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Waves of blue pleasure

The Dream Massager offers deep, satisfying vibrations. If you're looking for a hard, vibrator that will give strong vibrations, the Dream Massager is a good choice. It may not be curved, but it works well for G-spot stimulation. Just know that you'll need both hands if you want to adjust its speed during use.
Strong, deep vibrations, easy care, easy to use, modest price
requires both hands to adjust speed during use
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The Dream Massager is a good choice for those who want deep, rumbly, satisfying vibrations with a mild texture that will probably not be too much even for those who dislike texture.

It is waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower.

It can be used clitorally but where it shines is for G-spot use.

Material / Texture

The Dream Massager has a hard plastic exterior with a coating that feels velvety. The coating is referred to as a "soft rubber cote" on the package.

It has several undulations but this probably won't be too much texture for anyone.

It has no scent.

Design / Shape / Size

Dream Massager is five inches long and has a circumference of five inches also. It is powered by two AA batteries.

It has a dial control at the base of its cap. Turning it a quarter turn moves it from off to full power. It can be adjusted gradually to any power level in between.

It has three waves or undulations along its length.

Here it is sandwiched between the Dreamer's Bliss (left) and the Dream Massager G (right.)

The caps of all three are identical. I believe they all have the same motors inside too. Vibrations are strongest near the tips of all three.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Dream Massager offers deep, rumbly, strong vibrations. If you hold its tip in a sink of water, droplets will fly out. It's always a good sign with vibrators when they can throw water like this. Only vibrators that offer deep, wonderful vibrations do this. It's a test I perform on all waterproof vibrators.

The box states that it has "gyrating rippling action." Any time a hard vibrator uses the word "gyrating" in its description, that turns out to be a good indicator that it will have the deep vibrations that feel so good on G-spots.

You can easily adjust vibration intensity by turning the dial on its cap. You will need two hands to adjust it during use however. The dial doesn't turn easily enough that you can do this with one hand, especially if there is any lube on your hands.

The Dream Massager is moderately noisy. With music on, you will be able to cover the noise it makes. It's not whisper quiet like the packaging states.

It is completely waterproof. After allowing it to run in a sink of water for several minutes, no water had entered the battery compartment.

Care and Maintenance

The Dream Massager is a plastic, waterproof toy, so clean up is straightforward. Simply wash in soap and water, then towel dry. You can remove the batteries between uses to extend battery life.

Any lube is safe to use with this product.

No special care is needed for storage either. Its quite a durable toy.


The Dream Massager comes in a clear plastic box. A molded plastic insert hold the vibrator in place. Basic product details, along with pretty decorative elements are printed on the outside of the box.

You will probably not want to store this vibrator in the box. I believe it's only meant for display. Putting the insert back inside the box isn't smooth and easy. But the Dream Massager doesn't need special storage. It is not a fragile toy.

There are instructions included, but they are generic instructions for all battery powered California Exotic toys.


It might surprise some that I list Dai-Do #3 as a similar product. While Dai-Do #3 doesn't vibrate, is made of metal and is incredibly heavy, the waves on the Dream Massager feel surprisingly similar to those on Dai-Do #3. The Dream Massager's ribs are less intense and it's smaller, but those are good things, at least for this reviewer.

I had expected that I would like the Dream Massager even more than I like the Dreamer's Bliss. I used both vibrators together, trying one then the other alternately. While the vibration strength of each is the same, for some reason Dreamer's Bliss feels better. Maybe deep vibrations feel better delivered off a smooth, untextured surface. I'm not exactly sure. Bliss has nubs along the sides which can be irritating if it's not inserted so the nubs are pointing to the sides, toward your hips. But I find that I actually prefer Bliss. Bliss is still the champ in this series. This result was a surprise to me.

The Dream Massager has only four inches of insertable length, but G-spots aren't that far inside and I didn't find its length to be a problem. I found it to be easy to hold and manipulate. That bulbous cap allows you to grip it well so it's easy to angle it however you like.

I tried the Dream Massager clitorally but didn't feel inspired to use it that way for long. It felt nice but I believe my worries about battery life prevented me from enjoying it that way. For those who don't have this problem, it can work well for clitoral stimulation. But I believe its strength is for internal stimulation.

The Dream Massager will stay in my box of actively used toys, but I know I'll be reaching for the Dreamer's Bliss more frequently than for this one.
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  • Eva Schwaltz
    I prefer deep vibrations also, some day I'll have to give this toy a try. Thanks for the tip about shooting water, that's a good way to tell what a vibe is like.
  • ToyBoy
    Great, thorough, review! Thanks
  • Jobthingy
    I love this one. LOVE IT. The vibrations are so amazing. Great review hun
  • Tuesday
    Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
  • wetone123
    I've always kept in mind your advice to me to get Dream massager after I reviewed Dream massager G. I love those deep rumbly vibrations. I always love your videos regardless of what toy you talk about. Your voice is very soothing. Thanks
  • Tuesday
    Thanks so much wetone. I'm glad to hear that my voice sounds ok even when its a little rough from coughing.
  • big b
  • SilverIsis
    Great review and video!
  • breebree
    great review
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    Thanks for the video!
    Quite loud indeed.
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