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Ina 2 Makes Great Improvements

The Ina 2 vibrator is a notable improvement in design and features over the original Ina vibrator. With a boost in power and a more flexible clitoral arm, the Ina 2 addresses many of the concerns that the original, well-received Ina vibrator received. Available in a new, cute, purple color, the Ina 2 will make many-a-person extremely giddy.
Clitoral arm flexibility, Stronger vibrations, Purple color, Rumbly vibrations, Good insertable size
Could still use more power
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The Ina 2 is the "sequel" to the very popular original LELO Ina vibrator. Available in a third new color (purple), the Ina 2 is a rabbit vibrator designed to stimulate the user both internally and externally at the same time. Made of full 100% silicone and plastic, the LELO Ina 2 is body-safe and phthalate-free. It's worth noting that the LELO Ina 2 rabbit toy is a vibrational rabbit vibrator, and the shaft does not rotate at all.

The LELO Ina 2 has multiple changes from the previous Ina original vibrator. Additions were made and features were changed. The Ina 2 has 100% stronger vibrations with its eight settings, a wider internal shaft for more broad g-spot stimulation, a more flexible clitoral arm, and a fully waterproof body for any underwater or in-water adventures.

With its non-tacky material, semi-quiet vibrations, and easy-to-use controls, the Ina 2 vibrator can appeal to both beginners to sex toys as well as those familiar with sex toys. With its luxury feel and packaging, the Ina 2 also works well as a gift for loved ones.

Material / Texture

The LELO Ina 2 is a texture-less sex toy. The shaft of the vibrator is completely smooth, and the clitoral arm of the vibrator is also completely smooth.

The silicone of the LELO toys is one of their most remarkable features, and the Ina 2 is no different. The silicone is silky smooth and has absolutely no drag to it. It glides against the skin easily, and it requires barely any lubricant to make for an enjoyable experience. The silicone has absolutely no smell, nor any taste. The plastic also is very slick, but the buttons have raised designs to make it easy to locate and press buttons - even with lubricated hands.

Design / Shape / Size

The LELO Ina 2 vibrator is made from silicone. This silicone feels like it covers the under-material (which is plastic), which means that the Ina 2 vibrator's silicone is not plushy. Instead, it is very rigid, which makes for optimal g-spot stimulation as the silicone shaft will not bend under pressure.

The LELO Ina 2 vibrator did make some changes to the clitoral arm on the vibrator. Some users of the original Ina vibrator commented that the clitoral arm felt "clampy" and "too intense". The Ina 2 features a much more flexible clitoral arm. While it's still not as flexible as most rabbit vibrators' clitoral arms, the Ina 2 clitoral arm features a lot more flexibility than its original version. The Ina 2 clitoral arm still retains some rigidity, though, and it will not straighten out or bend backwards - no matter how much pressure is applied. This allows for the Ina 2 clitoral arm to provide continual clitoral vibrations during use.

The Ina 2 also received a slight "make-over" of the control panel. The white, plastic control panel of the Ina 2 was condensed, and there's more silicone shaft and less plastic control panel than in the original Ina vibrator.

The Ina 2 also has changed the shaft of the vibrator. The g-spot shaft is slightly, slightly larger than the shaft on the original Ina vibrator. As noted above, the shaft also extends a bit longer to make for easier cleaning (less bodily fluids will get in the crack between the plastic portion and the silicone portion, as that seam has been pushed more towards the base).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The LELO Ina 2 is a rechargeable vibrator. The vibrator comes with its own charger, but if you own the original Ina vibrator, that charger will also work for this vibrator. There's a silicone port at the base of the vibrator that must be opened in order to insert the charging port. When charging, the LED backlight blinks. The instruction manual recommends charging the Ina 2 before the first use. A two-hour charge will last the vibrator for four hours of use.

The shaft of the Ina 2 is an optimal size. Many rabbit vibrators provide a very large insertable shaft with a very draggy material, and this can be difficult for some people to use. The size of this rabbit vibrator partnered with the slick silicone material will make this shaft much more manageable for more people. With "curves in the right places", the Ina 2 features a noticable g-spot curve with slightly-more-girth than the original Ina vibrator. With this more intense curve, the g-spot is much easier to hit.

The clitoral arm of the Ina 2 vibrator is a bit change from the original vibrator. It is much more flexible, but it still retains its rigidity. When pushed, the Ina 2 will give a bit, but it still holds firm and provides constant pressure - it's just a bit more flexible to different body types now. It still provides the pressure required for those that like stronger, pressure-driven vibrations, but it also doesn't "clamp" down like the original Ina did. This is a huge improvement.

The vibrations on the Ina 2 are notably stronger than the original Ina. The vibrations are much more "rumbly", and the vibrations feel deeper than the surface-vibrations of the original Ina. When pressure is applied, the strength of the Ina 2 vibrations remain strong. The vibrations will be satisfying for many people, but it's worth noting that the vibrations could still use a bit more boost of strength to be satisfying for those who require more intense vibrations. The Ina 2 are noticably stronger than the original Ina vibrator, though.

The vibrations are relatively quiet. They could not be heard through a closed door, but it's possible for the vibrations to be heard in the same room if no other noise is going on. The vibrations become much more muted when the vibrator is inserted, and when using the lower vibration settings, the Ina 2 is a lot quieter.

Care and Maintenance

The LELO Ina 2 is waterproof, and as such, it can easily be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. Making sure that the silicone plug is fully plugged into the Ina 2 before washing, the Ina 2 does not include any textures or crannies that would make the Ina 2 difficult to clean. It is very simple to clean.

According to the instructions, the LELO Ina 2 should not be left in direct sunlight, and it should not be exposed to extreme heat.

For storage, the LELO Ina 2 includes a satin pouch. The Ina 2 and the charger both fit in the bag. As an alternative storage method, the Ina 2 also includes the storage box from the packaging. This box also works as suitable storage for the Ina 2.


The LELO Ina 2, like most LELO toys, is packaged with design and care. The outer cardboard box is the same color as your toy itself, and it clearly displays the toy inside as well as the features of the toy. Inside this cardboard box, there is a much more sturdy and firm inner black box. This inner, black box is designless except for the small "LELO" embedded into the lid. As this box is very sturdy, it works for storage purposes.

Inside the black box, there is a tray with a hole cut out specifically to hold the Ina 2. To one side of the box, there's a hidden compartment that holds the sample-size of lubricant, information on the warranty, the instruction book, a small satin pouch, and the charger for the Ina 2. All of these items will fit back into the compartment once removed, and the instruction manual gives all of the information needed to operate the vibrator.

The entire packaging comes together to make a luxury-looking vibrator. For this reason, the packaging is very suitable to gift-giving, and the packaging is indicative of the price and luxury associated with this vibrator brand.

Personal comments

I own the Mona 2 and the original Mona as well, and while the same modifications were made to the Mona 2 as were made to the Ina 2, I notice the changes a lot more in the Ina 2. The vibrations feel noticably stronger in the Ina 2, and the clitoral arm makes a huge difference. While I never really minded the "clamping" of the clitoral arm on the original Ina, the flexibility (yet still remaining rigidity) on this new Ina 2 does end up working out surprisingly well also.

As an unrelated complaint, I'm disappointed to see how the LELO instruction manuals have gone downhill. Before, they used to be packed with information and diagrams about the toys, but currently, all the Ina 2 had was three pages of non-toy-specific instructions for general LELO sex toy use. I was disappointed.

(Also, ya'll, I own the original Ina vibrator as well, so all statements and comparisons in this review are made with both the original and this upgraded version of the vibrators sitting in my lap for final comparisons)
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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