this toy is so smooth and silky to begin with. Also, you should keep in in its box or pouch, away from other silicone toys.
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance
    • Water based lubes only


As always, the LELO packaging is so beautiful. It makes you feel excited to open it and see the jewel that lays inside. The way it is packaged, you'd think you were opening jewelry. LELO really does go all out when it comes to their packaging. The sleeve is black with a picture of Lyla on the front and back. The cardboard box inside is that wonderful black, hard cardboard that is typical of LELO products. Inside the box, there is a foam form that the remote, brooch and egg sit in very comfortably. However, the pin tends to come out and rattle around the box. I didn't know this when I got it and was scared something had happened to my product. Of course, it was fine. The cardboard flap inside the box lifts up to reveal the charger, warranty, guarantee, user manual and a list of do's and don'ts for your Lyla. It would be super easy to gift this toy and you would not feel embarrassed; the packaging is so classy.
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

A Couple of Notes:

I cannot for the life of me understand why the remote would not be rechargeable unless it was to somehow cut down on costs. However, the batteries last long.

You can only turn off the remote in the vibrating pattern modes, not the SenseMotion modes.

Now a note on the buttons. If my information is correct, and I cannot remember for the life of me where I heard this, the buttons on newer LELO products and lines (like the Insignia) are not as sensitive as the older products. This is because customers were complaining about how easy it was to switch modes when they didn't want to and it obviously ruined the mood. For that reason, the buttons on the Lyla do require a decisive push when using. Not a hard push, just a firm one. Just something to note. I do find the buttons easy to understand and use once the instructions have been read and you've practiced a bit.

If you are impatient, then this may not be the toy for you. I think of the SenseMotion technology like the accelerometer in a phone, sometimes, it does not orient the way you want it to, no technology is perfect and some people will pay 500 dollars for a phone. However, it is your money and you must decide what is right for you. Someone mentioned this on a review on the LELO website and I like the example.

I find it very helpful to people I recommend and LELO product to to inform them of how the warranty and quality guarantee works. Your product is warrantied against manufacture defects for one year from purchase date. You need to register your product in order to claim the warranty or guarantee. To register, go to the LELO website and create a free account. They have never sent me annoying emails or spam for the record. Click 'register product' on the menu and follow the steps to register. Anything with a charger or electronics can be registered. Before you claim your warranty, I would suggest contacting LELO customer support to make sure that claiming the warranty is the best thing to do. They are very nice and helpful in my experience. Once your warranty expires (after 1 year from purchase date), the 10 year quality guarantee kicks in automatically. What this means is, if your product kicks the bucket before ten years is up due to manufacture's defect, you can receive one 50% coupon for an item in LELO's Femme and Homme line. All of this is outlined on their website and in the booklet that comes with your product.

In order to claim your warranty or guarantee, you will need to ship your product back to them (they will detail how) and provide proof of purchase. This means you cannot fudge the date of purchase when you register the product. If you do, likely you will not be able to claim the warranty or guarantee. ALWAYS save your receipt! I keep mine in the boxes my products come in.

Please note that this is how the warranty and guarantee work as I understand them. I may be wrong in my interpretation and it is always best to contact LELO with your questions or concerns.


So this is the personal part of the review. I love this toy. I waited by the door the day it was supposed to arrive for UPS to drop it off and was so excited to open it and experiment.

This is not the kind of toy you can open up, pop in and expect to get it right away, this product does take some patience, understanding and practice (which is the fun part right?). Reading the instructions thoroughly and a couple of times will save you so much grief and frustration. Practice using the remote outside your body first so you really understand how to work it and then move to internal. Follow the tips LELO suggests like making sure that the retraction cord is outside your body. I have found that the connectivity is better when your clothing is not bumping against it and moving the cord. If the cord is pressed against your body and stays still, I have had no problems with clothing.

I love this vibe and am super happy with it! I am always finding different ways to use it. I use it in combo with my Nea and get great results. I'll never guarantee an orgasm as everyone is different, but it works for me. So much fun with this thing!

The ability to turn off the vibrations, yet still control the remote makes this toy totally fine for use in public either alone or with a partner. If you have roommates, don't worry, they will not hear you at all with this vibe.

The toy requires a little effort to keep clean, but it is worth it in my opinion to keep this toy running the way it should.
    • Can be used in public
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