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This Rechargeable Wand is a great option for those who want a lightweight, yet strong wand that is not always attached to the wall. It offers a variety of modes for a variety of users. It is a great value buy.
Rechargeable, light, multiple modes, strong, not as loud, affordable.
No charging indicator, can be cumbersome, might be too strong for some, exposed port.
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This Rechargeable Hitachi Style Wand offers some of the favorite aspects of the Hitachi Wand with even a little more finesse. For one, it is not dependent on being plugged into the wall. This offers more versatility during use and you are not limited by the length of a cord. It is also quieter and more discreet. This rechargeable wand can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for back massage of stiff muscles, stimulating the erogenous zones, or for more direct massage on the clitoris.

This wand is also less intimidating than the Hitachi. The settings on the Hitachi wand are: Freaking Strong and Oh My God strong. This wand has a little more variation and makes it more friendly for more sensitive users. This rechargeable wand is a nice facelift from the Hitachi in most aspects. However, those who need extremely strong vibrations may not like this one. While versatile, this wand is not as strong as the Hitachi (overall).
    • Group situations
    • Solo

Material / Texture

There is an odor to the head of the wand. It smells like rubber/car smell. The product page says it is made of plastic, but there is debate as to what the head of the material is made from. Some sources say silicone, others say TPR or a silicone composite. If someone is brazen enough, they could purchase one of these wands and flame test the head. If the head doesn't start melting it is most likely silicone.

The head does have a bit of a grip. Some might want to use a little water based lubricant for an easier glide. There are not textures on the head except for a seam and an indent that goes around the head. It can be felt if you use that part of the toy, but you can use the top part of the toy to have a full, flat surface.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this wand is certainly inspired by the famous Hitachi Wand. It is large and not the easiest thing to hide in short notice. It also won't be one of those toys you can stuff in your purse. The one awesome thing is that it is very light weight. It won't make the user fatigued like the Hitachi would. This wand can be as long as a forearm (if you include the palm). It clocks in at a bit over a foot long. The head is large and similar to a tennis ball in size. Because of the size of the head, you won't be able to get pinpoint stimulation like some other toys.

The wand is not the easiest for travel. It is easy to charge via USB (so you wouldn't have to worry about adapters for it), but it is large and loud. It is much quieter than the average wand, but could be heard through a door on the higher settings if there isn't much background noise going on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons on this wand: a power button and a pattern changing button. The power button only turns the toy on or off. Even if on, it doesn't actively vibrate until you hit the pattern button. The vibrations are strong as heck. It easily is 5 out of 5 Vrooms. It should take care of most users who need strong vibrations but might be too much for more sensitive users, even on the light settings. There are 8 vibration pattern in all. They are as follows:

1. Low Vibrations
2. Medium Vibrations
3. Strong Vibrations
4. Rumbly coaster
5. Fast Pulses
6. Longer Pulses
7. 3 Short pulses, 1 long pulse
8. Small coaster, then 3 short pulses and 1 long pulse

Overall, the vibrations are very intense. They can easily numb/overshoot a user who is sensitive or even has an average sensitivity. Some users may experience an "itchy numb" feeling if the toy is used too long or on too strong a setting. If you do need strong vibrations, though, this is definitely an option. Note that the wand is not waterproof. It has an exposed charging port, so you should keep it away from water.

The wand is rechargeable. It does not have an indicator on it (at least, mine does not). I would recommend not leaving it always charged in. I would let it charge for a few hours at most and then unplug it. The amount of time you get for a good charge ranges from less than an hour to close to two. It depends on how intense your use is.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Care for this wand is pretty easy so long as you follow a few simple rules. Make sure water never gets near or on the open port in the back. The head is where you'll be doing most of your cleaning anyway. One of the safest methods is to use a wet wipe. A wet wipe will clean the head of the wand without dripping fluid down the shaft or the toy or possible in the port. You can use soap and water, but always keep the open port in mind. Don't forget to put a little extra elbow grease on the seams and where the indent is on the head; debris can easily collect there.

Once clean and dry, you can store the Wand away from direct contact of silicone and porous toys. Because the head of the toy almost likely silicone (or a composite), it can have a reaction with other silicone coated toys. It should be kept away from porous toys because there is a chance of cross contamination. It is best to use water based lubricant on the head of the wand if needed.


The packaging is very minimal for this Rechargeable Wand. It comes in a clear, flexible plastic sleeve. It is transparent, so the packaging is not discreet once you remove the wand from its outermost packaging. However, since it is minimal, it has a smaller impact on the environment.

I do wish this Wand came with instructions or at least a sentence of information beyond the product page. Information can be found on other reviews (js250's review is full of pertinent information and comprehensive enough for even the most information-hungry buyers) or on other product/seller pages (it never hurts to cross reference your sources, too). For storage, you can put your wand in a drawer or large enough bag. If you need impromptu storage, you can fit your wand in an a shoe box.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


I have acquired a couple of wands in my day. This wand is the third rechargeable wand in my collection (the previous ones being the Mystic Wand and the Lelo Smart Wand. Out of the three wands I would rank them as follows: Mystic Wand first and then either of the others depending on your needs. I think this rechargeable wand is a great, affordable option for many users, but I find it a bit unrefined/unfinished. It doesn't have a charging indicator, lacks packaging, finesse, and instructions. The Mystic Wand is more expensive, but more refined and a better quality.

While the Smart Wand is infinitely more sophisticated, sleek, modern and, well, sexy, it comes at a much higher cost. If cost is a major option, then go for the Rechargeable Wand. If you want the sexiest wand you can find, got for the Smart Wand. Are you in the middle of the road? Go for the Mystic Wand.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Rossie
    Thank you for all the useful information.
  • Contributor: js250
    Wonderful review!!! I love that you were able to add the patterns and size--I ran out of room. Mine ended up with 15 options and I searched extensively to figure out the head sleeve cover...it is TPR, according to the manufacturer.
  • Contributor: edeneve
    awesome review as always!
  • Contributor: fivestarbarbie
    YOu review makes me really want this! I hope its as strong as you say!
  • Contributor: Willowtwigs
    Really thinking of gettingone, awesome review.
  • Contributor: insert whitty screenname
    I love the color, but I'm looking for a wand that will blow my mind with vibrations... I need 5 vrooms! lol
  • Contributor: LynLyn
    I loved this while I had it, but it died pretty quickly. I was using it for a month? Maybe two? And suddenly it stopped holding a charge and just wouldn't turn on anymore. I didn't expose it to water or anything, not sure what happened, and mine didn't come with any instructions or warranty so it was just tossed out.
  • Contributor: Rainydays
    Anyone know if there's a way to get a new charger for this, I lost mine and I'd rather not have to buy the whole thing again. Thanks!
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