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I Dream of Rumble

A rumbly vibrator can be hard to find at any price point. When you start trying to find something rumbly and do it on a budget, it become a near impossible task. Luckily, Cal Exotics made the Dream Massager. It's strong, rumbly, and under $20. It doesn't come with bells and whistles, but if you're looking for something rumbly and don't want to spend a fortune, this will do it. The ripples are spaced very close though which creates and intense texture. Texture sensitive users beware.
Super rumbly vibrations, Will be strong enough for most, Easy to use dial
Ripples are spaced closely together and may create too much texture for some
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Dream Massager is an internal vaginal vibrator by Cal Exotics. It has deep, rumbly vibrations with a pretty good amount of strength. At this price point, you won't find too many other toys that feature the same type of vibrations as this one does. If you're in search of rumble but on a budget, Dream Massager may just fit the bill.

This vibrator can be used internally or externally. It's wide head will provide broad stimulation if used externally. It should not be inserted anally as it does not have a flared base and has the potential to get lost, resulting in a fun visit to the ER.

Dream Massager can be used alone or with a partner. It's not too large in size and could be used for external stimulation during sex, though a smaller bullet vibrator may get in the way less. It can be used by itself or paired with an external vibrator.

Material / Texture

Dream Massager is made of plastic. This places it at an eight on the safety scale. Plastic is non-porous and phthalate-free.

The plastic on Dream Massager is done with a soft rubber cote. This is a PU coating that is put over the plastic to make it matte and a bit softer. The material still feels like plastic, just like a matte plastic. Eden lists the texture as "velvety," but I don't know that I would really call it that. It's more of a smooth texture like you would find on a river rock. The velvet cote makes it feel a little more "velvety" than a regular plastic material would feel, but it's not velvety like a silicone would be.

The material is hard and unforgiving. It does not bend or give with the body. It cannot be bent with the hand. Those that prefer a firm toy will enjoy the harder plastic material. If you need something with some give, the velvet cote does not add any to the plastic. It's still just as hard as regular plastic in that regard.

There is a very light odor to the Dream Massager. It's not a plastic scent, so I assume it's the scent of the velvet cote. It's not unpleasant, but smells like a material sort of smell. There's no taste to it.

The Dream Massager is rippled. I'm not sure if you'd classify that as a texture or a design feature. I think it's really technically "design" in this instance, but I'm putting it in this section anyhow. In the design section, I'll go into the exact details, but I wanted to touch on the feel of the texture here.

The ripples of Dream Massager are very noticeable due to the hard material. They aren't a huge difference in size, but each ripple is felt if you thrust with this. Even if you simply keep this still inside of you, you can feel the ripples somewhat, though not as much as if you thrust with it.

I'm somewhat texture sensitive and I found that the ripples on this were a bit much for me. I think this was due to the spacing of them. The ripples are close together, as the toy is not that long in length. This means they come right after another, making them more intense than ripples that are more spread out. The end result was that this was not a thrusting toy for me. That's not a make or break issue for me with vibrators, as I can use them without the need for thrusting. It's better if I can thrust with them though.

I wouldn't recommend this if you are texture sensitive or first starting out as it's a bit more intense than it appears. If you're an intermediate to advanced user or not texture sensitive, you should be fine. Also, if you're texture sensitive but don't need the thrusting aspect, once it's inserted the texture isn't bad.

The material itself is also a little hard for a beginner, though plastic isn't totally non-beginner friendly. I just think the plastic combined with the close together ridges creates a bit intense of an effect. It may just be me since I'm sensitive and your mileage may vary.

Design / Shape / Size

The product page lists Dream Massager at 5" long, while I measured out 5.5". It lists the insertable length at 4" and I got 4.25". It lists the diameter at 1 5/8" and I got 1.5". So a few discrepancies between the product page and my product. This could be due to product variation, of course (or error). When the ripples come in, I get a diameter of 1.25". The base is 1.75".

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

The diameter isn't really all that large, but the plastic and ripple effect make it feel much bigger than 1.5" and even bigger than the listed 1 5/8" compared to toys that are made of softer or non-textured material. Because of this, I would again say this is probably not the best starter vibrator. For a 1.5" toy, it creates a pretty full sensation.

For me, the size worked out well. I don't know if I could have said that if I hadn't recently been working my way up to larger sized toys. My usual limit is 1.5" and this feels larger than that, so without the help of larger toys I don't think I would have been able to use this. The length is a bit short, but nothing that I can't work with. About an inch more in size would have given it a bit more wiggle room in the handle area after insertion.

The size means it's pretty easy to hide away if you don't want someone to see it. It's also easy to travel with, but be sure to remove the batteries first. It's not realistic in appearance, but it does look pretty much like a vibrator, at least to me. I don't know that there would be much question about what this is. For that reason, I would recommend hiding this if you don't want someone to know about its intended use.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Dream Massager is controlled via a dial at the base. To turn on, just turn the dial to the right. To turn up, continue to turn to the right. To turn down, turn left. To turn off, turn left until it turns off. It does not click from speed to speed, but rather glides through the rotation. This means that pretty much all the speed settings between lowest and highest are available options. It also means the dial is very easy to turn. I never had any issues with it during use. I never accidentally turned it up or down, nor did I have problems getting to the right setting (though, admittedly, that setting is just "high").

Dream Massager starts out at about a high two vrooms. You turn the dial from there, which means there are not preset power levels. Turning the dial up results in incremental increases until you reach the final power level. At the highest power level, it reaches a high four vrooms.

The vibrations are super rumbly. They can be felt well into the arm if held in the hand. They are low and deep in pitch. They are not surface level and penetrate the skin well. In use, the vibrations feel much stronger than they do in the hand because of how rumbly the vibrations are. It could almost pass for a low five vroom power level just because of how rumbly it is.

I was personally very impressed with the vibrations. It's rare to run across a cheaper toy with good, rumbly vibrations, but this one has them. They don't seem to have the slightest hint of buzz to them - just a deep rumble. They aren't the absolute strongest thing, but they are strong enough that they will please even more power hungry users.

The vibrations are located near the tip of the vibrator. They radiate mostly evenly down the first 3/4 of the toy and then a little weaker down the remaining part of the shaft. Some of the vibrations can still be felt in the base, but it doesn't cause numbing to the hand.

Dream Massager is about the same noise level as a cell phone, perhaps just a hair louder. It can mostly be muffled through covers and cannot be heard through a closed door.

It is waterproof. A clear O ring protects the battery compartment. I have had no issues with this working after submersion or multiple washings.

You will need 2 AA batteries to operate Dream Massager. These are not included in the packaging. The base unscrews and there are two slots to place the batteries in.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, care is simple. You can wash this with toy cleaner or soap and water. You can disinfect it by wiping it with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the base is fully screwed on when washing it to protect the battery compartment.

All lubricants are okay to use with this toy. Oil, silicone, and water based lubes are compatible with plastic toys.

You can store this in the packaging, but it's not really the best long term storage option. A pouch or plastic baggie will be your best bet for long term storage of the toy.


Dream Massager comes in a large, clear box. The front says "Dream Massager" and has little bubbles with blurbs about the toy such as "Gyrating Rippling Action," "Soft Rubber Cote," "Whisper Quiet," and "Waterproof." It has the California Exotics logo on the bottom. One side is clear with simply "Dream Massager" while the other side has disclaimer information. It also says what batteries should be used and that it is done in a PU cote, etc. The back has a photo of the toy and the same bubble blurbs as the front.

The packaging is not discreet, as it is clear and basically tells you what the toy is for. It doesn't make great storage since the box doesn't hold up very well. It has minimal instruction in the way of telling you what batteries to use and to make sure the cap is twisted on tightly. What's on the box is the extend of the instruction included, though not much is really needed.

Personal comments

While I don't think it's the best starter vibrator, I think this is a great vibrator in general. It won't work if you prefer buzzy vibrations or something in between. For those that like something rumbly, this is a great way to get that type of vibration without spending a fortune. The ripples won't work for texture sensitive users in thrusting, but it can still be used if placed still and paired with an external vibrator since the vibrations are good. It's also a great way to try rumbly vibrations to see if you like them before moving on to higher priced items. Pretty much all over a great buy.


This was a Christmas gift from Hot 'N Sexy Texas Mama. It had been on my wish list for a long time. It had been mentioned in multiple forum posts for "rumbly vibrators" and so I put it on there. She was nice enough to get it for me, so a big thank you to her!!!

Honestly, this probably would have sat on my wish list forever. My tendency is to think that higher price equals higher quality. As such, I generally won't buy something that costs less than around $70 if it has a motor. I prefer rumbly vibrations for the most part and just don't find it to be commonplace in the cheaper vibrators. I also like stronger toys, another hard to find trait.

I'm so glad Texas Mama got this for me because the vibrations on it are awesome! They really are every bit as rumbly as they were said to be. I was skeptical that a vibrator in this price range would have vibrations that I would like, but I'm really happy with them. I'd say these are some of the best, if not the best, vibrations I've found in a vibrator at this price point.

The only downside to this toy to me is that I can't thrust with it. Now, my usual deal with strong and rumbly non-curved vibrators is just to place them in and work with the external vibrator. So really, it doesn't matter with this particular toy because the vibrations are solid enough for me not to need the thrusting. I generally thrust with curved toys, but not so much with straight ones. I guess I get bored or something. I feel like it's worth mentioning that I can't thrust with it as others may want this ability but find that they can't do it.

My actual rating on this would be 4.5 stars, cause you never know if I may want to thrust with it one day and then find that I can't. Since it lacks that ability for me, I do have to dock something for it. I don't think it deserves a full star dock since I just don't use it that way. I'm rounding up on this simply because I'm really impressed with the rumbly vibrations offered, especially given the price. If this cost $100, I'd probably round down due to the limited ways in which I could use it. I do try to take the price into consideration with ratings though, and the price for what you get with this just can't be beat.
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